Saturday, 1 March 2014

Terry Tremaine "Mathdoktor99" Toronto Feb 27 2014

On Feb 27th in Toronto, the Alternative Forum presented Terry Tremaine aka "Mathdoktor99" (Stormfront) as it's guest speaker. Mr. Tremaine  spoke about the past 10 years of activism and the crazy, unimaginable intrusion into his life by the Canadian Human Rights Commission(CHRC). The adjectives used above to describe what Terry has been put through by the CHRC do not do it justice, Alice in Wonderland was mentioned in his talk, especially when it came to rulings being handed down, referencing the Red Queen proclaiming a guilty verdict before the trial had begun and then continuing the "Legal" process backwards.

 So perhaps I will describe Mr. Tremaines continuing experience with the CHRC as "Wonderlandish"  Those familiar with Terry's case and others like Marc Lemire, Brad Love and Arthur Topham have learned some Wonderlandish lessons over the years, the first being that the truth is not a defence! I know that's crazy right? but unfortunately true. I wrote something in a previous article about the CHRC and used the term Kangaroo Court when describing what these Men have been facing, Mr. Tremaine said "that would be an insult to Kangaroo's"

This talk by Mr. Tremaine happened to come at the same time that the Government had decided that it was in the Canadian publics best interest to let Greyhound Bus Killer Vince Li have unsupervised day passes after 6 years in a mental institution. "Vince" stabbed, be-headed and then ate some of the flesh of his innocent sleeping victim Tim Mclean (22).

Terry Tremaine simply wrote about proven historical facts on a pro White web site(Stormfront) that "offended" a "minority" group. One would sure have to go out of his/her way to be offended as to go onto a well known White pride web site! I am offended by many things myself but I do not seek these things out instead I avoid them. Mr. Tremaine has been tormented and gagged by the Government for 10 years now because of his political/racial views, why?  It would seem to reason that they do not want you to hear what Terry has to say.

 For some comical relief, they are allowing the head chopping cannibal out on a day pass as he only presents a direct physical danger to the public while Terry Tremaine presents a much a greater danger to the public, the truth! The Government would rather have your head chopped off and eaten than be exposed to what Terry has to tell you! 

For Natures Finest
Brother Smith
TCM Toronto

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