Saturday, 22 March 2014

Activism.... Skinheads used as a crutch for non-participation

After the recent White Man march an old debate was once again brought to the forefront. Do Skinheads scare away the normal everyday White person who would wish to participate in a White Racial awareness event? The Skinheads are bad for the movement mantra presented by the so called "intellectuals" in the movement is not new, it has been used as an excuse for non participation for a long time.

 During the weeks if not months before the planned world wide event of March 15th,  I listened to and read about several organizations preaching for the non-involvement of signature organizations and of course Skinheads at their events. So as mentioned this world wide event was planned for some time and several of the organizations involved in the planning had let it be known that Skinheads and others they find to be undesirable would not be welcomed at their events. This event would seem to be the perfect time for the anti-Skins to showcase their ability to mobilize the average racially conscious and concerned citizen into Racial activists.

The Skinheads I spoke with were indifferent to being 86'd from the planned events and wished the organizers good luck with their respective marches. So with the Skins out the way how did the march(s) go? I suppose that would depend on ones perspective but what cant be denied was the amount of participation in the event. What happened to all those that have been demanding the removal of Skinheads from such events? They got their wish with this years White Man march and with many other events over the past year, yet still decided to hide at home behind their computer screens. So, the Skinheads stayed away from the events where they were informed that they would not be welcomed yet still after the event I have heard and read that the turn out was somehow the fault of Skinheads!

The Southern Ontario Skinheads also did something on March 15th. It was a private, invite only event that I would argue rivaled anything else done on that day around the world by the Anti-Skinhead factions in the Racialist movement.

Any activism that helps in some way to awaken the White man in my opinion is good, it could be on a mountain top with a White pride flag or in front of a forest, but in saying that, there are different levels of activism. At the SOS event Skinheads walked up and down the main street of the city handing out literature and talking to people, you can bet many conversations were started by all those in the shops and restaurants as we walked by. Was everyone happy to see us? No they were not, but they were all exposed to our message that night.

The "intellectuals" have to stop thinking at some point and actually do something, I would also like to see thousands of  average White citizens participate in marches and protests in support of our great Race. Stop using Skinheads as a crutch for YOUR lack of activism.

For Natures Finest
Brother Smith

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