Thursday, 27 March 2014

Creativity 41 Years and counting.....By Brother Ivan

Exactly forty-one years has passed since the first print of Nature's Eternal Religion saw the light of day and became the beacon of new dynamic White racial religion known as Creativity. This month we don't just celebrate the Founding Day of our religion, we also celebrate the 96th birthday of our founder Ben Klassen, a man whose words made deep impact on all of us.
Now, at the same time, we acknowledge that Klassen is not someone who invented Creativity as such, everything he wrote about was clear as day thousands of years ago, but unfortunately for some unknown reason, White man never realized it to the full. Until now. What is the real greatness of Ben Klassen? People might say ''well he's not the first who started a religion or belief'', and some will say ''how can you compare Klassen with Jesus, Mohamed or Buddha, they were great thinkers with deep thoughts and messages''. And I say, no, I can't compare him with them, which would be an insult to such a great man. First of all, all those three were muds, I simply can't compare white man with mud people, and second of all, Klassen lived in reality not in fantasy world. I may compare those three with Hans Christian Andersen, La Fontaine, Aesop or Grimm brothers maybe, but I am not going to do that either.

It is fairly easy to compile few fairy tales and suit them to your own ideas and needs and proclaim it as a religion. On the other hand, in Klassen's teachings we see no fantasy, no imagination, only hardcore facts that are the essence of nature and life. So, you can't alter it, you can't suit it to your needs as you will, because you can't change the nature's laws, you can only adapt yourself to them. And that is what Klassen did with his teachings; his writings are adaptations of nature's laws to suit the best interests of our great race. That is the greatness of his teachings. He didn't invent anything; he just molded the existing material and turned it into a monument.

I am not here to praise the man, even because Klassen himself was against personality cult, but I can't overlook the magnitude of his work. The years will still have to pass until majority of white race realizes what has happened on 21st of February 1973. The flame that was lit that day is still burning, but burning quietly, it is up to us to turn that flame into wildfire. It is up to you, my fellow comrades, to lit your own torches with that flame so that our kinsmen that are still not awaken can see the light in this world of darkness.

Brother Ivan
TCM Croatia
Feb 41AC (2014)

             Originally published in IMPERIUM # 10  
           The Creativity Movement online magazine

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