Friday, 4 April 2014

The wedge and separation.....By Rev Logsdon


 Over the years I have went out of my way to work with all sorts of different Pro White groups and individuals. Early on even sacrificing my principles of Creativity for the "good" of White racial unity. Oh yes, I have fell victim and beat the hippie drum of unity with hopes that it was actually accomplishable. It was and is a futile endeavor, as I and others have seen it fail time and time again. I have broke it down in previous articles that it is not in our nature.

The Eternal struggle, our existence
 Our fratricidal conflicts are key to who we are. But only in the this modern age of de-evolution do we defy our natural instincts and wish to adopt the suicidal Hippie peace, love and unity debacle that only serves the purpose of our enemies. It has always been my purpose to focus on the enemy first.       

1.  A person who is actively opposed or hostile to someone or something

Well, one can take that in many ways. Being a proud member of TCM quite a few fit this category. I have always been big on keeping things simple. If someone lies to you, betrays you, goes out of their way to slander and defame you, then they indeed fit that definition. Even if they at one time called you brother or claim to share common interests as you. If their actions speak against you accomplishing your goals in that common interest, then they do not truly share that interest. Many times I wanted to sit down, expose many for the what they are. But that would put them on my level or bring me down to theirs. I have fell victim to this many times. Engaging in their personal attacks on me and/or my religion. Falling into the trap and regretting it every time. I understand many of us including myself feel compelled to defend ourselves. I especially feel this as I am attacked more then anyone else in TCM. But if it wasn't me it would be someone else. Or something else.

Instead we can simply separate ourselves from the rest by our actions. REAL world actions. Let our actions speak louder then their actions of the clickity-clack of their keyboards!! One indisputable truth speaks louder then ten thousands of their lies. They will judge, criticize and slander but never show a better example. Simply claim and talk.

Brothers and Sisters I felt a need for this short note after recent slander and also over recent CI mailings I received. One of which had the headline "Christ Power not White Power". This nonsensical drivel went on about how there are no other options for White salvation but through Christ. Which speaks volumes to these peoples true goals. They do not serve our race but that of GOD. If GOD was their mission shouldn't they be out fighting and dying if necessary to gain eternal glory in heaven? No instead these people want others to agree with them and do the things they are to cowardly to do. Sounds allot like Jewish tactics to me. I could talk about the contradictions of those Christian folk all day long, point being they do not seek White salvation, they only seek acceptance from their self created idea of a fictional deity.

I will not consider these folk my ally nor enemy. Instead I pity their foolishness. I defy their false sense of friendship under THEIR conditions and will fight the fight to save my race through the one and only true salvation for the White Race, CREATIVITY!

Rev James Logsdon

March 41AC (2014)

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