Thursday, 24 April 2014

TCM.. A club or family? ......By Brother Chappell

Many pro white organizations are basically clubs. We jokingly refer to this trend as "5 guys meeting in somebody's basement." They gather once or twice a one of their homes. They like their race and their various philosophies, and that's about the extent of it.

In the "club" model, they gather for a while. They really get nowhere. Their families aren't really involved. The guys sort of like each other, but really...racialism is the thing they most have in common. Their friends and coworkers may not even know they are racially aware. After a while, some of them wander off...or get pissed off about something, and the club stops meeting. The "club" model does not provide Creativity with a future.

A ministry should be a close knit. It should be families gathering together. Spouses, children, men, and women coming together as an extended family. Caring for each other, looking out for each other's interests, coming to each other's aid. Deep friendship/kinship should develop between the members. The children should come to see the other children as brothers and sisters they see each other so much.

Someone moves, everyone shows up and helps. A deck needs building, everyone shows up and helps. A parent is sick; another family should offer to take the kids for a bit. Someone needs a job, everyone keeps their eye out for one and actively helps them find one. Members of the local church should be talking almost every day. They should know what's going on in each other's lives. They should be the people we turn to when we want to laugh, or cry, or exciting news to tell.
And a ministry should have goals. They should be actively working to promote Creativity, both locally, and around the region. They should be pooling money, with a goal to buy land and physical church. They should be getting to know the Creators in neighboring communities, through modern communications and by visiting them face-to-face. The ministry should be working to leave their children with a more stable and developed movement, than we currently have.

A ministry should be a family...not a club. An extended family that we see and treat as family. Given a choice between "5 guys meeting in a basement," and a growing, involved, dedicated, goal-oriented ministry...there really is no choice. I'll take the family model.

Now some will say, but we don't have a ministry in our area. Or they'll say, there aren't enough interested Creators in my area. Well, there's no excuse for accepting that condition as the status quo. One should work for it, and never give up. Look for other racialist in every way possible. Offer Creator study groups. Talk to your friends and family about your beliefs. Accept nothing less, than working towards forming and growing a local ministry...and establishing a church in your area. It won't happen overnight, but nothing worthwhile happens overnight.

Brother Chappell
Feb 41AC (2014)

        Article originally published in IMPERIUM # 10
          The Creativity Movement online magazine


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