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Getting Down to Brass Tacks ..By Brother Matt Hale

What makes me different, I suppose, is that for more than thirty years now I have felt it my personal duty—beyond that of all others—to save our White Race. I have never been able to shake that unique sense of calling, even within this prison cell, and thus I awake each day with that responsibility upon my shoulders as amazing and daunting as that may seem.

My greatest sadness then, I also suppose, is that I am unable to do more for our people due to my wrongful and draconian censorship that is presently being meted out to me by my (White) captors, individuals who are totally oblivious to the fact that their misguided oppression of my person today—at the behest of their anti-white Jewish masters, of course—may well be responsible one day, it least in part, for the downfall of their entire White Race altogether.

Little do they realize that they are contributing to a scenario whereby their own descendants will one day be raped, robbed, and murdered into oblivion by the mud races of the world, all because they chose to save the whims of a worthless, idiotic, illegitimate, and racially destructive Jewish government instead of the best interests of their own kind in the struggle for life. The fact of the matter is that our White Race is being overrun by those non-white races at this very moment, and unless our White people get their priorities straight—and soon at that—they are doomed, plain and simple. The non-white hordes will be too great in number for us to turn back the tide and our race and all of its works will be destroyed.

Even our own efforts for the survival of our people have thus been an abject failure, it must be said, for the sad fact of the matter is that not even one percent of our adherents actually understand what it takes for us to win and actually do their duty to make that happen. Instead there is a lot of sitting around, idle chatter, infighting, and stupidity out there while our racial boat steadily sinks beneath the waves. Unless we too get our act together and without any delay at that, the day will come when we too will be responsible for disaster which will ensue for our kind.

The bizarre fact of the matter is that the path to victory for a racial movement was set forth a long, long time ago—by men whom we all respect and  admire—and yet we have simply failed to follow it regardless of its clarity and its truth. We have instead dilly-dallied around, hoping that somebody else, somewhere, would do our own job for us. Well, that's not the way it works: if we truly want to save our White Race from destruction, we have to labor personally and incessantly to make that happen, by winning the hearts and minds of the masses, in public, to our cause. There is no other way. There is no "easy" path to take!

I ask you then that you do two things: read (or reread, I hope!) Chapter Twelve, Volume One of Mein Kampf (and Chapters Six and Seven of Volume Two if you have time) by Adolf Hitler and Chapter Five of my own The Racial Loyalist Manifesto, for only through our implementation of the basic principles contained therein will our cause actually justify its existence and save the race that we all claim to care about. There is no more time to waste.

Brother Hale
July 44AC (2017)

Matt Hale 15177-424
U. S. Penitentiary Max
P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Facts about the Matt Hale Case...By Evelyn Hutcheson

I am Matthew Hales mother.  You must care that our corrupt justice system (Federal court system) in this case and the government (FBI) has locked away an innocent man for 40 years because he stood for and believed in, the First Amendment, (Freedom of Speech) without any evidence, Matt was tried and convicted in federal court in Chicago, Illinois in 2005 for having solicited the murder of Chicago Federal Judge Joan Lefkow.  James T. Moody was the judge in the trial.  No evidence was ever presented during the trial that Matt ever asked anyone to commit murder.  Matt is an innocent man that has suffered at the hands of our corrupt government, the FBI and our corrupt justice system.

The government had Tony Evola, a government informant which they paid $75,000 of our tax money to tape conversations with Matt over a 2 year period to attempt to get evidence that they could use to put Matt away.  On these tapes, never once did Matt ever ask this informant to kill anybody. Matt refused Evola several times on the tapes. In fact, Evola was confused as to who the government wanted Matt to ask him to kill.  He thought the target was a man. 

When the government (FBI)realized that Evola thought the target was a man, they had him send Matt an email referring to the target as being femala, (the word Evola used for female) (Evola is mentally challenged) to further their plan to charge Matt. You can read the entire trial transcript on our website (  
Trials Transcripts and Exhibits...FREE MATT HALE

 In 2004 Matt arrived at the courthouse in Chicago to go before Judge Joan Lefkow regarding a Trademark case and he was arrested.  Judge Lefkow had ruled in Matts favor in the Trademark case and a higher court had ordered her to reverse her decision and Matt was there to appeal that ruling.  He had no animosity towards Judge Lefkow.  He never wanted her killed. He was there to appeal her ruling she had reversed. A higher court had ordered her to reverse her decision.

Matt was not present for the entire jury selection even though he never waived that right.  His attorney made that decision without asking Matt. Matt was only present for 52%.  The law is that he had the right to be present for the entire jury selection. When Evola testified in the trial, because nothing on the tapes revealed Matt asking Evola to kill the judge, Evola testified that he asked Matt if he wanted him(Evola) to kill the judge and Matt nodded, yes.

Matt suspected that Evola was a government informant, he wasn't concerned because he knew he would always follow the law and never do anything illegal.  Matt went to Law School to become an attorney and work to make legal change in the government and our court system.

Several years after Matts trial, Matt discovered that the jury foreman had testified in another unrelated case that he had disobeyed the judges order not to read anything about Matt and the case or listen to the media.  After being accepted as one of the jurors, he did testify that he went home and did in fact follow the media coverage about Matt and the case, disobeying the judges order.  He testified that he had run home and removed a note on his door saying that he was going to be a juror on Matt Hales trial because he was afraid one of Matts supporters might harm him or his gay partner. He had found Matt guilty before going into the jury room.

Matts attorney had a list of over 100 witnesses and never called one to testify.  When Matt told his attorney that he wanted to testify, his attorney told Matt that he wasn't prepared to do that. Matts attorney, Thomas Durkin refused to cross the street and see Matt at MCC to prepare for the case because he didn't like the conditions over there, according to Durkin's associate attorney Patrick Blegen.

Judge James T. Moody allowed another man's crime into Matt's trial.  It was very obvious that the judge was prejudiced against Matt as was the prosecutor.  Matts attorney Thomas Durkin of Chicago told the jury they should find Matt guilty on moral charges.  He told the jury how disgusting Matt was.
The last statement the prosecutor said to the jury is that the government had evidence that Matthew Hale ordered one of his organization to go out and kill and injure many people.  This is totally untrue.  There was never any evidence presented at trial that Matt ever asked anybody to kill anyone.  Matts attorney never objected, the judge never asked the jury to disallow that statement.

The trial was tainted and prejudiced, the jury foreman who was homosexual, feared Matt supporters.  He went into the jury room ready to find Matt guilty before hearing any evidence because there was no evidence.

The judge sentenced Matt using the sentencing guidelines used to sentence a terrorist.  Matt isn't a terrorist.  He gave Matt a 40 year sentence, Matt was in solitary confinement at Florence Supermax prison for over 12 years for a crime he never committed. He was then sent to Terre Haute prison in Indiana for a short period of time, falsely charged again and thrown into solitary confinement for 6 months, then sent back to Florence Admax, in solitary confinement in the control unit where he is at this time. I suggest that Matt was sent to Terre Haute prison to be killed. Terre Haute prison is one of the ten worst prisons in the U.S. During the time Matt was at Terre Haute prison in solitary confinement, he lost 20 pounds the first month in solitary confinement. 
Hell to Pay for Prisoners Housed at Terre Haute, IN Federal Prison!  
Matt has asked repeatedly to have a polygraph to prove his innocents and has been refused. The government knows that a polygraph would prove Matt innocent. Matt has fought for his freedom for over 13 years and continues to be strong in that effort.  He is a political prisoner. Hale Fighting for Polygraph test

Matt has written two books, Ending White Slavery and The Racial Loyalist Manifesto. You can order his books on or you can send me a donation and I will order you the books directly from the printer. 

Matt needs your help!! We must keep funds in his account so that he can eat healthy foods. Matt has a civil case against the BOP. Matt was going to depose 12 BOP witnesses.. However that has changed do to the fact that Matt is being abused and tortured while doing depositions. They have him handcuffed with a chain attached to his waist and an electric jacket so that they have complete control of him should he become violent by shocking him. Matt has never been violent in his entire life. This is just another way to stop him from working the case. The trial will be in Denver, CO U.S. District Court. Matt would like to have many supporters in the courtroom for the trial. I will send the information to my supporters list as soon as I know the date of the trial. Supporters in the courtroom is important to show support for Matt and the cause.

Matt is asking supporters to send letters to Attorney General Jeff Session, Steve Bannon and President Trump asking that Matt be pardoned. I have a form letter that I will email you. I am sending out a letter to each  of them once a week.

You can send me an email and I will add you to my support list and you will receive all the updates on Matts case. My email address is:

This is a travesty, to have this kind of corruption in our government, our FBI and our court system. To lock a person away for 40 years because that person has unpopular views and opinions.  What has happened to freedom of speech, freedom of religion? What has happened to our country? 


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Comparative Religions...Hinduism ...By Ben Klassen


Comparative Religions - Part VII - Hinduism

Among the world's handful of so-called "great" religions, Hinduism is the most ancient of them all. Its very beginnings are lost in antiquity. The origins of superstitions, beliefs, customs and traditions date back to prehistoric times. Whereas the world's religious establishments rate it as one of the "great" religions (along with Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism) we Creators see nothing very great in this morbid collection of fungus on the brain. In our opinion, it is a hodgepodge collection of stupidities and superstitions at its worst. It points up what we have been saying repeatedly - the so-called "great" religions are an archaic hangover from our Stone Age ancestors, debris and clutter of the mind that is
based on superstition, gullibility and ignorance - an impervious roadblock to enlightenment, advancement and logical thinking.

Be that as it may, the number of adherents to Hinduism embrace nearly half a billion of the world's population, mostly mud peoples, and ranks third only after the Roman Catholic faith and the Moslem religion. In India alone there are 300 million faithful.

Hinduism is unique in many ways. For one thing, it has no one founder. It evolved over the millenniums as a strange and confused intermingling of many peoples' cultures and outside influences. Its beliefs and customs are therefore hard to define, and there is no one common creed, no one doctrine, that binds all Hindus together.

Basically, Hinduism is not just a religion. It is more of a vast complex of theological, metaphysical, philosophical, ethical, cultural and social institutions, whose predominant breeding ground was the subcontinent of India. It comprises of four main elements: religion, race, country and social organization. Each is bound up and is an integral factor in the life of the others, and cannot be separated. So loose and diverse is the complex nature of Hinduism that there is room for every contradictory belief and custom imaginable to be embraced within its discordant creed.

In fact, Hindus have followed almost every conceivable variety of theism, atheism, polytheism and pantheism. They have maintained conflicting standards of morality; their worship has been both idolatrous and iconoclastic, all are tolerated as long as the rules of caste are not violated.

I have stated in some previous writings that some enterprising soul has compiled a catalogue of 30 thousand different gods that superstitious and gullible fools have invented and worshipped over the ages. But I now learn that this only scratches the surface. The Hindu religion alone
has a pantheon of 33 million gods, most of which in addition to the standard list of deities, embrace local, village or even individual gods. Spooks, spirits, gods — 33 million of them — count them at leisure.

All Hindus recognize the domain of DHARMA (religious law) as the supreme agency of destiny. It is the important link between all the complexities of their belief. One of the most important tenets of Dharma is the rigid caste system that has been imbedded in the Hindu religion for thousands of years. The four main castes all belong to early Aryan society, and are based mainly on birth and color of skin. They are, in descending order:

(a) Brahman, the priestly and cultured elite.

(b) Kshatriyas, the ruling aristocracy.

(c) Vaisyas, the farmers and professional artisans.

(d) Sudras, the lowest caste, of the early Aryan society, who provided the needed menial labor.

As south India was Brahmanized, there was also an outcaste category, a fifth caste, which was non-Aryan and called the Panchamas. It consisted of the Pariahs and Harijans (God's people, the untouchables) and other destitute creatures who number around 80 million in India alone.

As far as birth, residence, heredity, occupation, and the regulation of food, drink, and marriage are concerned, each Hindu, even of the depressed classes, knows exactly where, according to custom, he or she belongs. But the above five castes are by no means the end of the complexities of the caste system. Just as the Hindus have a total of 33 million gods, national, local, etc., so too, do the local villages have a further subdivision of their own sub-castes. Here is a typical example.

The village of Chandrauti's four thousand people are housed in six hundred dwellings. In 22 of these dwell the Brahmans, members of the priestly caste, and one belongs to the household of the Kshatriyans, the warrior caste. Others are identified by sub-caste: 16 dwellings of Banias, merchants and businessmen; 40 of Mallas, fishermen and boatmen; 20 of Lohars, blacksmiths; 10 of Khatiks, who deal in fruit and
raise pigs; 15 of Ahers, cowherds; 10 of Dhobis, washer men; 5 of Gawals, sheepherders; 3 of Bhats, singers and dancers, who perform at weddings and go out into the fields at harvest; 2 of Nars, barbers; 2 of Doms, the cremation attendants; and 1 of Gonds, who fry and sell peanuts and other snacks.

There are also 50 Moslem households in this village, weavers and tailors, and 200 untouchables, the Harijans, who now may own land but still must dwell outside the village in their own compound. In almost every household, the young men follow the trade of their fathers. Although Hinduism evolved in prehistoric times, it began to take shape at about 1500 B.C.E. and we can follow its development by reviewing the sacred books that molded its development. There are six distinguished classes of literary works, all written in Sanskrit.

1. The Vedas (books of knowledge) emerging around 1500 B.C.E. There are four books (a) the Rig-Veda (psalms); (b) the Yajur- Veda (formulas); (c) the Sama-Veda (charms); (d) and the Atharva- Veda (chants). Of them all, the first is the most significant, and the oldest religious document in history.

2. The Brahmans (priestly writings) dating circa 1000-800 B.C.E. They, too, occupy a singular position in world literature and are rated as the earliest extant prose writings in the Indo-European tradition.

3. The Upanishads (seances) circa 800-600 B.C.E., are speculative treatises concerning man and the origins of the universe.

4. The Law Book of Mann, dated at about 250 B.C.E. Its twelve chapters are an impressive code of Hindu Law.

5. The Bhagavad-Gita, composed about 1 C.E., is the most highly esteemed document of all the Hindu literature. This dramatic poem suggests the possibility of universal salvation.

6. Epics and Puranas (ancient tales), produced 1250 C.E., lay the foundations of folk Hinduism ("Career of God Ramma"). The Puranas, 18 in number, are a collection of religious stories. So much for their "Sacred Books." Most, if not all, rate highly in the annals of ancient world literature.

That Hinduism is unique and a distinguished religion in a class by itself, of that there is no doubt. However, that it is "great", we Creators do not accept. There are a large number of idiosyncrasies and characteristics that if looked at from an enlightened White Man's point, are both bizarre and repugnant.

Hindus hold that all animals are sacred. Since they believe in transmigration of "souls" (reincarnation) even a rat or a snake might house their grandmother's or Aunt Minnie's soul, therefore, they dare not kill it or harm it in any way. The net result is that in a land of poverty and hunger, the country is overrun with rats, snakes, and other pests, completely out of control.

The most sacred animal of all is the cow, and woe unto any alien who would strike a cow and drive her away from a fruit stand at which she might choose to be lunching . Of course, it is no more bizarre to worship a cow than a "spirit", as do the Christians. At least you can hear, see, feel and smell a cow, which is more than you can say for a spirit. No preacher has ever given me an intelligent definition as to what a spirit
really is.

India's 200 million cattle can do no wrong, and national fiat forbids their slaughter. Hindu literature decrees that anyone who eats flesh or causes a cow to be slaughtered will rot in hell for as many years as there are hairs on the cow. Many Hindus believe that a concoction of a cow's five products - milk, urine, curd, butter, and dung - will cleanse the body inside and out. Even prominent "world leaders" like the late
Mohandas Gandhi, and the late Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, indulged in such repulsive and filthy practices.

Hindus regard the Ganges as a sacred river and its water holy. This 1,560 mile long river, winding through the heart of India, is fondly referred to as Mother Ganges. Though befouled with endless sewage, the Hindus believe it cannot be sullied, and despite the fact it is one of the dirtiest and most polluted rivers in the world, millions of Hindus bath in it annually as a religious ritual to cleanse their bodies and their soul, and the water is bottled and drunk as a purification agent all over the country.


Though it may be the oldest and one of the most prestigious of the "great" religions, we CREATORS do not find anything very great about either the Hindus or Hinduism. It may have been around for more than three and a half millenniums, and it may even have produced some great literature (mostly under the aegis of the Aryans and their descendants who invaded India from the north about four thousand years ago).

Nevertheless, despite their caste system, it did not prevent the mongrelization of the White invaders who conquered, took charge and created an outstanding civilization four thousand years ago. Today, India is one of the densest, sickest, most over- populated, filthy, poverty-stricken of
all the large nations in the world. Its hungry, superstition-ridden 750 million are one of the most desperate and miserable population masses in the world, completely out of control and completely unable to solve any of their vast multitude of problems. They are unable to feed their
masses, nor are they able to control their population bomb. Stupidly, the White Man, (particularly, the taxpayers of the United States) is annually sending millions of tons of grain and other foods to them, gratis, thereby expanding and proliferating the misery. (See Racial Loyalty, No. 22 on the subject.) Sooner or later, this will have to end and Nature will solve the problem by ruthless means — mass starvation.

Hinduism has 477,991,300 followers throughout the world, of which there are 88,500 In North America and 475,073,000 in Asia. Such is the final drama of superstition, incompetence and stupidity. Such are the historic consequences of the White Man trying to conquer, govern and exploit an inferior mass of mud races while tolerating geographic mixing with the conquered. Let us learn once and for all Nature's
eternal lesson. India and Hinduism say it all.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator


Article taken from Racial Loyalty #30
Dec 12AC (1985)


Hinduism vs. Creativity...A Comparison...By Ben Klassen

A. Basis of Belief.

Hinduism is based on primitive customs, superstitions, taboos and hangovers that originated as far back as the Stone Age. They believe in Karma, the transmigration of "souls" (reincarnation) into animals, snakes, humans, or whatever. They believe that the form they transmigrate into in the "next" life depends on how well they performed in the previous life. This supposedly goes on endlessly until the soul is finally liberated into an indescribable state called NIRVANA. Life on earth is considered as a transient migration of the soul and at best, a burden to bear, not to enjoy.

Although Hinduism is complex, confused and contradictory in most of its aspects, it became more formulated as its religious scriptures, written in Sanskrit, were handed down beginning approximately 1500 B.C.E. These scriptures. The Vedas and the Upanishads, have already been described in greater detail in our accompanying text.
Of prime significance, also, is the Dharma, religious law, which details the caste system, dietary laws, religious law and even civil law. These are neither consistent, nor well organized, and are at best a confused hodgepodge of contradictions.

CREATIVITY, on the other hand, is in dire contrast to the superstitions and confusions of Hinduism. Creativity is based on an intelligent assessment of the universe in which we find ourselves, and seeks to solve the realities of life for the betterment and advancement of our own kind - the White Race. In so doing, we shun all the superstitious mind clutter that has been dumped upon us by an ignorant and superstitious past, and instead pursue reality, logic and common sense, as detailed in our THREE BASIC BOOKS, Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible, and Salubrious Living.

B. Goals and Objectives.

Hinduism has no particular goals or objectives that have any earthly purpose or meaning. When the (White) Aryans from the north invaded the Hindu Kush and finally conquered all of India, they set about organizing and governing their new homeland. This occurred circa 2000 B.C.E. In so doing, they absorbed many of the indigenous religious customs and traditions of the black mud people they had subjugated, and were now organizing. But that is not all they absorbed. They soon found to their horror that through miscegenation, they were being absorbed and mongrelized into the bloodstream of the more fecund and more numerous aborigines. They desperately tried to prevent this catastrophe from happening as best they could. They formulated harsh civil laws, proclaimed religious taboo against it and instituted the caste system of separation. As history plainly shows, as long as there was geographic mixing of races, none of this worked, and the exemplary Aryan race that conquered India four thousand years ago was completely mongrelized into the stupid negroid masses within approximately six centuries.

The present day objectives of Hinduism, if any, are for the soul to migrate from creature to creature, until finally it ends up in some dim and distant Nirvana and is no more. Life is considered a burden and the objective (if any) is to end it all in some dim and distant future. At the same time, they want to be fertile on this earth and produce as many offspring as they can. This is, of course, a stupid contradiction that results in nothing more than endlessly proliferating the misery in an overcrowded, filthy, diseased and hunger-ridden world.

CREATIVITY, on the other hand, will have no truck with all this superstitious hocus-pocus, nor with the incompetent mud races. Instead, we seek to organize the tremendous potential of the White Race and the White Race alone, and build a Whiter and Brighter world for our future generations.

C. Racial Attitude.

The caste system, formulated and implemented by the Aryan conquerors, was not only highly racial, but was primarily based on color of the skin, and therefore indirectly on race. After six centuries the original Aryans were drowned in an overwhelming sea of negroids and the caste system no longer had any useful purpose. It then more or less classified the classes by profession and status rather than race, although the upper castes had and still have to this day, more White genes, less negroid, than do the lower castes.

However, outside of being an archaic relic of a dead past, it has little or no racial meaning anymore in today's mongrelized masses, and Hinduism embraces and welcomes any and all mud races. There are even a number of White Americans that have embraced it and stupidly find it "different" and "fascinating".

CREATIVITY, on the other hand, is highly racial and the whole religious creed is based on race - the White Race. We have learned our lesson well from the fatal mistakes made by the Aryan conquerors of India several thousand years ago, the mistakes made by the White Egyptians three to five thousand years ago, and every other White nation that has gone down the sump hole of history via mongrelization with its "cheap" negroid labor. We are determined not to make the same mistake.

We want to "conquer" no mud races, we do not want to enslave anybody, we do not want to exploit any race, nor are we looking for "cheap" yellow, black, or brown labor. We want to advance and expand our own kind, do our own work and build a Whiter and Brighter World for ourselves. This, we are determined to do until we inhabit every square mile of good territory available. The whole world is our oyster and we
will not rest until this beautiful Planet is all ours.

D. Organizational Structure.

Hinduism is one of the most disorganized of all the major religions and has no central head, only a loose scattering of temples, holy men and groups, sects, etc. No one knows exactly what the real creed of Hinduism is, as I have already outlined. The only structural organized tenets, if any, are inherent in its caste system, but it too, is loose and vaguely defined, and varies from area to area, and from village to village.

CREATIVITY is based on the Leadership Principal. Its fundamental creed and program are clearly delineated in our Basic Books. As it grows, we will continue to build our organizational structure according to the basics of the Leadership Principle, as did Adolf Hitler, and as has the
Roman Catholic church for the last 18 centuries.

As far as the White Race is concerned the Jew controlled United States government is a powerful tyrant and can be rated as Public Enemy Number One. The overwhelming issue is and remains: Either the White Race takes charge of this world in total, or it will shortly be drowned in a sea of mud.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator





Article Taken from Racial Loyalty #30
Dec 12AC (1985)