Thursday, 6 July 2017

Facts about the Matt Hale Case...By Evelyn Hutcheson

I am Matthew Hales mother.  You must care that our corrupt justice system (Federal court system) in this case and the government (FBI) has locked away an innocent man for 40 years because he stood for and believed in, the First Amendment, (Freedom of Speech) without any evidence, Matt was tried and convicted in federal court in Chicago, Illinois in 2005 for having solicited the murder of Chicago Federal Judge Joan Lefkow.  James T. Moody was the judge in the trial.  No evidence was ever presented during the trial that Matt ever asked anyone to commit murder.  Matt is an innocent man that has suffered at the hands of our corrupt government, the FBI and our corrupt justice system.

The government had Tony Evola, a government informant which they paid $75,000 of our tax money to tape conversations with Matt over a 2 year period to attempt to get evidence that they could use to put Matt away.  On these tapes, never once did Matt ever ask this informant to kill anybody. Matt refused Evola several times on the tapes. In fact, Evola was confused as to who the government wanted Matt to ask him to kill.  He thought the target was a man. 

When the government (FBI)realized that Evola thought the target was a man, they had him send Matt an email referring to the target as being femala, (the word Evola used for female) (Evola is mentally challenged) to further their plan to charge Matt. You can read the entire trial transcript on our website (  
Trials Transcripts and Exhibits...FREE MATT HALE

 In 2004 Matt arrived at the courthouse in Chicago to go before Judge Joan Lefkow regarding a Trademark case and he was arrested.  Judge Lefkow had ruled in Matts favor in the Trademark case and a higher court had ordered her to reverse her decision and Matt was there to appeal that ruling.  He had no animosity towards Judge Lefkow.  He never wanted her killed. He was there to appeal her ruling she had reversed. A higher court had ordered her to reverse her decision.

Matt was not present for the entire jury selection even though he never waived that right.  His attorney made that decision without asking Matt. Matt was only present for 52%.  The law is that he had the right to be present for the entire jury selection. When Evola testified in the trial, because nothing on the tapes revealed Matt asking Evola to kill the judge, Evola testified that he asked Matt if he wanted him(Evola) to kill the judge and Matt nodded, yes.

Matt suspected that Evola was a government informant, he wasn't concerned because he knew he would always follow the law and never do anything illegal.  Matt went to Law School to become an attorney and work to make legal change in the government and our court system.

Several years after Matts trial, Matt discovered that the jury foreman had testified in another unrelated case that he had disobeyed the judges order not to read anything about Matt and the case or listen to the media.  After being accepted as one of the jurors, he did testify that he went home and did in fact follow the media coverage about Matt and the case, disobeying the judges order.  He testified that he had run home and removed a note on his door saying that he was going to be a juror on Matt Hales trial because he was afraid one of Matts supporters might harm him or his gay partner. He had found Matt guilty before going into the jury room.

Matts attorney had a list of over 100 witnesses and never called one to testify.  When Matt told his attorney that he wanted to testify, his attorney told Matt that he wasn't prepared to do that. Matts attorney, Thomas Durkin refused to cross the street and see Matt at MCC to prepare for the case because he didn't like the conditions over there, according to Durkin's associate attorney Patrick Blegen.

Judge James T. Moody allowed another man's crime into Matt's trial.  It was very obvious that the judge was prejudiced against Matt as was the prosecutor.  Matts attorney Thomas Durkin of Chicago told the jury they should find Matt guilty on moral charges.  He told the jury how disgusting Matt was.
The last statement the prosecutor said to the jury is that the government had evidence that Matthew Hale ordered one of his organization to go out and kill and injure many people.  This is totally untrue.  There was never any evidence presented at trial that Matt ever asked anybody to kill anyone.  Matts attorney never objected, the judge never asked the jury to disallow that statement.

The trial was tainted and prejudiced, the jury foreman who was homosexual, feared Matt supporters.  He went into the jury room ready to find Matt guilty before hearing any evidence because there was no evidence.

The judge sentenced Matt using the sentencing guidelines used to sentence a terrorist.  Matt isn't a terrorist.  He gave Matt a 40 year sentence, Matt was in solitary confinement at Florence Supermax prison for over 12 years for a crime he never committed. He was then sent to Terre Haute prison in Indiana for a short period of time, falsely charged again and thrown into solitary confinement for 6 months, then sent back to Florence Admax, in solitary confinement in the control unit where he is at this time. I suggest that Matt was sent to Terre Haute prison to be killed. Terre Haute prison is one of the ten worst prisons in the U.S. During the time Matt was at Terre Haute prison in solitary confinement, he lost 20 pounds the first month in solitary confinement. 
Hell to Pay for Prisoners Housed at Terre Haute, IN Federal Prison!  
Matt has asked repeatedly to have a polygraph to prove his innocents and has been refused. The government knows that a polygraph would prove Matt innocent. Matt has fought for his freedom for over 13 years and continues to be strong in that effort.  He is a political prisoner. Hale Fighting for Polygraph test

Matt has written two books, Ending White Slavery and The Racial Loyalist Manifesto. You can order his books on or you can send me a donation and I will order you the books directly from the printer. 

Matt needs your help!! We must keep funds in his account so that he can eat healthy foods. Matt has a civil case against the BOP. Matt was going to depose 12 BOP witnesses.. However that has changed do to the fact that Matt is being abused and tortured while doing depositions. They have him handcuffed with a chain attached to his waist and an electric jacket so that they have complete control of him should he become violent by shocking him. Matt has never been violent in his entire life. This is just another way to stop him from working the case. The trial will be in Denver, CO U.S. District Court. Matt would like to have many supporters in the courtroom for the trial. I will send the information to my supporters list as soon as I know the date of the trial. Supporters in the courtroom is important to show support for Matt and the cause.

Matt is asking supporters to send letters to Attorney General Jeff Session, Steve Bannon and President Trump asking that Matt be pardoned. I have a form letter that I will email you. I am sending out a letter to each  of them once a week.

You can send me an email and I will add you to my support list and you will receive all the updates on Matts case. My email address is:

This is a travesty, to have this kind of corruption in our government, our FBI and our court system. To lock a person away for 40 years because that person has unpopular views and opinions.  What has happened to freedom of speech, freedom of religion? What has happened to our country? 


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