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ELYSIUM... White Social Network

It's something we've been working on lately, and it's finally finished. Elysium is envisioned as a social network for White people. It has user profiles, groups, albums, user blogs (articles), friends and comments feature. Something like Facebook, but to a much smaller scale. There is even a section to post adds etc. It is something that we'll probably upgrade in future with new features according to the size of the membership. We are just at the beginning now. It can be found on the following address...........

Brother Ivan

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

White Struggle # 59/60 ........ Hosted by Rev Matt Hale


                                                  WHITE STRUGGLE # 59

                                                     Aug 7th 23AC (1996)

                                                  WHITE STRUGGLE # 60

                                                      Aug 7th 23AC (1996)


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Creator band INVICTUS interviewed by..... Midgard Magazine (Sweden)

Hello Invictus. Can you start with giving us a background story of your band and the band members?

The history of this band goes some years back when the idea of forming such band was fluent in our heads, but for various reasons, it never came to fruition. Finally, in 2009, the project was reanimated, and we again started working on our songs. So, we could say that 2009 is to be considered the founding year of the band, although the idea itself was much older. Band consists of two regular members with others jumping in when we have to record songs in studio. First cd was released in 2011 and second one in 2013.

How is the situation in Croatia?

Well, good and bad, depending on the definition. You can look at it from two aspects. Firstly, we are a country that still has 99% white population, which is rather rare even in Europe these day. So, we don't have usual problems with non-white immigration or extreme liberalism, but since we joined EU I can see that changing soon. On the other hand, general population in our country is completely unaware of the situation we are in and where we are heading. There is also huge lack of pro-white activism and propaganda. Majority of nationalist in our country are kosher conservatives without clear perspective and majorly puppets on a string.

There are not that much bands in the scene in your country what I can see? Do you know why?

It can be related to the previous question, the whole racialist scene in our country is in a rather bad condition, we are in a condition where most eastern European countries were 20 years ago. It is a difficult question to answer why is that so. I have been asking myself the same question for the past 15 years and still haven't found a decent answer. A lot of factors determined that position, I guess. As far as I know, Invictus is third Croatian racialist band that released a cd in all these years.

But organized nationalist there must be I hope?

Nationalists yes, but not racialists. Well, some of us try to do what we can, but it by far the level we should be at. One of our notable white nationalist Mr. Sunić mentioned that Croatia experienced so called ''aristocide'' during the end and after World War Two, when most of the nationalist intelligentsia was either killed by communists or had to emigrate to other countries. Plus to it, we lived under communist regime for 45 years. Our war for freedom from communism in early nineties certainly brought back nationalist sentiment, but that sentiment wasn't and still isn't on an intellectual level, like in other countries. Although, I must say things are becoming better last few years, more and more people are becoming aware of sinister world we live in.

What organizations in Croatia are worth supporting?

It depends who you ask that question. As far as I am concerned, we support only The Creativity Movement, because it is the only active racialist organization/group in our country. There are nationalist parties here, most of them inactive and basically wasting time, some are exceptions, like HČSP party, they do some activism, but they are just nationalists, they are not racialists.

Due to the history, how is the situations between Croatians and Serbian nationalists?

Bad. I mean, tensions are not as big as they were, but there is no cooperation either. There are still many people, both on Serbian and Croatian side that espouse rabid chauvinism against each other. I might say that Serbian nationalists espouse chauvinism far more than Croatian ones, but maybe I am bias, who knows. Besides, there is a big difference between being a defender of your homeland, as we were (plus to it we fought against communist Yugoslav army), from being aggressor and trying to take away someone's land.

You have done a music video for your song “Izdaja”. What is the song about?

It translates ''Betrayal'', it is dedicated to all traitors and snitches out there that pretend to be on our side and our friends and eventually backstab us.

Will we be seeing more music videos from you from now on?

Yes, definitely. Probably not for every song, but whenever possible. What can I say, people like videos....

As I have heard you are working on new songs. What can we expect from it?

Well, we had to slow down a bit, so the songs are coming out not so often any more. We decided to focus ourselves on quality rather than quantity. We made a huge quality breakthrough between first and second cd, and since the second cd, which was released in 2013 we only recorded two new songs, and everyone says that these two are the best so far.

And when will your next album be released?

Don't know, really. We even thought of not releasing cd's anymore at all. Production of cd's costs, and since most of the pro-white labels are behaving like a White Power Jew, it is hard to sell some quantities to them (there are exceptions of course, and certainly a positive one that I can mention is Blodsband Productions from Sweden), we have to sell on individual basis. If there will be a cd release, I guess it will be in 2016 or 2017. It will be announced on our site when the time comes.

How is it with live concerts? (if you have done live, have it only been in Croatia?)

We don't do concerts, we are studio band.

Where do you get your  motivation from to keep going on?

Motivation or inspiration? My motivation it the will to fight and change the world to be better place for my offspring and future generations. It is actually very simple for me, when I have an idea, I don't let it go, I finish it no matter how long it takes and what I have to do to accomplish it. If I have to learn a new instrument to record some special song, I'll do it, that's my character.

And where do you stand ideological?

We are Creators, we follow the idea of Creativity Movement. A good idea of what Creativity is can be found here .

You have released two albums yet, how has the response been, you have started to get some fans I presume?

Most of the cd's went abroad, coincidentally I think that most went to Sweden, haha. Well, the response was good, especially with our second album, the only drawback was the problem that we self-released them so we didn't get much help from record companies in advertisement. Generally, I have to be honest and say that I am not pleased with response, but considering the lack of advertisement, it is not so bad after all.

Where can we find these albums for sale?

I am not sure anymore, to be honest. We worked with Blodsband Productions, Sniper Records, Loyalty Records, these were the ''good'' guys, LOL, can't remember the others. You can always buy cd's directly from the band, we still have them in stock. Just contact us on , and we can arrange something.

Besides music. Are you active in other things?

Absolutely. We are first and foremost activists, and then we are artists. If it wasn't for activism, it is very likely there would be no Invictus either.

Any creative ideas of activism?

It is really up to an individual and his capabilities. Some people are versatile, like me for example, others are good only in one thing and they stick to it. What is important, is to constantly be active, determination is the key to success. Organization that is not active is sterile and without future.

Thank you for your time. Any last words to Sweden?

We are often reading the news coming from your country, and I must say it saddens us to read what the liberals and Jews have turned your country into with all the immigration problem and political correctness. I just hope people in Sweden will get more awaken to the problem and fight back. Never surrender!


Article here... INVICTUS interview by MIDGARD MAGAZINE  (Swedish)
April 42AC (2015)

Saturday, 11 April 2015

White Privilege... By Rev Kyle Marquardt

There is a lot of talk these days, most notably among hard core leftist extremists, about this radical Cultural Marxist theory known as "White privilege". I'm sure many within the racialist cause are at least somewhat familiar with this idiotic anti-White meme. For those who are not, "White privilege" is a concept that was invented by a conniving opportunist named Tim Wise, who just so happens to be a beady-eyed Jewish rat masquerading as a White man.

Wise asserts that Whites are unfairly afforded special privileges that are used as a tool to systematically oppress poor innocent "minorities". The Jew claims that most Whites are completely oblivious to this system of racial injustice basically because they are blinded by their own bigotry. White privilege is a form of critical social theory promoted by a large sect of radical liberal retards commonly referred to as "Social Justice Warriors", or "SJWs" for short, as a means of placating the worthless muds, consumed with racial envy, by perpetuating their eternal victim status.

This kind of liberal garbage often appeals to women who are easily exploited because they are fundamentally driven by emotions, as well as a significant number of weak-minded beta males who have adopted a feminine mentality. These bleeding hearts loudly profess that Whites are entirely responsible for the constant failures suffered by non-Whites, yet at the same time they proclaim that any form of White success is not a direct result of their own merit or personal work ethic, but instead a consequence of their unfair social advantages.

The White privilege movement is just another tactical Jewish campaign to attack and vilify Whites and to expound upon the endless White-guilt complex, while at the same time inflaming non white sentiments of hatred and hostile contempt for Whitey. The actual reality is that Whites are the true targets of racial discrimination. The odds are stacked against White Americans thanks to affirmative action programs that give unfair advantages and unwarranted preference to non whites in college admissions and occupational hiring practices.

This form of racial injustice also extends to the hallowed courtrooms of the Jewnited States jewdicial justice system. Niggers are granted the special privilege of being able to rob, rape, and murder Whites at will with, confident certainty that they will receive total clemency. with no consequential repercussion.

The justice system hands down lenient sentences, a slap on the wrist, for habitual nigger criminal offenders, yet when a White stands accused of a similar offense, or worse, a heinous thought crime or a viscous verbal assault (against a disenfranchised member of one of the various special minority groups who demand a privileged social status that provides them with complete protection and immunity from hurtful words of criticism), they get the book thrown at them, often receiving the maximum penalty available.

Whites are murdered in the streets on a daily basis, but on the rare occasion when a worthless nigger thug is gunned down by a White cop in a standard, procedural case of self-defence, the Jewish media agencies shift into overdrive denouncing and decrying White institutional racism and proceed to launch massive campaign initiatives demanding the White cop be crucified for daring to defend his own life from a poor, innocent, 300 lb. "dindu nuffin". Where is the media attention and public outrage for the young White girls who are brutally raped and slaughtered by these very same feral niggerillas? I guess this is just another beneficial aspect of White privilege.

Conservative Whites will often deny the existence of White privilege when confronted by these aggressive squads of overly-emotional Bolsheviks. But instead of frantically responding with denial claims, why not turn it around and embrace this concept? We know that this so called "racist White" conspiracy theory promoted by the anti-Whites is not real (Jewish privilege on the other hand, now there's a far more factual basis to support to the existence of that easily observable, yet tightly guarded, undisclosed reality) but why not redefine it in our own terms? Why not embrace our White privilege? After all, the notion of privilege is only the natural result of the dedicated efforts of our ancestors.

It is the consequential outcome of the endless struggles they endured and is the fruit of their relentless labor. Are we, as their progeny, not entitled to our rightful benefits of inheritance, produced for us by our parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on? Apply this line of reasoning to an individual instead of a collective racial group. Is a child not the natural benefactor and rightful heir of his or her parents’ property estate, even when specifically named as such at the request of said parents in a documented legally-binding will? Did the child's parents not work hard to earn what they own?



Do they not have the right to bestow the luxuries they honestly obtained upon their own children, thus contributing to the betterment of their children’s future and overall wellbeing?
How is it their fault if they happen to have more to provide than another set of parents who didn't work as hard, or who didn’t make very wise life decisions? The same goes for the mud races. It is not our fault that their primitive ancestors were too lazy and too stupid to leave them any worthwhile inheritance. The mud races may refuse to accept any responsibility for their own actions, but Whites and non whites alike need to understand that Whites are not at fault for all non white woes and suffering.
We should not be blamed for their utter lack of competency. Whites are not responsible for the collective genetic defects and deficiency of the mud races. No, if the muds want to be mad at anyone, they should direct their anger at Mother Nature. She is the real culprit. She rightfully deserves the blame, along with the acclamation, in regards to Whites. It was her who ultimately blessed the White Race with genetic supremacy by bestowing her supreme favor of DNA superiority. And it was her who ultimately cursed the mud races by curtailing the advancement of their own evolutionary process. Whites have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. In fact we should be proud of our natural White, i.e. genetic, privilege.

So the next time you happen to encounter some degenerate, self-righteous faggot demanding that you "check your privilege", I suggest you respond by telling him to check the negative connotative tone of his voice, because you don’t wallow in a dark, bottomless pit of guilt and self-pity, instead you bask in the sunshine provided by your personal White privilege.

For a Whiter & Brighter World Filled With Privilege!
Rev Kyle Marquardt
April 42AC (2015)


                   Originally published in IMPERIUM # 15
                 The Creativity Movement online magazine

Monday, 6 April 2015

White Struggle # 26/57/58 .... Hosted By Matt Hale


                                                 WHITE STRUGGLE # 26


                                                          July 26 12AC (1995)

                                                   WHITE STUGGLE # 57

                                                      Aug 7th 13AC (1996)

                                                WHITE STRUGGLE # 58

                                                    Aug 7th 13AC (1996)


Friday, 3 April 2015

How to Overcome the Real Haters...By Ben Klassen



Undoubtedly the moat persistent and the most vicious haters of all time have been the Jews. The Talmud is full of it. Their whole religion's creed is founded upon it, and the survival of their race is based upon the theory that the strongest cement binding together an organization, any organization, is to have a common enemy.

Whom have the Jews selected as their enemy? To make sure they never run out of hatred, all "Gentiles" are their enemies. This means, in fact, that all the peoples of the world who are not Jews are their enemies. The Talmud repeatedly restates this premise and further derogates all non-Jews into the category of animals, to be denounced, to be deceived, lied to, killed and destroyed.
According to the teaching of the Talmud, the most sacred of all their holy books, all non-Jews are "gois", or "goyim", which means animals, and any property they may possess
rightfully belongs to Jews. Any treacherous act in stripping the "goyim" is considered fair and square and is condoned by the code of the Talmud.

The exercise of these ground rules is further reinforced by teaching the Jews from early childhood to hate the goyim, that they are evil and a threat to their own survival. This Jewish creed has been in existence for thousands of years. The Jews have avidly pursued this course with a fanaticism that knows no bounds, and have harbored an intense, pathological hatred for all goyim with a vengeance. But their fiercest hate is, and has been reserved for
the White Race, especially the Romans of Ancient history, and the Germans of today. The Jew's motto always has been, and is today, "Always kill the best first."

So complete a monopolistic stranglehold do the Jews hold on the worldwide propaganda machinery that only a few of the honest students of history are aware of this sinister situation. So thoroughly contused and programmed is the average goy yokel that he or she will join with their destroyers and hate and denounce those few courageous fighters that will even so much as investigate, or look into, or talk about this strange historic phenomena.

The Jews have honed to a sharp edge many of the weapons at their disposal, and one that they have become most expert at turning the tables an their accusers. Their motto is in this connection is to ACCUSE THE ACCUSER In short, accuse their enemies of the very thing they themselves are doing, but do it first, do it louder and more blatantly than any campaign their enemies might be able to muster.

There are thousands of historic examples of this, going back as far as the history of Ancient Egypt, in which the Jews through the monopolization of the grain and food of the Egyptians, managed to enslave them. When the Egyptians finally realized this and drove them out en masse, the Jews turned the tables on them and claimed (a) the Egyptians enslaved them, and (b) wouldn't let them leave, until, of course, Moses (a historical fiction) and their ever-loving Jehovah (a fictitious concept) came to their rescue and led them out of Egypt to the
consternation of the Egyptians. Since they, not the Egyptians, wrote the Old Testament, and subsequent history as well, that double lie persists as an accepted fact by the gullible goyim even to this day.

About half a century ago the Germans, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, finally realized the full depth of the Jewish conspiracy, and tried to get the Jewish monkey off their back. They united on a national scale and broke the power of the Jews in Germany. However, so powerfully entrenched was the Jewish financial and propaganda network that they inveigled the rest of the White world to come to their (the Jews) rescue, and to destroy the Germans. This they succeeded in doing with a vengeance, and no sooner was that phase completed when the Jews immediately turned on their rescuers to undermine and destroy them.

They then again aimed for the destruction of the best first, namely Great Brittan, and above all, the United States, both of whom they held in the palm of their hands. Since we who live in the United States and are White are now the number one target for destruction, you might wonder how do the Jews go about getting the hateful White goyim to help them, the Jews, destroy their enemy, the White American?

It is very simple, and they employ the same historic tried and true stratagems they utilized against the Egyptians.
(a) Accuse the accuser

(b) destroy the best first.

Having unlimited monopoly of the propaganda machinery in the United States (and the world), having complete control of the TV networks, the news wires, the newspapers, radio, and every other mechanism, the Jews turn on the heat. Any goyim who dares to so much as mention their obvious program of hate and destruction is immediately branded as a hater. And we should all hate a hater, shouldn't we?

So how do we Creators who are in the forefront of exposing the sinister Jewish conspiracy defend ourselves against this kind of tactic?

Well. we must first of all face a few basic facts of life and drive them home to our White Racial Comrades whom we are trying to save from genocide, and whose mutual help we must enlist to save ourselves and, in fact, the total White Race. These realities are:

1. The Jews know exactly what their deadly game is, and that they must proceed at full speed, and destroy their enemy {principally the White Race) before we catch on, and destroy them. Therefore, it is pointless to argue with them, try to persuade them to ameliorate or mend their ways, or any other means of conciliation. The Jews are hell bent on the destruction of the White Race and nothing will divert or deter them. Our only hope, our only solutions is to render them harmless so they cannot now or ever in the future again threaten the survival and well being of the White Race. But forget any solution through conciliation, bargaining, coming to terms by means of understanding, or any similar shibboleths.

2. Our efforts at persuasion, recruiting and enlightenment must be directed at our own White Racial Comrades where the real problem and also the real solution lies.
We must bring home to our White brothers and sisters the magnitude of the sinister conspiracy, the diabolical designs of the Jewish perpetrators on the future of their own lives and those of future White generations. 
We must enlighten them that the only hope of survival and a viable future is to build! build! build! a powerful White movement, a White Racial religion such as CREATIVITY that has the goal and the means of sweeping our enemies before us like a huge tidal wave, and that we must again wrest control of the White Man's destiny into our own capable hands.

To provide some of the tools to help persuade our White Racial Comrades, we come back to the question that constituted the heading of this article, namely how do we overcome the Jewish accusation that we are the haters, the only haters, and therefore the real culprits?

Well. since the Jewish propaganda networks are so pervasive and all-encompassing this is not easy, not for any lack of argument or evidence, but because of the sheer massiveness of the Jewish propaganda apparatus. But through tenacity, aggressiveness and sheer hard work we can overcome it. Here are some of the questions and arguments we can advance with which to awaken our White Racial Comrades:
1. Is hating your enemies a good thing or is it bad?

2. If it is bad to hate under any circumstances, then is it also bad to hate a Nazi?

3. Do the Jews hate Nazis?

4. Do you hate Nazis? Do you hate Hitler?

5. If it is alright to hate Nazis and to hate Hitler, and what's fair for the goose is fair for the gander, isn't it then also justifiable for the Germans to retaliate and hate the Jews?

6. Have you ever wondered why the Jews have been hated by nearly all nations of the world at one time or another to the point where they were driven out of their land? (See Creative Credo No. 35. "Unrelenting Warfare Between the Parasitic Jews and their Unfortunate Victims" in The White Man's Bible.)

7. Do you believe that it is a sensible idea to love your enemies (Matt. 5:44) and to hate your father and mother, brothers and sister? (Luke 14:26) and hate your own kind?

8. Did you know that the Jewish Talmud, which is considered by the Jews as being their most sacred religious text (even above the Old Testament) is full of hate for all peoples?

9. Did you know that the foundation of the Jewish religion is hatred, and their cohesiveness is built upon that very hatred for all goyim?

10. Is it alright to try to defend yourself against a person or a group that has designs upon your destruction?

11. Is it possible for you or your race to survive without defending yourself/itself?

12. In real life, is it possible to fight a battle for survival without hating your enemy?

13. Would you be utterly concerned if this country became 90 per cent black, 5 percent White and was controlled by a tightly organized Jewish network?

14. If you realized such was happening would you do anything to avert it?

15. Just what would you do and where would you start?

16. Is it alright to hate someone if they hated you first?

17. If so, the Jews are the world's oldest and most persistent haters, as is evidenced both by the Old Testament, the Talmud and their history. Would you care to ignore this fact, or do you think it bears looking into?

18. If your mother or sister were attacked, would you defend them?

19. Would you love their attacker, or would you show signs of hatred and anger while you defended them? (If you had the guts to do so.)

20. Do you think it is alright to defend the White Race if some other race, or coalition of races ganged up on the White Race and worked and plotted for its destruction?

21. If it came to a showdown between the niggers and the Whites, what side, if any, would you choose?

22. If it came to a showdown between the Jews and the White Race, what side, if any, would you choose?

23. If it came to a battle for survival between the White Race on the one hand, and the Jews, niggers and mud races in coalition against it, which side, if any, would you choose?

24. If you had to choose between Christianity and the survival of the White Race, what side, if any, would you choose?

25. Do you believe that the Jews are to be commended for giving their first loyalty to their own race?

26. Do you approve of the idea of blacks practicing RACIAL LOYALTY?

27. Do you believe the White people should also have equal rights in practicing RACIAL LOYALTY towards their own race?
28. Do you realize that your White ancestors consistently practiced RACIAL LOYALTY for thousands of years, and if they did not, you would be a mongrelized mulatto today?

29. Would you perhaps rather be black, or a mulatto, than White?

30. Would you like to see your sister marry a nigger? If not, why not?

31. If your mother were widowed, would you like to see her remarry a nigger? If not, why not?

32. Is there any county in the U.S. that is predominantly black that you would like to live in?

33. Is there any country in the world that is predominantly black, say, like Haiti, you would like to live in?

34. Would you like to live in the middle of Harlem, and if so, how long do you think you could survive?

There are many more similar questions we could devise, and undoubtedly you yourself could think of many more. The main idea in our thesis is this:

1. Our real problem is not overcoming the Jews and the mud people, but straightening out the confused and scrambled thinking of our own Jew programmed White Racial Comrades. These are the people we must work on and work with. It is the White people we must enlighten and bring to their senses. It is the White people, our own White brothers and sisters, we must bring to their senses, that we must instill a feeling of racial pride and loyalty, that we must organize. There lies the solution — not with convincing the Jews or the niggers, or any other mud races. So let us not waste our time and energy in misdirection.

In order to bring the issue of hate into proper perspective, read again Creative Credo No. 62 in The White Men's Bible entitled "Love and Hate".

In order to enlighten and organize our White racial brethren we must do the following:

1. Have a powerful all-encompassing racial creed that the White Race can and must polarize around. This we have now.

2. Build a propaganda network of our own that will overshadow and overpower the present Jewish stranglehold. Why not? We can do it. We have the intelligence, we have the numbers, we have the customers, the advertisers, the producers and the energy to do the job. All we need is leadership, direction and dedication. Our periodical, RACIAL LOYALTY is the spearhead in building a vast and powerful transmission belt for the spreading of WHITE IDEAS. All we have to do now is build! build! build! and work like hell. This means your participation and dedication.

Help expand the subscriptions of our periodical RACIAL LOYALTY to the limits of your resources.

3. Help promote White racial schools and programs such as our SCHOOL FOR GIFTED BOYS. Help make this the seedbed of a vast network of education, training and enlightenment for the benefit of the White Race. Donate to our cause. It's your cause.

4. Promote White Racial Loyalty. Talk it, preach it, disseminate literature, leaflets and flyers in its behalf. Think White. Practice White Racial Teamwork. Help build a Whiter and Brighter World.

The alternative is black, very black. Think about it. Do something about it. HELP BUILD A WHITER AND BRIGHTER WORLD.

Only by facing reality, no matter how grim, can the White Race free itself from the Jewish vampire.

If the White Race is ever to revert back to sanity, Christianity will HAVE TO GO. To again regain its sanity, it will first have to dump Christianity.

                               Creativity is the mighty Wave of the Future.
Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator




                            Article taken from RACIAL LOYALTY # 17
                                                Oct 11AC (1984)