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Creator band INVICTUS interviewed by..... Midgard Magazine (Sweden)

Hello Invictus. Can you start with giving us a background story of your band and the band members?

The history of this band goes some years back when the idea of forming such band was fluent in our heads, but for various reasons, it never came to fruition. Finally, in 2009, the project was reanimated, and we again started working on our songs. So, we could say that 2009 is to be considered the founding year of the band, although the idea itself was much older. Band consists of two regular members with others jumping in when we have to record songs in studio. First cd was released in 2011 and second one in 2013.

How is the situation in Croatia?

Well, good and bad, depending on the definition. You can look at it from two aspects. Firstly, we are a country that still has 99% white population, which is rather rare even in Europe these day. So, we don't have usual problems with non-white immigration or extreme liberalism, but since we joined EU I can see that changing soon. On the other hand, general population in our country is completely unaware of the situation we are in and where we are heading. There is also huge lack of pro-white activism and propaganda. Majority of nationalist in our country are kosher conservatives without clear perspective and majorly puppets on a string.

There are not that much bands in the scene in your country what I can see? Do you know why?

It can be related to the previous question, the whole racialist scene in our country is in a rather bad condition, we are in a condition where most eastern European countries were 20 years ago. It is a difficult question to answer why is that so. I have been asking myself the same question for the past 15 years and still haven't found a decent answer. A lot of factors determined that position, I guess. As far as I know, Invictus is third Croatian racialist band that released a cd in all these years.

But organized nationalist there must be I hope?

Nationalists yes, but not racialists. Well, some of us try to do what we can, but it by far the level we should be at. One of our notable white nationalist Mr. Sunić mentioned that Croatia experienced so called ''aristocide'' during the end and after World War Two, when most of the nationalist intelligentsia was either killed by communists or had to emigrate to other countries. Plus to it, we lived under communist regime for 45 years. Our war for freedom from communism in early nineties certainly brought back nationalist sentiment, but that sentiment wasn't and still isn't on an intellectual level, like in other countries. Although, I must say things are becoming better last few years, more and more people are becoming aware of sinister world we live in.

What organizations in Croatia are worth supporting?

It depends who you ask that question. As far as I am concerned, we support only The Creativity Movement, because it is the only active racialist organization/group in our country. There are nationalist parties here, most of them inactive and basically wasting time, some are exceptions, like HČSP party, they do some activism, but they are just nationalists, they are not racialists.

Due to the history, how is the situations between Croatians and Serbian nationalists?

Bad. I mean, tensions are not as big as they were, but there is no cooperation either. There are still many people, both on Serbian and Croatian side that espouse rabid chauvinism against each other. I might say that Serbian nationalists espouse chauvinism far more than Croatian ones, but maybe I am bias, who knows. Besides, there is a big difference between being a defender of your homeland, as we were (plus to it we fought against communist Yugoslav army), from being aggressor and trying to take away someone's land.

You have done a music video for your song “Izdaja”. What is the song about?

It translates ''Betrayal'', it is dedicated to all traitors and snitches out there that pretend to be on our side and our friends and eventually backstab us.

Will we be seeing more music videos from you from now on?

Yes, definitely. Probably not for every song, but whenever possible. What can I say, people like videos....

As I have heard you are working on new songs. What can we expect from it?

Well, we had to slow down a bit, so the songs are coming out not so often any more. We decided to focus ourselves on quality rather than quantity. We made a huge quality breakthrough between first and second cd, and since the second cd, which was released in 2013 we only recorded two new songs, and everyone says that these two are the best so far.

And when will your next album be released?

Don't know, really. We even thought of not releasing cd's anymore at all. Production of cd's costs, and since most of the pro-white labels are behaving like a White Power Jew, it is hard to sell some quantities to them (there are exceptions of course, and certainly a positive one that I can mention is Blodsband Productions from Sweden), we have to sell on individual basis. If there will be a cd release, I guess it will be in 2016 or 2017. It will be announced on our site when the time comes.

How is it with live concerts? (if you have done live, have it only been in Croatia?)

We don't do concerts, we are studio band.

Where do you get your  motivation from to keep going on?

Motivation or inspiration? My motivation it the will to fight and change the world to be better place for my offspring and future generations. It is actually very simple for me, when I have an idea, I don't let it go, I finish it no matter how long it takes and what I have to do to accomplish it. If I have to learn a new instrument to record some special song, I'll do it, that's my character.

And where do you stand ideological?

We are Creators, we follow the idea of Creativity Movement. A good idea of what Creativity is can be found here .

You have released two albums yet, how has the response been, you have started to get some fans I presume?

Most of the cd's went abroad, coincidentally I think that most went to Sweden, haha. Well, the response was good, especially with our second album, the only drawback was the problem that we self-released them so we didn't get much help from record companies in advertisement. Generally, I have to be honest and say that I am not pleased with response, but considering the lack of advertisement, it is not so bad after all.

Where can we find these albums for sale?

I am not sure anymore, to be honest. We worked with Blodsband Productions, Sniper Records, Loyalty Records, these were the ''good'' guys, LOL, can't remember the others. You can always buy cd's directly from the band, we still have them in stock. Just contact us on , and we can arrange something.

Besides music. Are you active in other things?

Absolutely. We are first and foremost activists, and then we are artists. If it wasn't for activism, it is very likely there would be no Invictus either.

Any creative ideas of activism?

It is really up to an individual and his capabilities. Some people are versatile, like me for example, others are good only in one thing and they stick to it. What is important, is to constantly be active, determination is the key to success. Organization that is not active is sterile and without future.

Thank you for your time. Any last words to Sweden?

We are often reading the news coming from your country, and I must say it saddens us to read what the liberals and Jews have turned your country into with all the immigration problem and political correctness. I just hope people in Sweden will get more awaken to the problem and fight back. Never surrender!


Article here... INVICTUS interview by MIDGARD MAGAZINE  (Swedish)
April 42AC (2015)

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