Saturday, 11 April 2015

White Privilege... By Rev Kyle Marquardt

There is a lot of talk these days, most notably among hard core leftist extremists, about this radical Cultural Marxist theory known as "White privilege". I'm sure many within the racialist cause are at least somewhat familiar with this idiotic anti-White meme. For those who are not, "White privilege" is a concept that was invented by a conniving opportunist named Tim Wise, who just so happens to be a beady-eyed Jewish rat masquerading as a White man.

Wise asserts that Whites are unfairly afforded special privileges that are used as a tool to systematically oppress poor innocent "minorities". The Jew claims that most Whites are completely oblivious to this system of racial injustice basically because they are blinded by their own bigotry. White privilege is a form of critical social theory promoted by a large sect of radical liberal retards commonly referred to as "Social Justice Warriors", or "SJWs" for short, as a means of placating the worthless muds, consumed with racial envy, by perpetuating their eternal victim status.

This kind of liberal garbage often appeals to women who are easily exploited because they are fundamentally driven by emotions, as well as a significant number of weak-minded beta males who have adopted a feminine mentality. These bleeding hearts loudly profess that Whites are entirely responsible for the constant failures suffered by non-Whites, yet at the same time they proclaim that any form of White success is not a direct result of their own merit or personal work ethic, but instead a consequence of their unfair social advantages.

The White privilege movement is just another tactical Jewish campaign to attack and vilify Whites and to expound upon the endless White-guilt complex, while at the same time inflaming non white sentiments of hatred and hostile contempt for Whitey. The actual reality is that Whites are the true targets of racial discrimination. The odds are stacked against White Americans thanks to affirmative action programs that give unfair advantages and unwarranted preference to non whites in college admissions and occupational hiring practices.

This form of racial injustice also extends to the hallowed courtrooms of the Jewnited States jewdicial justice system. Niggers are granted the special privilege of being able to rob, rape, and murder Whites at will with, confident certainty that they will receive total clemency. with no consequential repercussion.

The justice system hands down lenient sentences, a slap on the wrist, for habitual nigger criminal offenders, yet when a White stands accused of a similar offense, or worse, a heinous thought crime or a viscous verbal assault (against a disenfranchised member of one of the various special minority groups who demand a privileged social status that provides them with complete protection and immunity from hurtful words of criticism), they get the book thrown at them, often receiving the maximum penalty available.

Whites are murdered in the streets on a daily basis, but on the rare occasion when a worthless nigger thug is gunned down by a White cop in a standard, procedural case of self-defence, the Jewish media agencies shift into overdrive denouncing and decrying White institutional racism and proceed to launch massive campaign initiatives demanding the White cop be crucified for daring to defend his own life from a poor, innocent, 300 lb. "dindu nuffin". Where is the media attention and public outrage for the young White girls who are brutally raped and slaughtered by these very same feral niggerillas? I guess this is just another beneficial aspect of White privilege.

Conservative Whites will often deny the existence of White privilege when confronted by these aggressive squads of overly-emotional Bolsheviks. But instead of frantically responding with denial claims, why not turn it around and embrace this concept? We know that this so called "racist White" conspiracy theory promoted by the anti-Whites is not real (Jewish privilege on the other hand, now there's a far more factual basis to support to the existence of that easily observable, yet tightly guarded, undisclosed reality) but why not redefine it in our own terms? Why not embrace our White privilege? After all, the notion of privilege is only the natural result of the dedicated efforts of our ancestors.

It is the consequential outcome of the endless struggles they endured and is the fruit of their relentless labor. Are we, as their progeny, not entitled to our rightful benefits of inheritance, produced for us by our parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on? Apply this line of reasoning to an individual instead of a collective racial group. Is a child not the natural benefactor and rightful heir of his or her parents’ property estate, even when specifically named as such at the request of said parents in a documented legally-binding will? Did the child's parents not work hard to earn what they own?



Do they not have the right to bestow the luxuries they honestly obtained upon their own children, thus contributing to the betterment of their children’s future and overall wellbeing?
How is it their fault if they happen to have more to provide than another set of parents who didn't work as hard, or who didn’t make very wise life decisions? The same goes for the mud races. It is not our fault that their primitive ancestors were too lazy and too stupid to leave them any worthwhile inheritance. The mud races may refuse to accept any responsibility for their own actions, but Whites and non whites alike need to understand that Whites are not at fault for all non white woes and suffering.
We should not be blamed for their utter lack of competency. Whites are not responsible for the collective genetic defects and deficiency of the mud races. No, if the muds want to be mad at anyone, they should direct their anger at Mother Nature. She is the real culprit. She rightfully deserves the blame, along with the acclamation, in regards to Whites. It was her who ultimately blessed the White Race with genetic supremacy by bestowing her supreme favor of DNA superiority. And it was her who ultimately cursed the mud races by curtailing the advancement of their own evolutionary process. Whites have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. In fact we should be proud of our natural White, i.e. genetic, privilege.

So the next time you happen to encounter some degenerate, self-righteous faggot demanding that you "check your privilege", I suggest you respond by telling him to check the negative connotative tone of his voice, because you don’t wallow in a dark, bottomless pit of guilt and self-pity, instead you bask in the sunshine provided by your personal White privilege.

For a Whiter & Brighter World Filled With Privilege!
Rev Kyle Marquardt
April 42AC (2015)


                   Originally published in IMPERIUM # 15
                 The Creativity Movement online magazine

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