Monday, 24 February 2014

Net Nazi reality.....By Rev Logsdon

      I became truly racially aware when I was around 16, but I was pretty much oblivous in how or why to become active. It wasnt until after a long brutal prison sentence, filled with stabbings, solitary confinements and quite frankly wars I fought in maximum security prison. That I emerged,
determined to fight for my people in any way I could. I already came from gladiator school and experienced what it was to bleed for your convictions, many times and understood the hate/aggression one must muster to make others bleed in turn. I knew there was other more productive means awaiting on the outside.

      When I first became active with the church I was quite excited. Rev Hale was more then accommodating! He had me on the streets at least every other week sometimes every week. Holding flags and signs on street corners, putting out thousands of flyer's, talking to people and meeting up with them. I lived an exciting life for those first several years. Went to concert after concert, demo after demo and rally after rally. I also lived an exciting personal life, working 40 to 50 hours a week running a framing crew, dealing with contractors, suppliers and home owners. After doing such a stint in prison I was no stranger to the ladies as well. To sum it up my life was very active in the real world. When I reached out to people there was no "e-mails". Other then to give them my number and make plans to meet up. It wasn't until I settled down and became a family man that I discovered the true sickening nature of what this movement has mutated into!

    When my social life was limited because of family, kids and also economically as the building trade hit a brick wall, I found myself having to find other means to be active. This entails something I never wanted to get involved with and that is the internet. Up until this point I was completely oblivious to what was really going on, on the "net". Net, fitting term as it is a trap! But many who knew me at that time can tell you if I logged on to any site once a month it was rarity and even rarer if I posted. I even at one point when I lived in Florida completely rejected it, Rev Jacobs and others answered my emails. They would call me with anything important but outside of that I had no interest. If I wanted to read something, I would read the paper, order a magazine, read a book, etc. So many people would call and whine about this or that argument, this person said this and this person said that, blah, blah, blah. My response was, ok did they say it to your face, "well no", and I would always say "what does that have to do with reality?". It wasn't until later I realized, that is the "reality" most live in.

    When I was forced because of my situation to enter this sad domain, I didn't realize what I was in store for. Seeing how people talked to one another and attacked one another. In MY reality that means your actually fighting not going on and on. I was quite confused. Who are these people and why do they think they can talk to people this way? So when I was first victim to this obviously I wanted to track these people down. I even took a couple road trips, wasting money trying to find these people to see if their fists are as tough as their keyboards to no avail. I even invited these people out to events and to meet up, of course no takers. I would get, even angrier and lash out, hey I still do at times, to these people. Playing their game of who is tougher with "words". Usually when you call them out to "meet up" or to "back up" their words, then you are called a "thug", or as the common theme of the week a "degenerate skinhead".

    The typical net nazi is very articulate with modern terms and comparisons from anti-white websites and slander he gathers from others. He knows how to make it personal, as he protects himself, as most, by hiding under anonymous usernames. He makes sure his bait is oblivious to how to, come at him. This is a common theme of Jews and Communists and adapted by those who claim to be be pro White. Many times, they are one in the same. For this is their only path to victory. Most the are posers pretending to play White power from the safety of the computer screen, are in reality very pathetic individuals. They know how to point out failures as they live it every day!

Now through my years I have seen these individuals usually to be one or the other.

1. A middle aged divorce' or in most cases never married. Usually no kids or never was involved in raising the ones they had. They have lost the ability to be physically confrontational and never would when they were able. Their life has turned the corner and started its downhill slope. They do not contain the testicular fortitude to man up in their late age, as many REAL men do and become active outside their home. So they use the internet to give them a sort of self entitlement, an ego boost from others for false sense of commitment and a place to vent and attack without any actual repercussions.

2. They are either teenagers or in their early twenties. In 95% most case still living with their parents. Spoiled most of their life's and well protected and provided for. They are either still in school or still reeling from high school days. In which they were picked on and alienated. They were socially awkward or cowardly from years of pampering and coddling. Their ego's outside of reality were boosted by the parents. They get involved in pro White circles as a place to find friends and in turn find many just like them. They boost each others ego's and regurgitate news, ideology and politics to each other. When they find someone that doesn't agree with them, that wont boost their ego or wont be their "friend" they lash out. Here is where they find the ability to be that "tough" guy. I am sure they envision those who picked on them in school, when they lash out at their suspected prey. As most travel the Internet in packs, with multiple accounts they can team up on said person and seem as though they are not alone. They will never grow out of this until they either venture out into reality but not "our" reality and find a life in the main stream world finding a woman and becoming "Joe blow". forgetting about their "life" in the pro White movement.

    In some case the two coincide. A middle aged man, no kids, never married and yes still living with their parents. This my brothers and sisters is, I would say 90% of the Internet world. If they cannot be validated in some way by the REAL world (meeting someone, real name, real action) then yes they fit this category.

    So when we look at these people they are not too serious right? No it is a true sickness we have allowed for far too long! Out of desperation for numbers we have allowed our ranks on the Internet to be overwhelmed with these parasites. Allowing them to fill their sick, "false reality" needs, on our cause. It has weakened our cause and efforts and allowed other real people to fall in the trap of the NET. I understand in this modern age we rely heavy on the net but we must change certain standards. No more tolerance for those unwilling to operate outside the Internet. This isn't something we can convince the entire movement of, but at least we can start with our own. NO MORE tolerance of those who have never proven themselves OUTSIDE the Internet to earn notoriety, NO MORE tolerance of those who have never earned their "right of opinion" to give their opinion! NO MORE dealings with "anonymous" people or unproven persona's!

    Only way our cause and our great creed of Creativity is to flourish is in the real world in REALITY! Not in this net nazi reality these parasites have mutated our cause into. DEFY TECHNOLOGY EMBRACE REALITY!!!

Rev James Logsdon
Jan 41AC (2014)


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