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The Lawsuit against the Church of the Creator/Dr. William Pierce.....By George David Loeb Jr.

Ironic victim of his own racist road rage the defendant in my case was named Harold Mansfield. His mother Connie Mansfield was there at my trial, for parts of it anyway. Like most people she didn't know the whole truth of it, but I think she has been told in a round about way that things were not as they seemed even though I was convicted.

Of course the truth was (and is) that her son Harold Mansfield was not a "proud Black Man" serving in the US Navy. Not a hero, but really a Nigger, probably a racist himself. Anyway she knew that he was full of anger and hate, the fact that he came back to the place of a prior traffic argument with an accomplice and a brick, speaks for itself.

I think she was willing to let it go, leave things as they were. There's every indication that she was not looking for an attorney for civil action. She may not have even known of such possibility. The proof is that she didn't hire a Lawyer from where she lived (Oklahoma) and didn't hire a top Lawyer from elsewhere, or one from Florida for that matter. So the facts show that she was contacted by an attorney, one suggesting that she sue.

The practice of soliciting clients used to be illegal or was considered a violation of professional ethics potentially resulting in disbarment. The practice is known as Barratry .  The American Bar is virtually, openly, unethical today. The attorney in question wouldn't care anyway as I was saying the attorney was Morris Dees (Montgomery Alabama) the principle founder of the so-called  Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC) Taken no vow of poverty himself he has at times driven a Rolls Royce.

Now, you probably know a lot about Mr. Dees from the many items our people, Creators and alike have published concerning him, but I have some information that I can share, by the way of a good Man known as Mr. Bigot ( I don't know how Bigot gets his ideas but they have a way of working out)

"Bigot" wrote to the Southern Poverty Law Centre saying that his name was Sean McKenna. He wanted more information about their effort to combat racism in America. They sent him some thin stack of literature, an envelope and a card to accompany a donation. Very bold in typical Jewish fashion, said check here for donation of up to $50, check here for a donation of $50-$100, check here for donation of $100 or more "with thanks", it said, signed "Morris Dees."

Then the Bigot wrote an identically worded letter saying that his name was Aaron Cohen. They sent him the same thin stack of literature with the envelope and the card, except on the card was "with thanks", signed Morris Seligman-Dees. See he pretends he is not a Jew when dealing with those that are not Jewish, then leans on his Jewishness when dealing when dealing with fellow Jews. That's about as slimy as it gets and typical of most Jews, in my opinion.

Then I saw Morris Dees on some TV show "Maury" or maybe Oprah and he was asked a tough question. " How do you respond to those that say that you are, yourself, racist, maliciously suing Whites and Nazi's, that you yourself are actually Jewish?"

He said he was the son of a Southern preacher Father and that he like his Father has spent his life battling intolerance. In other words (at best) he didn't answer the question. To me the answer was a lie - Quote me when I say he's a liar. Because he represents himself as being an expert on matters of Race and therefore knows that to the Jews Race is handed down solely by way of the female parent. In his case his mother is a Jew (Seligman) and therefore so is he.

He is reportedly- a pervert. There was a nasty divorce, where he somehow had the pleadings placed under court seal. But reportedly- It stemmed from threesomes he and his wife had with another man, and later the wife is said to have found Morris Dees in the act with the man alone.

When the homicide occurred - when I killed Harold Mansfield, the case got very wide publicity, virtually every paper in America, America's Most Wanted Television show. When I was arrested Morris Dees called police and prosecutors in Jacksonville Florida and volunteered himself as a witness against me. Keep in mind that I have never met Morris Dees, and to my knowledge Morris Dees has never met anyone who knows me at all. He was listed as an expert witness by the State of Florida. We can formally question all potential witnesses prior to trial in a process called "Deposition"

I couldn't wait! But when I told the Lawyer the idea was to prove him to be malicious by way of deception, guilty of unethical practices, if not fraud....The State decided they would not use him at the trial and cancelled the deposition. Still, technically, he was a Witness, so how can he ethically in representing any party in a subsequent civil action- answer - cant. If raised as an issue it would have been very problematic for him and his career, his license to practice law. I knew but nobody asked me.

Connie Mansfield , represented by the Dees' firm, sued the Church of the Creator in a State Court (Florida) under the theory of  Vicarious Liability.
Essentially the claim was that the COTC, the organization, form of it, leadership literature and alike induced me to act as I did. They "served " Rick McCarty who was briefly a figurehead nominal caretaker "leader" of the Church. Prior to Klassen designating him I had never heard of him, nor had any of the many fellow Reverends I knew.

Rick McCarty had nothing at all to his name and so didn't even bother to answer the suit. Neither did Ben Klassen volunteer to answer the suit. Neither did Ben Klassen volunteer to answer as a intervener, as was his right ( presuming that McCarty informed him of the suit, and there is ample evidence that he did)

See McCarty/Klassen COTC could not have lost in court because, to be Vicariously Liable for some act there has to be a finding of Primary Liability
In other words there has to be civil finding of "wrongful death" on my part, and there was and is no such judgement because I have not been sued, not to my knowledge anyway. A civil trial would be another great opportunity to prove my innocence, I'd welcome it. I'd file a cross complaint against his estate , for example. Rules of evidence are very different regardless, and I'd seek to prove him to have been known for violence, and racism etc.

I wrote to Dr. Pierce. He never did understand. See when McCarty did not respond Connie Mansfield by way of the Dees Law firm sought a default judgement and got it. If I claim you caused my back injury, I sue (and have you "served" with a copy of the complaint)  If you do not respond I win. You owe me money simple as that. Except in the case of fraud, example, if the courts knew somehow that I did not have a back injury.

Ben Klassen sold land to Dr. Pierce at a deep discount to protect it from the suit/judgement, rather than defending the case. Connie Mansfield then sued Pierce as the beneficially of the sale and won though Pierce did respond and sought to be an intervener after the fact in the initial judgement. The validity of which he did not to litigate because he had not been sued directly. He didn't understand and the court said so. They said his only defense was to say that the underlying decision was a matter of fraud. He had made no such claim (screwed by his Lawyers)

See it was a fraud! The courts acted in a conspiracy with Morris Dees and Connie Mansfield. It was a fraud from the beginning because you cannot have Vicarious Liability unless there is an underlying Primary Liability. The claim of Vicarious was "un-supported" as they say in Law. The suit should have been dismissed Sua Sponte  by the courts, the first, Florida State, court and in every subsequent court, simple as that. But no court dismissed it, they all allowed it, because all courts are in a conspiracy against us. Believe that, even if you believe nothing else. I know! I've had a trial in this State. It was riddled with clear, conspiratorial, irregularities.

Steve Thomas recruited me for The Church of the Creator and then was a witness against me at my various hearings and trials. His testimony about the COTC was damaging to say the least. I thought he was a good guy, and in fact he was a Federal Government Agent all along, and the jury never got to hear that, because they wanted to keep him undercover, and did for awhile. While my trial was pending he was actually at the COTC headquarters in Otto, North Carolina working side by side with Ben Klassen, until I managed to get in touch with our number two at the time Rudy Stanko. A lot of people didn't like Stanko but he did the right thing that day and had Steve Thomas run out of Otto pronto!

These are the things that led to Ben Klassens suicide. All he had to do was stand strong and work with me, all he had to do is trust me a little bit, and he would have exposed all of it., the plot by the Government , the Morris Dees deal ( being a witness, then an attorney in the same case- and thoroughly disreputable)  "It is" as they say "what it is" But I got the whole story available and its a cautionary tale. Reading between the lines, people could learn at least what they are up against, and to some extent learn how to protect themselves.

George David Loeb Jr.
Jan 41AC (2014)




  1. I may not be black and white enough for everyone because I don't think its as simple as he portrays. First of all, I'm no believer in US justice. The law is no more than the velvet glove over the Governments iron fist. So though his point is that the Government will use any tactic to get us, he still buys into the myth by exploring in hindsight what legal stratagem would have worked. In America it is not about the law, it's might makes right. Courtrooms are theatre. If your "story" sounds more like an episode of NCIS you get the benefit of the doubt. If the Government does, you go down. And like the "Maury show", they have a lot of practise , years of schooling and experience. It has nothing to do with justice only compliance.

    During my trial the prosecutor spent a lot of time bolstering my reputation and status to the jury. It had nothing to do with me being a bad son of a bitch, it was part of his play. He created the major threat to America, the multi state organizer, the racist terrorist. Me being that helped him lay the groundwork for a guilty verdict. Really I was not as hard as I should have been.

    My other disagreement is with his characterization of PM Klassen. First, our struggle is not WW2 its a guerilla war. We don't have the resources to waste on a coterie of high priced lawyers and litigation. No one made any of us do anything, we made choices. If their are repercussions for those decisions, its on us. Its not PM Klassens or anybody else's but the individual. If we had resources to fight every fight it might be different but we don't. So like a guerilla struggle, if I go down and cant keep up, we'll wish each other luck. There's no reason to slow down if I cant be helped. Its not about whether anyone cares, its about what can and cant be done. PM Klassens wife had died, Mark Wilson and A. Michaels had fritted away most of the church's resources and he was experiencing the beginnings of senility. There was no one to take the reigns of our threatened church. He tried to make the best of the available choices. And, as we all knew, euthanasia is sanctioned by Creativity.

    I think the thing I wish I could change on "our side" the most is our attitude. The Wolf doesn't get the same treatment as a dog, nor does it expect to. We aren't like everybody else, what to others is walking to us like wading through sludge. But by our choice, by our character, we're built to make our way and drag others along in our wake. Hell that's how I've made it so far through my time. It's not like were getting paid to do this!

    Matt Hayhow
    Feb 41AC (2014)

  2. There is nothing you can say or write to teach anyone anything George, other than leading them down the road of destruction as you have been lead so many years ago. I am surprised you haven't taken your own life as so many of your comrades. I know you tried. Sadly for you each day that your life has been spared you have obliviously been wasting it away harping on the same foolishness that has destroyed it to begin with. You see you and your so called church have been taken down and rather than waking up to the reality that we are all created as one in the image of God the Father who art in Heaven you use each day to dig yourself deeper into the rabbit hole leading you further into your very own hell. You harp on these details of all the affects your actions caused. Yet you still know nothing of all the lives your misplaced hate has affected each day for the last 26 years. Beginning with your own, your family, your life, the organization you represent, your leader, your "church", your allies and "brothers". Death, defeat and destruction has come upon all of you. Due to the horrific loss of life you caused 26 years ago today. May 17, 1991. Sadly you thought it would go unnoticed because you call this man out of his name as if you could ever belittle the monumental impact Harold Joseph Mansfield Jr. made in his 22 years of life. You not only took the last breath from a hero but a entire legacy. Cowardly your disgusting attempt to diminish the magnitude of this loss to this world does not go unnoticed. And shall never be forgotten. Your only hope is to use the grace of each day given to reconcile the wrong you have done. Rather, you become nothing more to this world than the vessel used by darkness itself to end the life of such a powerful light that it is indeed met with Legions of Mighty, Heavenly Angels and continues to be felt to this day and forevermore. You still know absolutely nothing of the intellect of the mother who raised the son whose life you snuffed short. She is far more than just a educator. She is powerful. The grave actions you took by pulling that trigger after Harold Joe dropped that brick, and was stepping backwards with his hands up. Liquidated your entire "church" and handed it over to her. You know not in what you do or what you speak of. You have wasted the years harping on the details of your defeat and demise. I assure you on this chosen path you will know nothing but misery until the day the darkness is through with you and is ready to call you home to feast on your soul for all eternity. There will be no tears shed for you. Harold Joes soul lives on beautifully and continues to touch all of the lives that He has loved and is eternally loved. The fire in His piercing powerful eyes,
    The sheer beauty from his sparkling contagious smile, The bravery from his heroic heart to protect and take a stand against the evils in this world and the very essence of genuine goodness in His sweet and creative spirit will continue to live boldly in the lives that forever love Him so much. We carry Him with us and He carries us accompanied with The Angels of the one TRUE creator of Heaven and Earth. We are blessed. Now and forever shall be.
    Wake up for you and yours must reconcile or Continue on this path of doom and eternal damnation. . . . Cursed. And cursed to all you touch. ��