Thursday, 13 February 2014

Extremely graphic visual and written imagery

Most people in the White Racialist Movement have watched and read about countless horrible crimes committed against White people by non-Whites. I will now contribute to this by bringing up the Murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. I will not write about the details of the unimaginable nightmare this White couple suffered, you can read for yourself here if you choose to  Christopher Newsom Channon Christian (Huffington Post)
There is the White genocide that is taking place in South Africa with reports and pictures of  the brutality and barbaric acts committed by the African savages against the White farmers and their families.  
Swedish and Norwegian Women have been targeted by immigrant rape gangs at an alarming rate with seemingly no will on the Governments part to do anything about it.

U.K Soldier Lee Rigby was murdered in broad daylight in his own country on a south London street  by immigrant invaders in a most cowardly and gruesome manner because he was U.K Soldier.

These are but a few examples of the extremely graphic images that we are exposed to on a daily basis, most of these brutal attacks against our Race are of course under reported, down played or not reported on at all by the controlled media. The ongoing genocide of our Race must be exposed for all to see no matter how stomach turning it is or becomes.

I got the inspiration for this article after watching a horrible vid. I watched 5 seconds of a video that showed what these "people" were doing to a puppy. I have seen many vids and pictures of animals being abused, but this particular image has been burned into my head and I cant get it out. It makes me shake with rage anytime I think about it. Its the same sick feeling I get when I watch or read about any of the constant violent and deadly attacks perpetrated against our Race. After reading about the Newsom/Christian slaughter and after seeing the puppy video, I vowed to never again watch another Vid or read another story pertaining to my Race being harmed or of animals being abused.

I personally do not need to see anymore gruesome vids, as it would be hard to become anymore disgusted than I am or AWAKE! But..... Just like the Animal Liberation type organizations that expose the public to terrible abuses of animals in the hope of shocking people into some sort of action, financial, political or physical. The White Racialist Movement must do the same and expose the ongoing Genocide of our race for all to see no matter how extremely graphic and cruel it is because unfortunately this is the savagery we are up against.

So while I find these images and written words to be sickening to the point of becoming mentally and physically disturbed by them, I have to concede their necessity. I like to think that I am not much different than the average working class White Man and if these images have affected me to such a great degree they would have to affect others of my Race in the same manner if only they were to be exposed to them.

Brother Smith

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