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Knocking the Key Weapon from Out of the Enemy's Hands....By Ben Klassen

Let us realize our Tremendous Potential and Utilize our Weapons to the Utmost.
Throughout history warring factions have sought to gain advantage over their enemies by having superior weapons with which to rout and destroy the enemy. The goal has been to get the "ultimate" weapon first, and then keep it out of the hands of the enemy.

If keeping it out of the enemy's hands is not possible, (and usually it is not) then the idea is to keep the weapon from the enemy at least as long as possible, and in the meantime develop even more deadly weapons of destruction. This, then, has consciously been the strategy of mankind ever since man emerged out of the caves with club in hand. Although the change in weaponry evolved slowly in ancient times, nevertheless, it changed significantly from time to time, from clubs to spears, to bows and arrows, to cavalry, chariots, to gunpowder and artillery, to tanks and aircraft, to rocketry and on up to the deadly hydrogen bomb of today, the latter being considered the "ultimate" weapon.

The premise of having weapons superior to that of the enemy and keeping such superior weapons out of the enemy's hands, is, of course, strategically sound, as history has proved countless times. When the White Man arrived in America with musketry and horses, the inferior Indian with his bows and arrows and on foot was no match for the White Man, and of course, it was not only the difference in weaponry in which the White Man was superior.

When the Hyksos arrived in Egypt with chariots and horses at about the 18th century B.C.E.., they easily conquered the amazed Egyptians. However, the Egyptians soon caught on and soon began to utilize the same weapons, and the wheel had come to Egypt. A few centuries later, they drove the Hyksos out.

When Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm confronted the Austrians at Koeniggratz (the Battle of Sadow) in 1866 with breech loading rifles to the Austrians' muzzle loaders, the engagement became a wholesale slaughter of the Austrians.

When the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, that war was over. (It had really been over six months earlier but the US. ignored and kept secret
the fact that the Japanese tried to surrender and sue for peace. Evidently the Jews wanted to continue the slaughter of American boys as long as possible.)
We can of course cite innumerable other examples of inventions on one side, and cloak and dagger methods with which to either obtain the secrets from the other side, or prevent the enemy from getting their hands on the new technology. All kinds of fascinating spy stories, mysteries and cloak and dagger tales have emerged from even the great war (WWII) about the Norden bomb sight, about radar technology, about V-1 and V-2 rockets and about our continued saturation bombings of the research center where the Germans were trying to develop their first atomic bomb, and our own overwhelming secrecy in the development of that bomb.

In every cage of advancing weaponry and technology, the White Man was by far the leading, the outstanding innovator, if, in fact, not the only contender in the field. Not only was the White Man the leader in the field, but, strangely enough, as recent history has so dramatically demonstrated, the White Race was also the leading victim of his own brilliant technology. The White Man's greatly superior weapons were in each case turned against the White Race itself and only the White Race could, and did, kill millions of other members of Nature's Finest. In short, the White Race engaged In a frantic race to forge superior weapons, the ultimate weapons of destruction. In order that it could kill its own faster, more effectively, and probably even wipe itself off the face of the earth.

What a monstrosity! How did such an idiotic, suicidal, horrible situation come about? Especially, how did Nature's Finest, Nature's most intelligent, the inventor of all this technology and the creator of all civilizations, get boxed into such an unbelievable dilemma?

We Creators have the answer to that question. The Jews accomplished all this through their DIVIDE and CONQUER technique, using nationalism as the main divisive factor, as well as any one of several other issues, such as religion, language, etc. But there is another
overriding factor, there is another ultimate weapon that is as old as history itself that the enemy has relentlessly employed against the While Race, and until now has moved heaven and earth to keep it out of the hands of the White Race itself.

That ultimate weapon is the idea of RACIAL IDEA COMBINED WITH THE B-BOMB. Once the White Race grasps the ultimate weapon into it's own powerful and capable hands, our enemies will be shortly wiped out, and they know it only too well. That is why they have left no stone unturned and unceasingly bombarded us with the B-bomb (brain bomb) to the point of saturation. The idea they have unceasingly and relentlessly inundated us with is that WHITE RACISM is evil, evil, evil. Jewish racism is great, Black racism is wonderful. Hispanics have every right to exercise THEIR civil rights, to band together, violate and flout our immigration laws and flood the White Man's domain with their hungry hordes. The Vietnamese have "rights", the Jamaicans have rights, the Cubans have rights, and the Indians, too, poor things, have their inalienable rights. Ah yes, and when we speak of those decrepit relics of the atone age we must respectfully talk about Indian "braves", the "noble" red man and how the despicable and sneaky White Man lied and cheated him and his "nations" out of his lands. That is what the Jewish press says we must say and the White Man collaborates and babbles such inanities not un-similar to the way a conditioned Pavlovian dog doing his trained act.

But what about the White Man? What about the White Race? Does it have any rights in this greatest land on the face of the earth? A land, a civilization and an empire built by the White Man's own illustrious Ancestors? Do we have any rights to even voice our opinions?

Hell no! Didn't you know that Judaism has decreed that White Racism is the most heinous evil to ever be conceived by the mind of man? It must be purged. It must be attacked, smeared, slandered, disgraced and expunged from the face of the earth! Such a powerful onslaught have the Jews launched over the years against the White Race's ever organizing itself and realizing its own potential that race mixing (although never spelled out into a law)
has now become not only the most fanatically pursued goal of this (and preceding) administrations, but it has now actually become the state religion of the formerly White Man's United States.
Every law, every court decision, every sermon from the pulpit is now directed to promote race mixing. We must race mix! Race mix with all deliberate speed until the White Man is expunged and exterminated.

This, then, has become the unwritten but pervading official religion of this once great America that our own glorious ancestors built!

All right, so there we have it. There lies the dire secret right out there in front of the White Man's eyes, right out there in the open for every man to see. The stupid niggers can see it and understand it, so do the lowly Mexicans and so does every other minority. Only the White Man is blind as a bat, and cannot, or will not, see it. Only the White Race seems conditioned to shun and ignore this powerful combination of the RACIAL IDEA and the B-BOMB.

But now the Church Of The Creator sees it, understands it. and has it. We now have it all put together, comprehensive, complete, consistent, in a fervent racial religion. It is called CREATIVITY. We are now determined to blare it out to the world to promote the hell out of it until every White Man sees it, understands it, grasps it and makes it his very own. Actually we have been preaching it from the very beginning of Creativity. RACIAL LOYALTY, the name of the paper you are now holding in your hands is THE VERY heart of the idea.

The Church Of The Creator is determined to implement the solution totally and with reality and not just wallow in the problem as do most other DEPLORE AND LAMENT discussion societies.

How are we going to implement the racial idea combined with the B-bomb? That, too, is very basic and easy to understand. We are going to promote it in the same way as every other idea and movement has been promoted. The only difference is we will do it with more urgency, more fervor and a great deal more reason than has any cause that has ever been conceived in the history of mankind. Nothing, but nothing, is more vital, more important than the survival of Nature's Finest, the White Race.

This is where you come in. How much do you care? You know what to do (Read again "Spreading the Good Word" in issue No. 16. Read again all of Issue No. 10 about becoming on Ordained Minister of the Church, about how to form your own church group. Read again about "Dispersion and Polarization" in issue No. 14.

So now let's go to work. When you realize what the miserable Jew, a small, despicable minority, has been able to do with these weapons, imagine what the White Race, still 500 million strong, can do with these same weapons. Let us grasp the impact of this ultimate weapon and change the world forever — and make it a beautiful place for the White Race to live, to love and to prosper.

Nature has never read the Declaration of Independence. It continues to make us unequal.
Let us permit Nature to have her way; she understands her business better than we do.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator




                                    Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 17
                                                    Oct 11AC (1984)


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