Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hale offers to take a lie detector test, claims cover-up by the courts

Reverend Matt Hale, former charismatic leader of the World Church of the Creator, the fastest growing racist group in America, now commonly referred to as The Creativity Movement, is requesting the assistance from the news media in his ongoing campaign to demonstrate his innocence to the public of having solicited the murder of a federal judge, Joan Lefkow in 2002.

 Hale has offered to take a lie detector test at the earliest opportunity, with the results published in full for all to see and hear. He is currently serving a vastly disproportionate 40 year sentence in federal prison for crimes he has proven in his pleadings, he did not commit. However, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago just turned down his petition for the rehearing in his case on May 8th and his next stop is the Supreme Court.

  From his prison cell in solitary confinement at the " Alcatraz of the Rockies" prison at Florence, Colorado, the infamous " Supermax," Rev. Hale had this to say today:

     " I am ready to take a lie detector test, successfully brought about by any reputable media organization, at the earliest opportunity. I will field any and all questions. Ask me point blank, did I try to get Tony Evola to murder Judge Lefkow? The test will vividly show that the answer is a resounding, " no." This will be one of the biggest stories coming out of a prison, ever. Not only am I not " disgraced," as the Chicago Tribune once put it, but the disgrace belongs to the hideously corrupt legal system that refuses to release those that it knows to be innocent. The problem is not that the federal government thinks I am guilty but rather that it knows that I am innocent. If it gets out that I am in fact innocent, the government stands to look bad and this is why the courts have refused to acknowledge my innocence, have ignored the facts and the law, and have upheld my convictions that they know are phony. The last thing the federal government wants is for the public to realize that it regularly targets and victimizes innocent people and so it pretends that we are guilty regardless of the truth. Americans now live in a police state far worse than anything out of " Nazi Germany."

 To set up an interview with Rev. Matt Hale, call " Supermax" at (719) 784-9464.

 For further information, contact Evelyn Hutcheson.

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