Friday, 24 May 2013

Blinded....... By Brother Dennis

I was driving to work recently when I got stopped in traffic. The traffic was nothing new – pretty much same thing different day – except on this particular day I observed something that made me think about our society and why our people (Whites) are the way we are. (When I say "we", I am meaning "Whites")

While I was sitting in traffic, I watched a car coming the opposite direction pull in to a turn lane and wanted to cross traffic. The people in the two lanes to my right had left openings so that someone could turn if needed. However the person in the car in front of me proceeded to pull right up and block this car from turning. He sat there oblivious to the fact that there was a car wanting to turn. He was oblivious to the fact that the cars next to him had actually left spaces. I watched him just stare into space, not looking around, not acknowledging his surroundings, not realizing anything that was happening around him. The only thing this person was aware of was himself - his little circle. A pink elephant could have walked by him and he would not have noticed.

Why are we blind? Why have we as Whites become so oblivious to our surroundings and events that are occurring around us?

This attitude seems to start when we are teenagers (or maybe sooner). Society has generated many false ideas that are thrust upon us - we must fit it and not be outspoken, we me get along with everyone (even though the same isn’t true for non-whites), we must not start trouble, we must accept things for what we are told (i.e. be gullible), we must not say or do anything that is contrary to the societal norms. These ideas are pushed by every facet of our lives – from school, church, television, news media, government, etc…and even our employment. And of course, most fall into line because they think if all these organizations and groups are saying the same thing – it must be correct. When we look at these facets and dig deep we see that the Jewish influence is controlling all aspects of this coercion…they are ingrained in our governments, our schools, the media, they have created and pushed religions to weaken us, and are directly involved and support most "pro-diversity" organizations.

Whites, in particular, have been pushed and pushed with the ideals to be successful, be highly educated, have a prosperous job, and be a materialistic in this social image. As a result, a majority of Whites now have chosen to do nothing but focus of themselves and making sure they are better than the next person…just trying to "keep up with the Jones’" or better yet just out do our fellow neighbor. We are so focused on our own individual successes that we have stopped concerning ourselves with welling being of our race and the well-being of our culture. We have lost sight of our peoples’ history and heritage focusing on just creating a new heritage of the individuals. We have become the race horses or driving horses with blinders (or winkers) on – keep our eyes focused on what is directly in front of us and not allowing us to be distracted by what is happening to our sides or behind. As a result, we are focused as individual on what "they" what us to believe is important. We as Whites have lost sight of the bigger picture…our RACIAL SURVIVAL. Our White people have become the sheeple....mindlessly following the person ahead in a glazy-eyed beast-like state! How do we change this? How do we remove the blinders and break them from this brain-washed state? … this is the hurdles we face.

I look back at my childhood and my children today and remember how innocent and free thinking we were. Children have a natural curiosity and their mind is going full throttle until society tries to hamper it. Children are always looking around; their head is on a swivel; always observant to objects and events
around them. What is this? What is that? Why, why, why? Look at that plane. I see a dog, …everything is curious to a child and they are always learning and growing… again until society tries to stops them and redirects their thinking. When children learn a bad habit we have to correct them, tell them what is right, emphasize and reiterate this lesson again and again until they understand the right path. Similarly, we must start treating White people like children who have learned this bad habit. We must tell them what is true and right; explain what is wrong and the falsehoods they have been told, emphasize and reiterate this information. Most importantly we must expose our White people to the biggest negative influence that is against our Racial Survival…the Jews! We must tell our lost White people about the Jewish influence in the media, government, schools, and the banks. The Jews run this systems…they are the owners of the news – allowing mainstream media to report only what they want reported…look how much we see Israel reported on the news and how you never hear about the struggle of White people around the world (in South Africa for instance); look at how the government is focusing on supporting Israel providing them with an almost unlimited check book, how the government is always looking out for the banking systems and making sure they don’t fail – while in the mean time they continue to tax and take away the hard earned money of the White people only to give it freely to every minority with an open hand; our schools are pushing diversity, acceptance of gays, minority, requiring the teaching of the Spanish language, forced to teach about the holohoax…and the list goes on. This is what we as a White Race struggles to overcome! Always remember…"what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue, and what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin."

Overcoming these hurdles is not easy but it must be done if we intend on ensuring our Racial Survival; if we intend on setting out peoples’ mind straight; if we intend to expose all these falsehoods and lies. At first it is difficult and people are resistant and many times offended. Our minds have been brainwashed for over 2000 years and the task of straightening White Peoples’ thinking won’t happen overnight. Sometime we must start small and get a person to buy into one idea to start and from there the ideas will begin to grow just as the leaves on a tree blossom in the spring. We can’t get discouraged no matter how much resistance we encounter because if we stop – WE FAIL!

White people must remember the bigger picture - our Racial Survival. White people must remove the blinders that have been placed on our eyes. We as Creators must rip these blinders off our fellow White brothers and sisters in order for them to see the truth, to see our future, to see our survival! "It is the avowed duty and holy responsibility of each generation to assure and secure for all time the existence of the White Race up the face of this planet." We as a White Race cannot wait…it is our responsibility to act now!


Brother Dennis

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