Sunday, 17 May 2015

Phoenix TCM Reverend proudly displays Creativity Flag

Once again any display of pride from a White man is viewed as "racist" and the controlled media crank up the propaganda for their anti-White agenda.

Reverend Cook proudly displayed the flag of his religion Creativity at his own house in his quiet neighbourhood, the media then uses quotes from selected agenda friendly neighbours who feign outrage or fear at the prospect of any visual display of White pride in their diversity friendly neighbourhood. These are probably the same people who would remove their nations flag from display because it may offend the new comers.    

Sensational words used in the article....

"It's called The Creativity flag. They view it as a flag of white supremacy, symbolizing hate, racism and division."

They view it? No that's the media's choice of words, this is the way Creativity views our flag...

The "W" of our Emblem stands, of course, for the WHITE RACE, which we regard as the most precious treasure on the face of the earth. The Crown signifies our Aristocratic position in Nature's scheme of things, indicating that we are the ELITE. The Halo indicates that we regard our race as being UNIQUE and SACRED above all other values.
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  1. RaHoWa
    To this day I am still being harassed mainly by cowards who won't show their face, in public... Just spoke to the PPD community Officer for the Coronado historical district ,said he was just touching base to make sure there were no more incedient. Full updates available via my Twitter account @rev_johnwhooly
    I would like to thank you all those who supported me during the worst of this storm