Sunday, 7 June 2015

Ending White Slavery temporarily pulled from sale

Friends and Supporters:

Matt asked that you do not order his book Ending White Slavery now  because the book has been pulled.  We had to do this because the only one making money on this book is George Hook.  We thought George was helping Matt self-publish his book and instead he is taking most of the royalties.  I paid George $416.00 out of my living expenses and I thought that money was for the book cover and editing the book. I feel so betrayed by George.  Don't worry!  The book is being republished by a supporter and Matt will receive the proper royalties.
Evelyn Hutcheson
June 41AC (2015)

 UPDATE ********************************************

Ending White Slavery now available to purchase via Amazon here.........

Ending White Slavery By Matthew Hale.. Amazon


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