Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Take Down the American Flag...By Rev Matt Hale

In the wake of the hysterical and cowardly renunciation of the Confederate Battle flag that is going on in the South and elsewhere following the murders at the black church in Charleston, South Carolina, Reverend Matt Hale, America's foremost political prisoner and author of Ending White Slavery, today spoke against the American flag as a flag of tyranny, race mixing, and Jewish supremacy and called for his supporters and others across the country to take it down.

It will be recalled that Reverend Hale led the pro-White and anti-Jewish Church of the Creator from 1996 until his arrest by federal agents in January 2003 on phony charges of having "solicited" the murder of a federal judge in Chicago during an ongoing trademark case. He remains dedicated to that church and the Creativity religion that it practices to this day as he continues to fight to regain his rightful freedom. His case is in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals right now, case number 14-1294.

From his cell in solitary confinement at the infamous "Supermax" prison in Florence, Colorado, here is what Reverend Hale had to say about the ongoing Confederate flag controversy:

"I have been absolutely disgusted by the latest attack upon our White heritage by black cultural terrorists and the White traitor politicians who are helping them. For make no mistake, the attack upon the Confederate flag is an attack upon our White people themselves.These scoundrels want to destroy every feeling of pride and self-respect in our people. Indeed, their aim is to turn the White man into the slave of the nigger! Today they want to take down the Confederate flag. Tomorrow, however, they'll want to take down the Confederate war memorials, take down street signs bearing the names of Confederate leaders, and expunge the heroism of the Confederacy from our children's history books altogether. They are seeking the cultural genocide of the White Southern people the same way they are trying to erase our White race from this country as a whole. I therefore stand against this latest sick attack on our people and urge others to do so as well."

"What the traitor politicians do not seem to understand is this: it doesn't matter whether the blacks like the Confederate flag. What matters is that we like the Confederate flag. We don't have to care whether the arrogant blacks like the symbols of our White heritage. Instead, we should defend those symbols. Many, many thousands of men died for the flag that is currently being torn off of flagpoles around the country, men who fought against the same federal tyranny that holds our White Race in political bondage today. The memory of those many thousands of White men matters far more than the memory of the mere nine blacks who died at the hands of a lone gunman in a church. Indeed, the idea that a flag should be torn down everywhere because of an isolated street crime is preposterous."

"There has been a lot of talk about what the Confederate flag stands for. Well, I'll tell you what it stands for: it stands for resistance to tyranny and yes, it stands for White people doing the resisting. It does not stand for "white supremacy" but rather for the supposedly "extreme" proposition that White people should be allowed to determine their own destiny in their own country. The so-called "American" flag, on the other hand, has become the symbol of tyranny, of race-mixing, and Jewish supremacy. The Founder of my church said this decades ago and he was right. It stands for everything that we who love our White Race and want to preserve it hate! Thus, as long as White traitors, blacks, Jews, and other mud people wave the "American" flag, we should want no part of it. Instead, let the enemies of our White Race fly the so-called "American" flag and let those of us who care about the future of our White Race fly the Confederate one. Let there be this chasm between us for all to see. To those who seek the genocide of our White Race in this society, your country is not our country and we want no part of the "one nation under one flag" that you have in store for us, a "nation" where our White people are destroyed in every way. Rather, we will go our own way."

"So, I call upon all of my racially loyal Brothers and Sisters of our White American people to embrace the Confederate flag that is currently under attack today and take down the "American" flag that no longer represents or defends our White people in any way, and is instead presiding over the cultural, genetic, and biological annihilation of our White Race in this country. Take down the so-called "American" flag from your flagpoles, don't use "American" flag postage stamps, and quit using it otherwise in any respect. I myself am furthermore adding a nice Confederate flag to my website as a protest against the attacks upon the Confederate flag by the controlled news media and other scoundrels. We only have one American flag left in this country and it is the stars and bars, not the stars and stripes. Indeed, as far as I'm concerned, the Confederate Battle Flag is the true American flag and I thus urge all White Americans to fly it instead of the flag of the Jewish Occupational Government that is currently leading our people to disaster."
Rev Matt Hale
July 42AC (2015)

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  1. To preserve History we will need many Solidarity Statuaries for our great leaders.