Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Never again thur the serpants eye by Rev Logsdon Aug 39AC (2012)

Brothers and sisters I have noticed many fail to truly accept and understand the teachings of creativity. One in particular important lesson and that is "never again thru the serpents eye"
We as creators do not whine or indulge in depression of the actions of non whites. We must simply understand that it is nothing more then the actions of our natural enemies, of an animal. To not try to justify or understand why they do it but to simply focus on what we can do to prevent it from happening again or to change what OUR people do. When we see or hear these things happening it should be an inspiration to spread the truth of our creed and to straighten out our peoples thinking. Not to regurgitate a report of the problem to others. Unless one is blind def or dumb and living under a rock they are aware of the problems continuing to rise in our society. Instead adapt and learn the lesson of never again thru a serpents eye, by not focusing on the problem but the solution and that is Creativity.. My Creator bretheren if you fill your mind and spirit with the constant negativity of non white crime, white betrayal or goverment treachery we will find ourselves spiraling down a pit of depression that will lead to a pessimistic outlook on life. Instead we must remain positive at all times. It is fine to feel anger and hate towards what is happening as these are natural emotions. But not animosity or regret as these are destructive.
I would like to see more studying, discussions about our creed and more discussions on ideas of activism. Better yet examples of activism. We have had many positive things going on lately and need to put our behinds in gear. If you want to plan an upcoming event and would like my participation please contact me and we can plan and work on it. That is what i am here for people. Let us turn our focus towards the future in a positive way and soar to greatly hieghts, not drag ourselves into the future with a bleak outlook. Thank you.

     Rev James Logsdon MP 

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