Monday, 23 February 2015

Our Direction..... By Rev Logsdon

When we evaluate the greater pro White cause I see the vision I have for where Creativity is going and how it gets there. Then I see the chasm of difference between most other groups, where they're going and how they are going to get there. A HUGE chasm! Let me first evaluate in a brief synopsis the bulk of the pro white cause then I will break down the differences.

The majority of these groups whether they be Skinhead, National Socialist, Klan, Biker, etc. Hell we can lump in anything from White Power prison gangs all the way to the completely other side of the spectrum with your typical ultra-conservative right wing political groups. They all have the same common theme, which is to recruit from each other. Instead of trying to convince and educate those we have not reached yet. Each group panders to the same style whether it be from Skinhead crew to Skinhead crew, Klan to Klan, Bike club to Bike club. Regurgitation of members from one group to the other. Without realizing the lack of loyalty said individuals have when they recruit them. Using social media to recruit already racially awakened people. It is and has been the typical tactic of all groups. One thing I try to deviate myself from and try to encourage others. I swear, I cringe when I get new people in who tell us they have been in multiple pro White groups. I know two things right off the bat.

1. Don't expect much. For if they were effective members in previous groups the hierarchy would of done anything to keep them around.

2. Don't expect them to be around long. For if they were so willing to discard their loyalty to previous groups, what makes us think they wont do it to us.

This next part does reflect to all pro White genre's, mainly Skinheads, Klan and NS. Recruiting the lowest common denominator, the bottom of the barrel. Already somewhat racially aware, living with their parents (usually young but not always) that don't have anything to do, but play on the internet or show up to some pointless police barricade rally. They are about as use full to themselves as they are to their race! But an easy target for recruitment. But like the old saying "you get what you pay for" or better yet "you get out what you put in"!!!! There are also internet cowards who do nothing but play der fuhrer from their IP address. Constantly talking about what they will do for their race but wont even come out to the smallest of get-togethers      

 If sentiment would win this war, well my friends we have a massive army!!! Sadly for most it doesn't, nor does it warrant respect or honor amongst OUR ranks.

Now moving on from basic recruitment tactics lets take a look at what they do with these people when they get them. It is obvious they didn't require them to be educated when they joined. Nor do they ask them to educate themselves or improve themselves after. Most members of a particular NS group don't even know the 25 points of national socialism. Most Klansmen don't know anything about its history or purpose. Your Christian klans don't require their members to read or study the Christ-insanity bible. How many skinheads in the greater movement don't have jobs and do drugs completely ignorant or flat out disregarding the working class straight edge foundation of being a Skinhead. Need I go on? Some of them do require activism and let me break that down next.

Confrontational activism vs Educational activism.

The far, FAR more common of the two is confrontational. Many don't know or cant comprehend the difference. Most of my own activism throughout the years has been this way. Standing on street corners holding signs, yelling white power. Sure when it is directed a certain way can be beneficial. Beneficially as shock therapy would be. To get people to either reach out, look in or question what they know. But lets be honest how many do in comparison to those who get pushed away. Even some websites are based off the confrontational approach. When you confront people already on the edge with a forceful message you are usually met with the same sentiment you went into it with. Confrontation!

Now the educational approach is much softer and usually are applied by your softer PC groups. Their suit and tie, non-confrontational, usually never personal (face to face) tactics get more numbers in some regard. But in the end if there is no purpose, answers or programs designed to get them involved you simply have a bunch of people supporting one or two individuals actually doing the work. And is the "education" they are pushing actually beneficial. Is it simply pointless history? Educating people about the truth on the holocaust is as about as pointless as obsessing over the things you would do different in your past. Is it a religious doctrine that teaches them to simply get on their knees and pray to (insert random deity) to solve all their problems? Or living in a past fairy tale land with giants, dragons and monsters... oh my! Or is it an education that teaches them to better themselves?

Now my brothers and sisters I can go on and on (^&% about the negatives of these groups and it doesn't pertain to ALL pro White groups or ideologies. But most. It is simply the differences I see of actions and goals that separate us in The Creativity Movement from the hodgepodge of our typical pro White group. We are far from perfect but yet we believe our creed and goals are. We as a church have had our checkered past, however its not about where you've been but where you are going. Let me tell our readers just where that is and who we are.

The Creativity Movement believes discovering our religion is the tiniest but very important step one takes to a new life, a better life. We believe that education is our purpose. As our founder said "Our goal is to straighten out the white mans thinking". That through proper continual education, education with purpose, can we win the salvation and freedom of our people.

In TCM we require an exam upon entrance. To make sure we know you know the basics of our creed. But doesn't end there. All members should strive to become proficient in all tenets of our religion

In TCM we strive to recruit men and woman who have been successful or self sustaining in their regular lives. For if you cannot help yourself you cant help your people.

In TCM we encourage our members to better themselves in all facets of life continuously. Physically, financially, intellectually, etc.

In TCM we require our members to maintain a higher standard of morals and ethics. To live life as we should, for we cannot convince our people we ARE better people unless we strive to be so ourselves.

In TCM we encourage our members that don't have families to do so. And those that do to uphold the 13th commandment "You shall honor, protect and venerate the sanctity of the family unit and hold it sacred. It is the present link in the long golden chain of our White race." This means be a good loyal husband/wife, brother/sister, etc.

In TCM we do not seek political office or support any political affiliation that seeks to undermine our people. Any that support an already diseased, corrupt, failed system. We seek to educate, prepare and mobilize our people for our certain future or demise.

In TCM we admit and understand that words alone will not fend off the impending, current onslaught of non-White murderers, rapists and thieves. As we have a non-violent legal stance while we are allowed to we must utilize it to educate and prepare. But we know in the end blood alone moves the wheel of history. It is by blood and violence our future will be decided. For in the endless noise of bullets and explosions words fall on deaf ears and action speaks far greater volumes. Just as the screaming cries of our children being beaten, our women being raped, our elderly being pummelled and the inaction of our able, should silence our words now.

In TCM we have our standards as above but we do not turn our back on our people. If there is one of our kin who desires to change and better himself we will not discard him/her. As long as they are not detrimental to the harmony of our church, they continue to exhibit positive changes we will aid them. For this is a church after all.

Which brings me to my final point.

In TCM we are not a crew, a club, a brotherhood, a group, etc. WE ARE A FAMILY!!! We will strive to build that and keep it that way. It is our duty to one another to not look down upon nor turn our back on but to pick up, encourage, educate and help our family to better themselves as we better our own. This is the future and the salvation. And may we together win this Racial Holy War!

Rev James Logsdon
Feb 42 AC (2015)

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