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Sermon from Solitary..Fighting the Mental Sickness of our People..By Rev Matt Hale

My Brothers and Sisters! I wish to speak to you today about the present sickness of the White Man's mind, a sickness that, our Creativity religion aims to heal. Nature knows that I have a great deal of experience in confronting that sickness first hand, and that that statement was never more true than it is right now as I battle the mental sickness of my captors on a regular, if not daily basis. In a word, the thinking of our White people is sick. It is sick in many ways but that sickness can be sunmed up by the fact lhat our White Race
does not think with its own best interests in mind. It does not think in a way that is conducive towards its continued existence upon the face of this planet. It does not think in a way that, is conducive towards its conlinued life.

While the other races of creatures upon this earlh routinely and indeed always pursue their own best interests, our own race does not, and the result of that, fact is that, we are in fulI retreat, today as a race and are indeed vanishing from the very globe. It is the task of Creativity to end that retreat and vanishing, to give our White people a new flourishment instead. Indeed, as our great Founder Ben Klassen said, our nurnber one objective is to straighten out the White Man's thinking, for once we do that, the battle for our people's
survival will be as good as won. Nothing could possibly be more important than that survival, for without survival, there is nothing else. We Creators thus let, the other religions worry about imaginary gods, souls, "after life's" and the like. Our concern rather is with our flesh and blood people on this, their one and only home, Planet Earth. Our Founder devoted almost a quarter of a century to writing, writing, and wriling some more to make it plain to you and me that what we need is the straightening out of the lihite Man's mind. where I describe things a little differently is that I also say that our White people are mentally sick and need to be healed from that sickness.

Indeed, our entire religion could be summed up by one word, health, and I cannot help but note that my or name of "Hale" is etyrnologically related to that very word. Thus it is
the ease that Matt Hale and his fellow Creators wish to heal the sick minds of their White people everywhere, and they wish to do so before it is too late!

It is not wrong for us to be "racist." It is not wrong for us to value our own race more than any other race. It is not wrong for White people to seek their own best interests in all things and at all times. It is not wrong for us to want White women to give birth to White babies. It is not wrong for us to care about our natural White Race more than any artificial political entity such as the "United States of America' the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern lreland," and so forth. Rather, people matter more than any political entities and White people matter more than any other peoples! That's because our race is what we are and what we are should matter more to us than what somebody else is. In short, race matters because we matter. We can always create new political entities for our !White people in the future and we certainly shall. If our White Race goes though, no political entities will matter.

Everything thus depends upon the continued existence of our White Race upon the face of this planet, and we Creators are determined to fight for that existence regardless of the costs. Our First Comrnandment says as much, and it is doubtful whether truer and rnore compelling words have ever been expressed than those found within that particular article of our Faith. All of this is heavily on my mind right now as I not only think about and work on my third book, The Triurnph of Life, but also brood upon the specific mental sickness of my captors which led them to do what they have done to me these past six months. What, is it that, causes our fellow White people to harm one another so glibly and so easily, all in support of a government, which aims are the destruction of their very kind itself? 

What is it that causes people who are as White as you and I to knowingly set, about trying to
cause harm to my person for doing nothing more than professing the fact of my innocence of any crime and apportioning the blame for my wrongful imprisonment upon the particular Jew responsible for it? What causes our White people to want to carry water for these Jews, the race of which has declared openly in it's writings that it intends to rule the world and make all of the other peoples and races its slaves?

The answer to these questions is right before our faces: that by embracing the religion of the Jews,Christianity our White people have made the Jew their god. It could not be any plainer than that, my brethren. By adopting the Jewish religion of Christianity the White Man gave the Jew control of his mind.

His own attitudes and view of the world became Jewish and even more importantly he began to feel it his duty to protect, the race which gave him his very "god" itself. With countless thousands of Christian churches preaching the gospel that the Jews are god's" chosen people is little to be wondered at that our White people would be so sadly and sickeningly willing to destroy one another in order to assist this "chosen people of God." would be a mistake to underestimate or underappreciate that the poisonous and insidious
influence which Jewish Christianity has had upon the White Man's mind.

It, has made him mentally sick, causing him to rally himself for Jewish ideals and ideas and for the Jewish race which created them, thus ignoring the health and well-being of his own White Race in the process.

Thus in my own particular situation, my White captors rushed to the supposed "defense" of the Jew Weisman because their religion had already preconditioned within them an esteem for that particular race. Since the supposed "Christ" was a purported Jew and our people have been taught to esteern that Christ--as well as the Jewish Old Testament which brought him into being there is a deep-rooted tendency within our people to take the Jew's side of things, a tendency that can only be overcome by a strong, counteracting belief system.

In 30's and 40's Germany, that, belief system was National Socialism. With us it is Creativity. I truly believe that I would not have been thrown into The Hole, framed for a phony prison infraction, kept here the past six months, and "'re-designated" back to Supermax prison in Colorado had I lambasted a White man. However, since I lambasted a Jew the Jewish virus
within the minds of our people--Christianity--reacted in an extremely vicious way to the probing of the Jewish abuses which I had employed with my scalpel.

I am reminded by that scene from "The Thing", starring Kurt Russell, whereby the blood of each member of the camp is touched with a blow torch to determine whether it has been taken over by the alien being which has wreaked havoc amongst them. That blood, as you perhaps saw in the movie, does not react well to the torch at all! By embracing the Jew-spawned Christian religion, our people essentially become Jew-possessed the same way as the characters in "The Thing" become alien-possessed, with horrible consequences indeed.

Now I would be the first to agree that there are anti-Jewish Christians out there. However, the inescapable fact remains that, the Christian religion was itself spawned by the Jewish tradition and the Jews who created that tradition. Thus, no matter how anti-Jewish these Christians may be on the surface and sincerely so, it is a fact that their very religion springs from the Jewish psyche, the very Jewish psyche which is presently attacking the existence of our White Race in this world. As the Trojans cruelly discovered, it is a rather bad idea to accept the gift of a large wooden horse from your enemies. It can only be a worse idea to accept from your enemies your very religion, thus giving them possession over the very psyche of your people.

Our White people become tools of the Jews just as today the foreign policy of the United States is the tool of Israel. So long as our White people accept the idea that the book of the Jews is holy, they will sadly defend and advance the program of their Jewish oppressors to their last gasp.

It behoves us as Creators then to destroy this Jewish fungi called Christianity within the mind of our people and replace it with a positive religion which is for the White man and the White man alone



Creativity. We don't have any Jewish tradition and we don't have any Jewish gods. Rather
we believe in ourselves and Nature which created us.
I would urge all of you to re read creative credo #43 of your White Man's Bible as a special adjunct to this sermon, for within that chapter it is likewise and made clear that Christianity grafted our White race upon a lousy Jewish tree and did so very long ago' Furthermore' the simple--or not so simple fact of the matter is that so-called "liberalism" that liberalism which all of us Racial Loyalists so routinely deride, is really just Christianity under another name and Christianity it self is just an off shoot of Judaism as we have said.


These are the themes which I will be addressing in The Triumph of Life in great detail by the way, among other things, a book which will end with shining espousal of our Creativity religion as the total solution to all of the problems which our beloved White race today faces and which therefore will one day be welcomed as yet another scripture of sorts of our great faith. It is my understanding that chapter one of The Triumph of Life has now been released as a sneak preview of the book and I welcome your thoughts on it my brethren. Needless to say The Triumph of Life which I have in mind in the title is the Triumph of our White Life, a life which has finally been freed from all the Jewish influence and domination forever!

Let me close this sermon by telling my captors that they need not be the water boys for the Jews. They need not be their cannon fodder, stooges and avengers. Their true loyalty is to their White race, not an artificial, mongrel, and phony government that violates its own race to destruction. Our people must come first not their paychecks.

Hurting me only makes their true Jewish enemies laugh up their sleeves. The Jews call you cattle in their Talmud, after all, to be used and milked until your slaughter! Just look it up if you don't believe me. You and I should not be enemies. Rather we should be friends. We Creators are not against government as an institution, by no means. Rather we are against that government power which would dispossess us of our own country and seek to hurt those of us who are fighting for the future of our children as we should. I truly would like the day to come when our White people will quit hurting one another at the behest of a Jew some place, for we have much more beneficial and important things to do than that. The future of our entire White race is at stake. Help us Creators secure that future. Your descendants will sure be glad you did.
Rev Matt Hale
Feb 44AC (2017)






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