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Interview with Rev Matt Hale PME July 39AC (2012)

Interview with Rev Matt Hale PME July 39AC (2012)
Rev Hale, Your Brothers and Sisters in the Creativity Movement send their condolences to you and your family upon hearing the sad news of your fathers passing in April of this year. Was your father supportive of your dedication to Creativity and your role as Pontifex Maximus?

I would say that my father was more supportive of me ,my sincerity, and my character than especially supportive of my crusade for Creativity and the leadership of the Church. He would have supported me in almost any path I chose though its true that my father was very concerned about the future of our White people and very much against race mixing. In sum, it was not that he was particularly for Creativity but rather he was staunchly for me. Thank you for your condolences everyone. I think you will appreciate also reading the tribute that I wrote to him and I hope I did him justice!

Your appeal for re-trial has been successful,
When do you expect the re-trial to take place? and when successful when do you expect to be free?

I must unfortunately correct you , Brother : no retrial has yet been ordered. We still have to win on the merits of the case. All that has been won so far is the chance to show the Court of Appeals that my convictions should be reversed and we will be doing that shortly with our opening brief.

Upon your release do you intend to continue to proselytize Creativity?

I will always proselytize Creativity as far and away the religion most conducive to the continued survival of White people on this earth.

Would you consider doing the David Duke type speaking tours to promote Creativity and free speech?

I dont need to do the "David Duke type speaking tours" , Brother, but only need to do Matt Hale ones! I gave public speeches attended by thousands when I was free and I remain convinced that public speeches for the Racial Loyalist cause are absolutely vital for our success. It bothers me very much that nobody seems to be giving public speeches anymore when it should be happening all the time. Read Mein Kampf if you have any doubt!

Would you ever consider running for public office?

I ran for city council in 1995 and garnered 14% of the vote out of eight candidates running for four seats. 546 people voted for me in East Peoria, Illinois alone and when translated nationally, that would be about 47 million votes where I to run for a national office . So, yes, I would consider running for elected office once again.

What do you want to see for our Church of the Cr**tor ?

I want to see far more public activism because that is quite simply the only way to win. We will not save our race through a computer screen or by talking to those of like mind. We have to instead persuade those who currently stand against us. We do that by taking Creativity to the streets, by giving public speeches and holding public rallies as often as we can. There is simply no substitute for such public activism no matter how much we might try to convince ourselves otherwise. It bothers me that I never see our holy flag on the television set in my cell. It bothers me that nobody seems to be giving speeches like I did, speeches that were highly effective at making our Church and religion a household name. This is really goes for the entire Racial Loyalist Movement : where are our orators? Where are our media spokesmen? It saddens me that people seem to have forgotten the successful tactics of our Church simply because I was framed on phony charges and thrown into a prison cell. What we were able to accomplish was not by virtue of any extraordinary talent on my part but simply by hard work. No matter how my personal fate turns out, we can do it again. All a Creator needs is a public library meeting room and a fax machine so as to fax all of the local media a press release about the upcoming meeting! Your speeches will improve with practice and experience as did mine. We can only win by winning the masses. No Creator should accept the idea that they cannot be won to our great faith no matter how befuddled they currently are. We have to get out there and preach Creativity without fear without reservation. We are the ones in the right so why should we hide our faces? Thats exactly what our foes want-- thats why they would get so angry at my giving speech after speech! And if you watch my speeches, you do not see a man reticent with what he believes in but rather a man who is bold, confident, and resolved. That is how Creators must always be.

Other than perhaps the hardships on you and your family, what has bothered you most about your false imprisonment?

Well, this ties into your previous question. You see, the entire purpose behind my imprisonment was to silence me and to discourage you, my Brothers and Sisters, from preaching our great religion. JOG wanted to intimidate you, wanted to make you afraid that you might be next. We have to consider and realize that what JOG did was a form of terrorism. Well what is the only way to defeat terrorism, especially at the hands of a government? The answer is to refuse to let yourself be terrorized. That means that Creators should have done the opposite of what they did in response to my arrest : increase their activism. There should have been more speeches, not less. More rallies, not less. More dedication, not less. Yes, all of us were shocked by what happened, none more than me. However, the terrorists win when the people allow themselves to be terrorized and thats what happened here when Creators ran in fear from their involvement in their Church as many did. So, to answer your question directly, what has bothered me the most is that our Creativity family did not stand firmer when faced with the false arrest of its leader. Yes, the challenge was tough but we have to despise the idea that any Creator, anywhere, made JOG's job easier by running away from their Church and creed when their Church and Creed needed them most. That said, I salute those who did stand firm such as Rev Logsdon, Rev Devalez of France, and others and I do want all Creators past and present to reassert and reinvigorate their love for Creativity. I do not want to believe that my work and sacrifice was in any way in vain. You can imagine how much such a thought could bother me within these dungeon walls.

What are your thoughts on Creativity in "2012" ?

The main thing is that we remain absolutely faithful to what Creativity actually teaches and resist any attempts or admonitions to "modify", "adjust", or "alter" our religion to the supposed values of the times. These values are transitory while our values must be permanent. Creativity is not a political endeavour but rather a religious crusade. Politics come and go while religions remain. That is one of the reasons our great founder Ben Klassen created our religion in the first place, that White people would have a permanent, uncompromising faith rather than the weakness that comes through trying to appease others through politics.

Can you remind our readers of the importance of our Cause ?

Gladly. Our Cause is about straightening out the White Mans thinking which is absolutely vital if we are to ward off the cultural, genetic, and biological destruction of our White Race that presently confronts us like at no time in history. Simply put, our Cause is about ending White genocide and it is difficult to conceive of a Cause more worthwhile than that, is it not? If we dont prevail in the struggle for our people's minds and the present course is allowed to continue, our race, its civilization, and its culture will be completely and absolutely destroyed. It will be the end of "humanity" in any meaningful sense. So, we must win. There is no alternative.

Any closing closing thoughts for your Creator Brothers and Sisters ?

If I can persevere throughout these 9 ,1/2 years of solitary confinement, through days and nights with seemingly no hope as an innocent man hideously and falsely maligned by a government that cares about neither truth nor justice, you too can and must persevere in your love for and your loyalty to your Creativity religion as Brothers and Sisters in the free world. Do not ever give up and do not ever give in. Pledge to do your utmost for our great cause. As our founder said , "Dare to be great!" White people are starting to wake up and at no time since the 1960's have we as Racial Loyalists had a better opportunity to bring them full force into the Movement and, in particular, into the Church. The White people of America and Europe are starting to realize that they are becoming minorites in their own lands and resistance to that is starting to grow! Disdain of the mulatto president and illegal immigration is largely based on racial reasons even if the people aren't willing to admit it yet. White people are becoming tired of always bowing to the demands of the other races . In other words, the pendulum is starting to swing in the other direction. It is just the beginning if we do our duty and do it right. Let me be your inspiration rather than a dim memory. Watch my speeches and read my writtings and know that no one is truly lost unless he gives himself up for lost. Rahowa! 

 Interview by TCM Toronto
July 39AC (2012)

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