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Our Race is our Religion.....By Ben Klassen


Where does YOUR First Loyalty lie?

God and Country, the Flag and the Constitution are not the Issue nor the Solution

Several years ago I was invited to Kansas City to give a speech. (I was only one speaker amongst several others). It was a group of White"Patriots," but of mixed political and philosophical ideologies. There were Klansmen, born-again Christians, John Birchers and a variety of other groups. Outside of several F.B.I, agents in disguise, the majority of this mixed group were good White people, except that most of them were sorely confused as to where their loyalty lay. They all had little in common except perhaps that they were alarmed that something was wrong,and clung to that tired and hackneyed position of God, Country, the Flag and the Constitution — each in his or her disjointed way.

The subject of my speech was the same as the last part of the title of this article, namely God & Country, etc. It was not well received. I told them what they did not want to hear, namely that their pet holy cows never were, and are not now, the solution to the multitude of evils and problems that beset the White Race, nor had they ever been the real issues in the past. I reminded them of the history of our pointless and ineffective struggles ever since W.W. II in which the "patriots," the "conservatives," the "right wingers" and what have you, had launched at least 20,000 different organizations, large and small, seemingly to stem the tide. Despite all this,they had not made the slightest dent in the headlong onslaught by the Jewish power structure to destroy the White Race, to destroy America,and in fact, to destroy the civilization the White Race has built up over the last several thou- sand years.

I asked the rhetorical question: After 30 years and 20,000 failures, isn't it time to re-examine our basic premises? If you were building aqueducts on the premise that water voluntarily ran uphill and after 30 years every one of the aqueducts was a dismal failure, would you not stop and re-evaluate your basic premise, and perhaps conclude that water did not run uphill?
I then proceeded to show as clearly as I knew how. that none of these factors — God, Country, Flag or the Constitution were the basic Issues.

In none of these lay the real solution. I went to the heart of the matter and stated bluntly - the real issue is race - the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race and the real enemies are the mud races of the world — led by that conspiratorial master-sneak of all time, the perfidious Jew.

As I explained earlier, this was a mixed group. Although all White, it consisted of polyglot philosophies, each going their own way, like the six blind men from Indostan who went to "see" an elephant. As could be expected from any polyglot group, nothing was accomplished, no common ground was reached, no worthwhile pro- gram pursued or anything else of value accomplished. Just as it is impossible to accomplish
anything worthwhile with a heterogeneous. polyglot society or country, so also is it impossible to accomplish anything with a heterogeneous,polyglot group. Furthermore, since the group was programmed along the Christian-Conservative (I prefer to call it Kosher-Konservative) line, I realized that it was impossible to de-program years of indoctrination within the limits of a 20 minute speech.

However, to my surprise, it was not a total loss. Whereas the individuals had been too intimidated to express approval of such heresy as I had enunciated among their peers, later in the evening an encouraging number privately showed both their interest and approval by coming to my room, purchasing copies of NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION and also of the record SURVIVAL OF THE WHITE RACE. (The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE had not yet been printed).

In this essay, I want to explain briefly why we CREATORS believe it is a lost cause to pursue the favorite Kosher Konservative line. Let us briefly examine each one of the four subjects with which these Kosher Konservatives are so enamored.

Let us take the first item - "God." In both NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION and the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE I have already thoroughly belabored the illusions about supplicating to the non- existent spooks in the sky. I believe I have demonstrated amply, page after page that the whole subject is one vast swindle that has been a very useful tool for the Jewish conquest of the world, but has been a major catastrophe for the White Race. We of the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR not only are convinced that no spook will emerge to help save the White Race, but on the contrary, that the childish and superstitious belief in spooks has been one of the major road blocks preventing the White Race from forming and polarizing around a racial religion of our own for thousands of years.

We now turn next to the concept of "Country." This subject, too, I have covered in the chapter "Where does your Loyalty Lie?" in NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION. Also I have touched on this in Creative Credo No. 2 of the WHITE MAN'S BIBLE where I emphasize racial loyalty and that every issue is examined through the eyes of the White Race. But let me briefly recapitulate here.

A "Country" is an artificial, man-made concept that usually en- compasses a certain area of real estate upon the face of the earth. Its boundaries too, arc artificial, and in a constant state of change. In times of conquest these boundaries may be moved to enlarge the territory. In times of defeat the boundaries are moved to shrink the subject area. Sometimes a whole country may be artificially created out of a conglomerate of other countries and peoples, as was Czechoslovakia after WW I. Sometimes a whole country is swallowed up and annexed to the conqueror's territory, as has been the case with Poland a number of times during its history. In any case, a country is a fluid, unstable and artificial creation structured by the political establishment in power at the time. In the last several centuries, the hand of the Jew has been the most powerful influence in both structuring and demolishing such political entities.

But let us analyze a "Country" one step further and determine whether or not it should deserve that most precious gift — our primary loyalty.

When we speak of "Country," such as say the United States of America, we are speaking of at least three separate and distinct components:

(a) There is the land and real estate encompassed within its boundaries. (b) There are its people that occupy this same real estate, and (c) There to its government that controls both the land and its occupants.

Whereas we Creators believe strongly in the sanctity of land and territory, that it is worth fighting and dying for, we want to immediately add: Yes, but for whose benefit? If it is for the benefit of the White Race, definitely yes. But if it is of benefit for the Jews, the niggers and the mud races, definitely, no.

Looking at the history of the U.S., outside of the War with Mexico, 1846-48, and the Indian wars, practically every war the U.S. has engaged in since has been to the detriment of the White Race and for the benefit of the Jews. This includes the Civil War, W.W. I, W.W. II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. In this category we must also include the vast quantities of aid, the tens of billions of dollars that the U.S. has rendered to the Jews in helping them carve out the bandit state of Israel and its subsequent aggressive wars against the Arabs. In all these wars the White Man has been a sad loser, a tragic victim, and the Jews the sole beneficiaries. Does this kind of subversion and betrayal of the White Race bestir in your breast the fervor of patriotism and loyalty to flag and country? Not to any White Man in his right senses it doesn't.

Let me ask you further — would you be willing to fight for, bleed and die fighting for a country that consisted of wall-to-wall niggers as its main inhabitants? And finally, would you fight for a government that was controlled by the Jewish bankers and Jewish power establishment whose primary goal was the mongrelization and destruction of the White Race?

This brings us to the crux of our analysis. Any White Man who would fight for any country in a war that was for the benefit of the Jews and niggers and to the detriment of his own people we consider as being a despicable traitor to his own race. To us Creators there is no creature more reprehensible than a traitor to his race. To us — loyalty to our precious White Race overshadows every other loyalty, every other issue. It overshadows the Jewish god or gods, it overshadows country, flag and Constitution, none of which so far has lifted a finger to help save the White Race.

Let us now consider the U.S. flag, and flags in general.

A flag, basically is a symbolic expression of an ideal, creed or a philosophy of a certain group of people, whether such group identifies itself as a religious group, a racial group, or a country or some other common entity. A flag or pendant might also represent a sporting group, such as a yacht club, a football team, or an international group like the flag of the Olympics. Even the United Nations has a flag.

Looking at it from the White Man's point of view (the only one we Creators consider relevant) other than our "country," just what idea does the U.S. Flag represent? If you were to ask that question of 50 different people, I doubt whether there would emerge one meaningful answer. This "country" has flown many flags including the British flag before 1776. It has flown the "Don't tread on me" flag, and it has flown the Betsy Ross flag since the American Revolution, but changed it repeatedly in the number of stars as states were added. Some states, California for example, had their own flag originally, such as the California Bear Republic, and some states such as Texas have been under as many as six different flags.

In short, a flag represents the philosophy or mood of a people, or at least those that are in control at a particular time. It represents no more, no less.

Our American flag flew in honor when it fought the Mexican War of 1846-48. It fought in disgrace in 1861-65 when it represented the "Union" forces of the North as they smashed the White South for the benefit of the Jews and niggers. Practically every war since (except a few scattered Indian wars) that the U.S. Flag has flown over has been fought to the disgrace and detriment of the White Race, and for the benefit of Jews and their manipulated traitors in charge.

So, is such a flag really worth fighting for? Would you be willing to die defending its Jewish besmirched history? Hardly. At least no loyal White Racial Comrade would ever again be suckered into slaughtering members of his own race for the sullied "glory" of a flag that no longer represents the White Race, or anything our race stands for.

We now come to the Constitution. I have thoroughly covered this subject in NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, PAGES 258 to 262, and I need not repeat it here, except to make a few cogent points.

1. Whereas the Founding Fathers who helped draft the Constitution were. In the majority, land holders and men of means, they themselves owned slaves. (Jefferson, Washington, and a host of others.) They had no intention of having the niggers be any part of our governing society,or even giving them the vote. To illustrate how pointless and how ineffective this piece of paper, the Constitution, has been in protecting the dwindling White majority from the Jewish onslaught, consider that today the Jews are using the Constitution as their most powerful tool to force integration, race-mixing and mongrelization on an unwilling, recalcitrant, but confused White Race. The tables have now been turned with the help of the much vaunted Constitution so that now the White race has become the slave of the niggers and the Jews. The White Man now does most of the work, carries the overwhelming burden of the tyrannical tax load, while the niggers freeload, breed like rabbits, and the Jews live off the fat of the land.

2. Any written piece of paper, whether it be an agreement, treaty, Constitution or whatever, is only as good as the determination of the participants to enforce it, backed up with the power to do so.

So let us remember this one overriding issue and heed it well! To us Creators loyalty to our race is our first and foremost loyalty, whether we live in England, in France, in Germany or in the United States. It overrides and overshadows any other loyalty to such artificial concepts as
spooks in the sky, country, flag or Constitution. That is why we have a racial religion — a religion that is dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, and the White race alone. OUR RACE IS OUR RELIGION.

But to merely say our race is our religion is not enough. True, we have come to the heart of the matter, but it is still too broad and too vague around which to build a meaningful movement. It needs to be channeled, to be harnessed, to be delineated, to be clearly formulated. It must answer the needs and problems of the White Race as it exists today, and Christ knows — they are manifold. It must answer the burning questions of today, and it must come up with sensible and pragmatic solutions. It must lay down the guidelines in every category, for every phase of our existence, and for the survival of the White Racial Community.

But it must also do more than that. It must act goals and direction for the White Race for the next million years.

In Creativity we have done all this. We have covered all the bases; we have endeavored to include the whole spectrum of life from A to Z. We spell it out succinctly when we say that the goal of CREATIVITY for the White Race is a Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. That says it all.

Furthermore, in Creativity we avoid the fatal mistake of trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. We don't endeavor to "save" and "uplift" all of "humanity." We are only interested in working with and for the best interests of Nature's Finest. We state dogmatically that the world is now infested with a variety of scum that is garbage and is not worth saving.

We specifically delineate our position on this vital issue in C. No. 2 of the White Man's Bible, in which we say clearly that everything is examined, judged, looked at, from the White Man's point of view. Everything is measured by the White Man's yardstick, the White Man's standards.

In this respect we sum it up in our Golden Rule. What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue. What is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.

We are not interested in the welfare of the multitudes of mud races, nor in helping to feed them, nor in subsidizing them, nor in "uplifting" them.

In fact we are not even interested in their survival. We are in total agreement with Nature's Law of Survival of the Fit- test. If the mud races can't feed themselves (and they can't), if they can't hack it, they will wither on the vine and become extinct. As far as we are concerned, they deserve it — the sooner the better. The sooner the world is cleansed of all the trash, criminals, parasites and freeloaders, the sooner the best of the White Race will again have elbow room to expand his own and build a Whiter and Brighter World.

The Kosher Konservatives have had their day. For 50 years they have spouted their clap-trap about God and Country, the Flag and the Constitution. For 50 years they have spawned their no-win, half- baked groups, at least 20,000 of them, and they have done nothing more than divide, confuse and delay the White Race in coming to grips with a realistic solution and a confrontation with the Jewish pestilence. In so doing they have rendered a tremendous service to the Jew in playing their treacherous game of divide and conquer. These Kosher Konservatives, after 20,000 failures, cannot, or will not, learn that water will not voluntarily run uphill, that you cannot build a working aqueduct on such a false premise.

We will have no further luck with these Kosher Konservatives. Like the "born again" Christians, the Identity Christians and the rest of this misguided ilk, they are living in a dream world, in a fool's paradise. They have completely deserted the White Race and have, in fact, become a
valuable pawn in the treacherous game the Jews have planned for the destruction of the White Race. These cowards are afraid of the Jews, and even afraid to admit they belong to the White race.

There is only one hope for the White Race and that is to build a powerful racial religion of its own, to which all responsible and intelligent White men and women can dedicate their loyalty, their love, their honor, and yes, if necessary their lives.

In CREATIVITY we have it all. It is now our task to convince the 20,000 or more fractured and misguided groups that this is so, and that only in polarization around a racial religion, as the Jews have done, is there any hope in building the power structure necessary to smash the Jewish behemoth.

To help bring our White Racial Comrades to their senses we are instituting a series on Comparative Religions to compare ours to older religions that have been such a powerful force in shaping the thinking and destiny of mankind, and of the White Race in particular. Compare it, if you will, on the basis of logic, common sense, completeness, integrity and constructive goals with any other religion in history. I believe we more than hold our own.

If you will THINK, if you will COMPARE, I believe you will come to the same conclusion as we have — only in uniting, in polarizing around our own racial religion, can we, the White Race, survive and build the beautiful White world we envision and so richly deserve.

* * * * *

Creativity aspires to helping White people get rid of garbage thoughts as well as garbage foods.

* * * * *

"The customs of this accursed people (the Jews) have grown so strong, that they have spread through every land." —

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator

Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 24
12AC (1985)


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