Monday, 22 December 2014

Hale/Yarbrough Flyer.... Created by Brother Ken and Travis Golie

We all know that those currently running our nation are running it directly into the ground. And so now we find ourselves in love with our nation, but simply in fear of our government. However, as the tyranny spreads so does the passion of the hard working common American. Unfortunately, as more concerned citizens reach out to our fellow American people, the freedom fearing politicians persecute those proud patriots that dare to stand up and speak out. Driven by a devotion to truth, the grassroots leaders and community activists carry on through persecution, just like Nathan Hale, Thomas Paine, or John Hancock endured with grace. Just as the tyrants of that generation, the tyrants of this generation, have hunted down our fellow American patriots to wrongfully kidnap and detain them in prisons. Now, just like the countrymen of yesterday, we must
spread awareness and bring an end to the oppression of our people.  

Be part of the solution and help save patriots
Matt Hale and Gary Yarbrough who spent their lives helping us, the common people.

To help or learn about Matt Hale  visit:
 or visit

To help or learn about Gary Yarbrough  visit:
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