Sunday, 14 February 2016

Rev Matt Hale May be put in Danger

Reverend Matt Hale has been in solitary confinement at Florence (Super Max) prison in Florence, Colorado for over twelve years. He was found guilty of having solicited the murder of Judge Joan Lefkow in 2004. There was never any evidence presented at trial that Reverend Hale committed any crime. He is a political prisoner.

He has a Civil Suit against the prison and the Federal Bureau of prisons for violating his rights. According to Reverend Hale, the negotiations to settle out of court have recently stopped because violating his rights have continued.
Rev Matt Hale.. Civil Suit Scheduling Order

The warden talked with Reverend Hale and he is considering putting Hale into general population with real terrorists, inmates that have killed. This action will undoubtedly put Reverend Hale in danger. It has been suggested that the reason behind this action is to pressure Hale into dropping his Civil Suit against them. Hale has vowed he will not drop the Civil Suit. So the question is, will warden J. Fox put Hale into general population so that he can be killed? That would end the Civil Suit against them. Right?

You can contact the Warden at 719-784-9464, write the Warden, John Fox, USP Florence, Ad max, P.O. Box 8500, Florence, CO 81226. Tell him not to put Matt in general population.

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