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Dr. James Sears Speaking in Toronto .. May 19th 2016

Paul Fromm's The Alternative Forum and The Canadian Association for Free Expression presented the controversial Dr. James Sears as its featured speaker on May 19th 2016. Dr. Sears is a medical Doctor, Canada's top medical fraud and malpractice investigator, the leader of the New Constitution Party of Canada and is the editor of the Your Ward News publication.
Your Ward News

His publication is delivered to 300,000 homes by Canada Post, mainly in the Beaches area of Toronto. A few Canada Post workers complained about having to deliver the newspaper, as it conflicted with their personal belief systems.
Canada Post Workers upset over having to deliver controversial newspaper (Global News)
When that didn't stop distribution, perpetual Human Rights complainer Richard Warman has once again complained, he must be the most sensitive man in the world! This time filing a Human rights complaint against Canada Post for delivering what he perceives to be Hate propaganda.
By Delivering Toronto Newspaper Canada Post is "Distributing Hate Propaganda" (National Post)
Dr. Sears holds the distinguished title of being subjected to the most Hate crime investigations of any person in Toronto.

Sears spoke of being subjugated to "Hate crime" investigations/complaints after the distribution of  most of his Your Ward News newspaper editions. Its stunning that people think that if a written or spoken point of view offends their sensibilities that they can go crying to the police and have the "offender" arrested! Thankfully the Police have rejected the notion that any "Hate crime" has taken place. That is why the Marxists have now turned to the Human Rights Commission. The CHRC seems to be able to prosecute people based on hurt feelings. Despite all the attempts to silence Dr. Sears, he still publishes his Newspaper and voices his opinion, his life has not been affected negatively by the Marxists and their 1984 Orwellian like agenda. This was the crux of his speech, don't be afraid to speak out against the Marxist/Zionist agenda, confront them anywhere and everywhere, from staged political events to random interjections against anti-White sentiment overheard in Coffee houses.

Dr. Sears attracts a wide spectrum of people to his unique approach for the survival of the White Race, this includes other races! Sears believes that the general population of Europe and North America have been brain polluted into buying into Zionist lies of history, the rest of the world has not. Hitler is not viewed as a villain by the rest of the world, but just another politician one example brought up was The Hitler's Cross café' in India. Sears also preaches for Christianity as a saviour for the White race. An older German gentlemen in the audience questioned Christianity's willingness to defend itself vs that of Muslim and Jews. Sears addressed the submissive/suicidal Christian passage of " Turn the other cheek" and defended it as giving one a chance to do the "right thing" or then will face retaliatory actions, citing the Crusades as Christians who once stood up for themselves.

As a Creator, I of course do not endorse his belief that Christianity can be the saviour for the White race or that non Whites can be of assistance to the survival of our race. That being said, he presented several good ideas that as a Creator, I can accept. Dr. Sears is one of the better speakers I have listened to and I encourage White racial loyalists to attend his speaking engagements, check out his videos and visit his Your Ward News site.

For Natures Finest
Brother Smith

Obscene Vandalism of YOUR WARD NEWS Office: The Diversity Red Guards in Action
See attached pic for a laugh. Some Marxist spray-painted that image on our office facade last night, most likely in response to me announcing that I've formed a "Hitler Fan Club". The windows were already all replaced by plywood because of bricks thrown through them by SJW's.
And, we get graffiti about once a month. But this most recent creation shows some artistic merit. The attention to detail is quite impressive: the scrotum has hair and the ejaculate is almost tears falling ... perhaps representing the melancholy a Marxist experiences when he realizes that his efforts to shut us down are futile? I was going to leave the graffiti up and just get a banner that reads "MEIN KOCK Nazi Gay Club", but the city will fine us if we do not remove it.
Dr. James Sears
Founder and Leader
New Constitution Party of Canada

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