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The Era of Political Parties is Over...By Ben Klassen


For the White Race, Jewish democracy has been an Unmitigated Disaster.

With the Reagan landslide the U. S. is rapidly moving towards a tyrannical one party Jewish dictatorship aimed at the destruction of the White Race. Conventional Politics are no longer the answer. To be effective the White Race must use other means.

One of the most effective stratagems the Jews have developed over the millenniums for controlling the goyim is the Divide and Conquer technique. This they have done brilliantly and honed to a fine edge. They utilize it in a thousand different areas of endeavor, among which religion, race and politics are only a few of the major categories.

The main target and the Jews most dangerous enemy is without a doubt the White Race, although only the Jew is aware of this. Conversely, the White Man, who may be brilliant in many fields, is strangely, also the Jews most gullible and cooperative victim. When it comes to the issues of race and religion, the White Man is undoubtedly one of the dumbest creatures on the face of the earth and the Jew has capitalized handily on this White Man's Achilles' heel. In this dissertation we want to examine the issue of politics and how the Jew has utilized the technique of Divide and Conquer to neutralize, subdue, and manipulate the White Race, not only in America, but throughout the world.

The key word in this deadly game of confuse, divide, manipulate and conquer is DEMOCRACY. Whereas our Founding Fathers were not astute enough to excrete the Jew from our political system and our society {Benjamin Franklin tried. See P. 260 of Nat. Etern. Rel.) they were intelligent enough to know that every "democracy" had in it the seeds of its own self-destruction.
They tried to set up a Republic, which in essence really differs very little from a democracy. Both cater to the lowest elements of a free-loading political electorate, until the parasites and the free-loaders are eventually the masters of an ever shrinking productive segment of the population. The end result is the destruction of the producers and the breakdown of the political and social structure. Chaos, race-mixing and crime mount increasingly as the social fabric disintegrates. In the final breakdown, unfortunately, the best elements of our race do not necessarily survive. In fact, history teaches us just the opposite. As in Mexico, as in San Domingo (Haiti), as in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), the scum, the niggers, the mulattoes survive as the Whites retreat. But in all cases the Jew stage manages, manipulates and controls the show from the beginning to the end.

How does the Jew himself manage to survive throughout all this disintegration and chaos? What technique does he use in politics in particular to manipulate and take control?
These are two separate questions that are inextricably interwoven and I will try to deal with them separately.

First of all the Jew manages to survive and stay on top because he has a powerful RACIAL RELIGION, Judaism, to polarize around. It is this pole star that has been the guide and mainstay with which he has been able to unite his mongrelized race and his religious cohorts. This is the secret, the bedrock of all his further conspiracies and manipulations. Without it, as former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir flatly stated, the Jews would have been nothing.

Secondly, the Jews practiced and continue to practice RACIAL LOYALTY. This they do fervently to the point of fanaticism.

Thirdly, they practice RACIAL TEAMWORK. This is something the CHURCH OF THE CREATOR has repeatedly been urging the White Race to do with equal fervor and ingenuity.

Fourthly, they have both short range and long range goals, all designed for the survival and benefit of the Jewish race.

There are many other facets to the tenacious cohesiveness of the Jewish race, but the above are the fundamentals, all of which, now that the White Race has a racial religion of its own, we Creators strongly advocate the White Race practice with equal dedication.

Now, addressing the question as to how the Jews continue to control and manipulate the goyim, the list of tricks, stratagems and devices the Jews use is endless. They utilize their financial domination, control of the media, religion (both Judaism and Christianity), government, race and every other means, device and issue that will accrue to their benefit. Today, however, in the wake of the recent farce we call election*, we want to study the Divide and Conquer technique, how it applies to the White Man's political demise, and what we must do to overcome it in order that we may oust the Jew from our society and once again have the White Man regain control of his own destiny.

Let us once again look at the Divide and Conquer technique, which in essence is very simple.

If you were locked up in a dungeon with two powerful brutes, and you yourself were a 97 pound weakling, and all of you were hostile to each other, it would seem that as a comparative inferior your chances of survival would be slim. If, however you were cunning enough to whisper incendiary provocations into the ears of the two brutes, one at a time, about what insults the one had said about the other, and goad them into a life and death fracas, your chances of survival might greatly improve. If you egged them on until they beat each other senseless, then you could easily finish them off separately and without too much effort.

This is exactly what the Jews have been doing to the White goyim for centuries. Divide the dumb brutes up into two hostile camps, incite them to war and let them beat each other senseless. We fell for this ruse in the Civil War, we did it again in World War I, again in World War II, to cite a few major examples, although the list is endless. We can cite the Hundred Years War, or the thirty Years War. No matter which we choose.

White Men killed other White Men and each time the parasite reaped a Jewish harvest in power and monetary gain. The same insidious technique is utilized In the field of political action, which comes under the fraudulent label of democracy. The Jews line up two (or more) political parties, all of which they control with their financial power and their controlled press.

In America in the Twentieth Century the Jews have utilized mainly two political parties, namely the Republican party and the Democratic party.
Occasionally, they have thrown in a third party, such as the Bull Moose Party of Teddy Roosevelt which split the Republican Party, derailed William Howard Taft and slipped in that Jewish stooge, Woodrow Wilson. 



With his election the Jews assured themselves of ramming through the Federal Reserve chicanery of 1913 and staging the most ghastly war up to that time. World War I. Since then the Jews have utilized the third party ruse a few more times, such as the American Independent Party, the Libertarian Party, the Populist Party and a few others, but they have been of minor import, except to further confuse and splinter the White voting block, a block that for all practical purposes hardly exists.

Now that the Republican Reagan administration has won the last election by a landslide and the Democratic Party is in shambles, I foresee a steady but rapid drift towards one party rule similar to that of Mexico, and finally a hardcore Jewish communist dictator- ship as in Cuba and in Russia. All the while the Jews will be trumpeting the virtues of democracy and how great is our freedom of choice and our freedom of speech.

Let us wake up and realize one thing. Democracy and its multitude of political parties have not benefited the White Race. On the contrary, democracy has been a treacherous Jewish tool for the destruction of our superlative culture and our precious gene pool. Let us not be fooled any longer. Business as usual, politics as it now exists, is not going to help save the White Race from its one-way, helter-skelter onrush to selfdestruction.

The Republican Party is not going to save us, neither is the Democratic Party, nor the Libertarian Party, nor the Populist Party. Conventional politics as far as the White Race is concerned is now as dead as a dodo, and a hopeless exercise in futility. Not that we don't
want to seize political power. On the contrary, that is our Number One goal We Creators have said time and again that none of the multitudinous problems that beset us today will ever be solved until the White Man again grasps control of his destiny into his own capable
hands. But playing the game of Jewish politics as now constituted is not the way to achieve this lofty goal. The day of political parties is gone forever as far as the White Race is concerned.

How then do we go about taking over political control of the government of America in particular, and of our own destiny in the world in general?

The answer is loud and clear. The means is building a worldwide ideological movement based on race, the same means the miserable, parasitical Jewish minority has so successfully used for centuries to gain control of the world. In total dedication to an ideological movement will the White Race find its salvation.

How do we go about formulating such an ideological racial movement? The answer to that, too, is loud and clear. In CREATIVITY we already have it — complete, comprehensive, consistent and fully spelled out. It is now every White Man's duty to promote it to the hilt and convince his White Racial Comrades that the answer to the White Man's dilemma lies before him — right in front of his eyes. All he has to do is examine it, embrace it and join with his White Racial Comrades to expunge the curse of history — the treacherous Jewish network.

We must destroy the beast that has been the disastrous plague on the body of the White Race for millenniums. The means is our own racial religion.

Strangely, this idea, which is so obviously logical, or should be, has escaped the White Race since the very beginning of civilization. It is a powerful idea that must be brought home to the consciousness of every White Racial Comrade until it becomes an integral part of our very being. All we need do is look at history to observe the powerful stimulus of a creed, a religion or an ideology has proved to be in moving people, events and changing history.

I have already chronicled the powerful instrument Judaism has proved to be for the benefit and advancement of a miserable parasitical tribe. I have done so in Nature's Eternal Religion, in the White Man's Bible and in any number of issues of Racial Loyalty so there is hardly a need to again reflect it here. Whereas Judaism is probably the most outstanding example in demonstrating the power of a racial religion, we can, nevertheless, quote any number of other historical examples.


When Mohammed came forth out of the desert in the seventh century with what was essentially a racial religion, he fired the Bedouin desert tribes (mostly Arabs) with such fanatic religious zeal that this loose group of shiftless and lazy mud races soon were amalgamated into a powerful army of world conquerors. Egypt, Syria, Asia Minor, North Africa, Spain and Constantinople fell before the fanatic Moslem onslaught.

They pushed on eastward into India and converted by fanaticism and by the sword.
At the other end of the crescent, the Mohammedans pushed up- wards from Spain into the very heart of France, where they were stopped by Karl Martel (Charles The Hammer) at the Battle of Tours in 732. Had that battle been lost, perhaps all of Europe, then wallowing in the Dark Ages, might have succumbed to the Moslem Creed. It was at a time when the White Race was at its lowest and weakest level.


To further demonstrate how long lasting, how powerful, how much more significant a religious creed can be than a mere political party we can take Moslem religion forward into history another thirteen centuries from its founding, and look at its significance in the Arab world of today.

When we look at the chaotic mess that is the Arab world of the 1980's we find there is one, and only one, powerful, cohesive force that binds them all together and that is the Moslem religion. The Jews have done a powerful number on the Arab states also and fractured and
fragmented them seven ways to Sunday. The Jews have used the Divide and Conquer technique on them as well as in trying to set up their parasitical state of Israel.

But nevertheless, it is the powerful force of the Moslem creed that binds the Arabs together, and it is this that the Jews fear. How powerful this force can be is aptly demonstrated by Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. When in 1978 The Shah of Iran held an iron grip on that oil
rich nation, and one of the most powerful and ruthless secret police forces at his command, the Ayatollah was sitting in Paris, a lonely refugee and a political outcast. But the religious fervor of his Moslem followers welled up day after day in street demonstrations, in rebellion, in sabotage and just wouldn't quit.

Despite the supposed backing of the United States, we all know what followed. The Shah was deposed, died as a miserable and unwanted refugee in a foreign land, and the Ayatollah emerged as the now victorious dictator of Iran, where he still rules with a bloody and tyrannical hand today. In so saying, I am not condoning the Ayatollah, whom I consider a political idiot, and vastly more brutal and tyrannical than the Shah. But what it does demonstrate is the power of a religious movement in the political affairs of a country.

Nor is that all. This same religious-political take over of Iran has fired up the whole Arab world and inspired the other Moslem countries to a racial fervor not witnessed for centuries. Their fervor and hatred is directed not only against Israel, but against all Jews, and against the White world, and in particular that scapegoat for all White transgressions, the United States of America. In putting the finger on the United States, the Arabs are not totally in the wrong. Being at the mercy of its Jewish masters, the United States since World War II has meddled in the affairs of more countries, caused more wars, revolutions and problems in the world than any country in history in a similar short period of time.

In summary, considering the poor racial material the Arabs and other racial material that embraced Mohammedanism had to work with, this religions creed nevertheless has been a moat powerful and cohesive force for the Arabs, far beyond comparison to any mere passing political party that has emerged in the last 13 centuries of its existence.


Let me again state flatly that the nigger in America has no future in our civilized culture, nor does the nigger have a meaningful future anywhere else in the world, including Africa. The nigger is inherently dumb, shiftless and lazy and is one of Nature's most flagrant failures.

Nevertheless, with the advent of the Black Muslim religion in America it has worked wonders, considering the miserable material it has had to work with. Whereas the Black Muslim religion is a mish- mash, a mixed bag, an abortion at best, lamely trying to ape the Mohammedan religion, it has done much to instill black pride (where there is little to be proud of), a sense of purpose and destiny (going nowhere) and above all, created an independent cohesion among these bastardized animals that poses a highly potential danger to the White Race. In the racial upheaval that is bound to come within less than a decade, these black animals will be armed and organized and will be the spearhead of the
black killers the Jews plan to unleash on an unarmed, disorganized and hapless White Race.


Now I implore my White Racial Comrades: if these mongrelized black animals can mount an organized threat to the White Race even though they are inferior in numbers, in intelligence, and in resources, and can do so with a muddled, haphazard piece of garbage that passes for a religion, how much better can the intelligent, resourceful White Race do with a well thought-out, organized religious creed and program that is complete, comprehensive and consistent, and embodies the ultimate racial idea of Nature's Finest? So why don't we get busy and do the job that must be done?

4. I could cite a number of other examples of the powerful influences a religion, even though half-baked, can work on a group of peoples, races or nations. A few of these other examples arc the Mormons, the Moonies, the Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, the Pentecostals and any number of others. I could detail their history, their struggles and the tremendous influence they have had on their followers, and of the
financial empires they have built. I could also cite the considerable power structures they have built that could have been directed towards the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. I could do so, but I do not have the time or the space to do so here. All I can regretfully say is that as far as benefits to the White Race are concerned most of the money, resources, energy and goals have been misdirected and wasted on (a) throwing it all down a bottomless rat hole, and (b) glorifying the ego, and enriching the coffers of Its deceitful hierarchy, who arc by and large, nothing more than polished con-artists.

5. My own Political Experience in trying to work within the Political establishment.

As you probably know, if you have read NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION (Chapter 22, Part II, "My Own Spiritual Awakening"), at one time in the middle 1960's I was naive enough to believe I could get into politics and do my bit in trying to change the course of events. I soon found out I was wrong.

In 1966 while still affiliated with the Birch Society, I threw my hat in the ring and ran for the Florida State Legislature as a Republican, and, against odds, I was elected. When I got to the Legislature in Tallahassee and the power establishment found out that I would not go along with the chicanery, my own party turned against me. In a situation not unlike that of Tom Metzger in 1980 in California, I soon found out that with the Jewish news media against you, with your own party against you, a sincere candidate, any candidate in politics, is soon on the outside looking in.

In short order in 1967 the Supreme Court decided Florida had to "re-apportion", and had to have new elections all over again. In the "new" election I opted to run for the Florida Senate and was roundly defeated when the Republican Party bosses and the news media turned hostile against me.

The biggest (and only) main headline I ever got in my hometown paper of Pompano Beach was "KLASSEN DEFEATED". It was the main, big black headline on the front page the day after the election. To my credit, I must add that in my own precinct in Lighthouse Point where I was personally known, I won overwhelmingly. A small compensation.

The positive outcome of all this was that I learned one hard and irrevocable lesson: you cannot hope to win by collaborating with, and working within the Jewish establishment. You cannot overcome the enemy by playing the game by the enemy's rules. You cannot expect the enemy to collaborate and throw a few crumbs your way by collaborating with the enemy. No! The enemy is ruthless and the battle we are locked into is a matter of life and death!

I started groping for a new answer — a new means.

Three years later, after several false starts, I had the answer: a powerful new racial religion for the White Race was needed, and, indeed, had been needed for millenniums!


I started putting together the pieces. I started writing NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION.
Today, fourteen years later, I am convinced that we have the total answer, the only answer. In Creativity we have the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed.

Hitler has said that there are obvious truths lying around on the streets and most people pass them by, ignoring them because they are too dumb to see the obvious. He was referring to the racial issue. As it was in Hitler's time, so it is in White America today, regarding not only race, but also religion.

The Church Of The Creator has come a long way since we published NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION IN 1973. We have fortified and completed our creed and program with two further basic books, namely The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE and SALUBRIOUS LIVING. We have now established a World Center for our movement in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. We have launched our own conveyor belt for spreading the word, namely RACIAL LOYALTY, our official periodical for our religious movement. We are building a School for Gifted White Boys, which is now nearly completed and ready to open next summer. The foundations for the White racial religion have been laid for the next million years.

But Rome wasn't built in a day. One of the biggest problems we have to overcome is the hubris, the jealousies and the roadblocks thrown in our path by our own White Racial Comrades, by the multitude of splinter groups who at best have a confused, meaningless and fractured approach to the monumental problem that confronts us, but would rather torpedo a meaningful solution than give up their pointless and eccentric little hang-ups.

The biggest problem that confronts us is not overcoming the Jews, niggers and mud races. The main problem is straightening out the muddled, confused and suicidal thinking that lies on the brain of the White Man like a poisonous drug, or like the virus of encephalitis.

Like Adolf Hitler did in uniting the German people, it is now the task of the Church Of The Creator to unite all the White peoples of the World into one mighty movement — into one powerful battering ram. We can never do so as long as we have 20,000 confused, ineffective little groups that neither understand the total problem, nor even profess to have a solution, but by and large, only bitch — deplore and lament, deplore and lament. Not only is this the extent of their approach, but when a movement comes along that has a comprehensive creed, purpose and solution these same little "leaders" then turn their full invective on such a movement in order to protect their own little hubris.

In the meantime, we want to re-emphasize the solution. In CREATIVITY we have the answer, the total answer, the whole ball of wax. It is

complete, it is comprehensive, it is consistent. It is in harmony with the Eternal Laws of Nature. It derives its hard earned conclusions from experience and lessons of history. It is based not only on Logic and Common Sense (a rare commodity) but also the inherent stirrings of the White Man's Soul. Why not join with us and build! build! build! a mighty White racial-religious movement that can and will steam roller and crush the vicious enemy once and for all.

We Creators are determined to solve the problem, not just endlessly agonize over it.
Democracy and Christianity must be replaced by the LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLE and by CREATIVITY.
We Creators don't straddle issues. We delineate and resolve them.
Now that 1984 is almost past, RESOLVE that as a White Man you will never again be a slave to Jewish Christianity or the Jewish tax collector.

Democracy and Christianity have spelled the death knell of the White Race.
We cannot win a war of ideas if we have nothing more than a mixed bag of unresolved shibboleths to fight with and for. The White Race must polarize in order to survive.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator

 Article taken from Racial Loyalty #19
 December 11AC (1984)

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