Tuesday, 13 May 2014

An open letter to Judge Lefkow....Rev Matt Hale

                                            Hale Asserts Innocence and Seeks Her Support
Reverend Matt Hale, America's most well-known political prisoner and former leader of the pro-White and anti-Jewish Church of the Creator founded by Ben Klassen in 1973, has written the federal judge he is wrongfully convicted of trying to have murdered , seeking her assistance in obtaining a lie detector test that will corroborate his innocence. In his March 13th letter from the infamous "Supermax" prison in Florence, Colorado, he also accuses the Jewish prosecutor, David Weisman, of deliberately having sought to concoct a phony plot against her life. He has still not received a response from Judge Lefkow to his letter.

Reverend Hale is now making this letter public and does so for several reasons. First, since he has still not received a response, he is concerned that his letter was prevented from reaching Judge Lefkow by those who desperately seek to stop the truth from reaching her that he is innocent of having solicited her murder, that he can prove it, and that the Jewish prosecutor needlessly put her in fear for her life for political reasons. Thus he hopes that his letter may indeed reach Judge Lefkow's attention by his going public with it. Second, since he was recently accused by prison staff of having "harassed" Judge Lefkow by writing her, he wants to show, plainly, that his letter to her was not even remotely harassing in any way. Third, the public simply deserves to know that Reverend Hale has sought Judge Lefkow's help, not hurt, in his struggle for his rightful freedom. The complete text of the letter follows:

March 13, 2014

Judge Joan Lefkow

United States District Court

219 S. Dearborn St.

Chicago, IL 60604

Dear Judge Lefkow,

I had intended on contacting you once I had won my freedom on appeal as I always thought I would. I presumed that if I contacted you in the meantime, your response would be, if anything, that I should simply pursue the legal process. Well, I have and it failed to secure me justice. One look was taken at my name and the nature of the charges and any and all fairness went straight out the window. So, I am forced to write you now under the present circumstances that are certainly less than ideal. I hope that you may please understand. I do not mean you any ill-will in any way and I hope that lack of malice may be mutual, at least while you read this letter. I realize the awkwardness of this situation but I assure you that it is even greater on my end than yours for you see, I am innocent of having solicited your murder and am thus in a horrible situation that few can understand. So, I beg your indulgence that I may be allowed to communicate with you free of any prejudice and hatred that would preclude the attainment of truth and justice. You have undoubtedly been fed so much false information these years that I can only hope that you can somehow set that all aside, at least for the moment.

No matter how many years pass, the truth is still the truth and the truth is that, like I say, I am innocent. So, I ask you this: if I could prove to you my innocence of having solicited your murder, would you still want me to be imprisoned as an innocent man for forty years? In other words, if I could prove to you that I never sought any harm to you, would you still want me to suffer this misery?

You see, I am asking for your help, yes, your help, because you are the only person I know of who could persuade the new AUSA assigned to my case, David Bindi, to give me the lie detector test that I have always sought---a test that will prove without any doubt that I sought you no harm. The test will also prove the following facts:

1) that the government informant was not even talking about you on December 5, 2002 when he queried about exterminating a "Jew rat" and thus there was no solicitation of your murder in any case

2) that I knew that the government informant was exactly that and thus I obviously did not solicit a known government informant to murder you

3) that I turned down the government informant's solicitation on December 17, 2002 that you be murdered and thus not only am I innocent of any solicitation, but I also refused to participate in any plot against your life when offered

4) that the person responsible for all of this, prosecutor David Weisman, deliberately sought to concoct a federal case he knew did not exist

In the meantime, please ask yourself this question: if I had really solicited your murder on December 5, 2002, why would I write you a letter on December 12, 2002 asking you to hear a pending motion in the trademark case? You see, the facts don't fit a murder solicitation and they never did!

Even without the lie detector test, I can prove to you all of the foregoing facts. I only ask that you express a willingness to hear me out. Will you please do so? I will provide you with all of the evidence that you need as soon as I hear back from you. In the meantime, please contact AUSA David Bindl at (312)886-7643 and ask him to provide me with the lie detector test.

A horrible wrong has been done to me these years. I ask only that I be allowed to prove that to your satisfaction and that, once I do, that I perhaps garner your support for my release.

Please consider this request. I hope that I may hear from you soon. I would like to return to the violin that I love.

Sincerely Yours,

Matthew Hale

Matthew F. Hale



P.O. Box 8500

Florence, CO 81226




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