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COINTELPRO, Tactics of our Enemy and the Blind Within...By Rev Logsdon

Ok, first brothers and sisters I will not go into the entire story and history of COINTELPRO as it is quite extensive. But it is a program that is still very active and the MAIN reason for the failure of the pro White cause. Far beyond any other reason and many do not know or simply minimalize its effects on our cause. It is also wrote off by many as a conspiracy theory. When the facts and proof of its active existence is far more prevalent today then ever before.

Follow me through this little journey and I will show you who, when, where and how to combat it. This is a journey I could compile in a 700 plus page book, but for the sake of time and attention I will simplify it as best I can. As I said the entire history of COINTELPRO is far beyond a simple article so for those wanting more extensive research visit the following websites.

 Public eye... COINTELPRO


I was inspired to write this article after I tried doing a simple radio show the night before writing this and I couldn't even get 5 minutes into it without a cadre of agitators trolling saying many childish things. Name calling, ridiculous, unfounded, uneducated accusations.

Rev Logsdon Hosts Black and Silver Solution Radio Jan 2016

Most of us write these very typical things off as the everyday drama of the pro White cause, however. As childish or petty as these things are, they are planned tactical attacks, in most cases anyway. Some are just plain idiotic. I am not saying every single person engaging these things are a part of a bigger grandiose conspiracy. To the contrary, most who do these things are completely oblivious to their actions being manipulated by those who have the greater purpose and agenda. They are simply tools.

I however started this radio show and was going to briefly speak of some of these issues. As I was informed that a few men had their own radio shows in which I was the main topic of conversation. Breaking my name down, making accusations and the typical childish name calling. Now these are men who I have had absolutely NO recent contact with and very minimal previous contact with. Yet they seem so obsessed with me for some apparent reason (it will become apparent). Any educated person will say "if they are so bad, just stay away from them. If you are so better then just do better things and people will see them for what they are." Right? But no, they continue. When in reality if we are both fighting for a pro White cause but just use different tactics, we would be inconsequential to each other. One would think but there are much bigger things going on here. All one has to do is look past the actual immediate issue and see the pattern, the history and the actions.

The original tactics of COINTELPRO were clearly an FBI project but as time when on and the political/culture demographics in this country changed others who have openly been in cooperation with them started applying these tactics as well. Groups such as the SPLC (southern poverty law center) and the ADL (anti-defamation league). Organizations who are very, VERY funded. Most of their funding comes from fear mongering, which I will get to and break down later. But their agenda has always been to keep any significant pro White cause from growing through internal chaos. They use financial means to turn some and fear to turn others. Some do it just out of hatred and animosity. Some do it just to feel like they are a part of something bigger. Either way these people are in no way a friend to our racial survival and are a product of the very same training and programing that has led us to our current predicament.

In a perfect world and maybe in a more broke down chaotic world they would be pulled from their homes, exposed, ousted and then ultimately executed in the streets like the despicable, cowardly dogs they are. Because unlike those who's natural purpose is to seek our destruction, namely the Jews, these people have been exposed to the truths and double standards. They have educated themselves upon them, lived upon its philosophies and principles (at least on the surface). Yet they CHOOSE to side with our enemies plan for our destruction. There my friends is the big difference. You can predict and foresee your natural enemies purpose and tactics. But when they use our own against us it is hard to counter or predict.

Imagine this scenario. A pack of wolves are in the forest, they stumble upon the scent of a deer. They track it, then they follow it. They eventually find said deer. Now the Alpha, a seasoned hunter leads the pack, he stalks the deer. You see he knows from his education and history exactly what direction the deer will run, what he will do. So the kill is a complete certainty. What he doesn't know is that the head Beta is secretly working with the deer. (this is a scenario people so bear with me). Why the Beta is working with the deer against his own pack is only ones guess as he will not expose himself. Maybe the Beta has a desire to be the Alpha of the pack, but cannot take him out on his own, so he teams up with the deer to accomplish his goals. Maybe he has hatred and animosity for the Alpha and just wants to see him fail, because the Alpha succeeded where he could not. Hell, maybe he just hates his fellow wolf kind. But either way he seeks only his own selfish purposes over the survival, expansion and advancement of his own kind.

As the Alpha goes to make his move towards the deer, the Beta comes up on his side and bites the Alpha right in the jugular. This weakens the Alpha and before he can turn around and kill his lesser to show his dominance the other wolves see his weakness. Now his weakness was not that he could be bested by the Beta, to the contrary, he has done so in many ways previously. That is way he has continued so long as the Alpha of the pack. But it was his failure to recognise the traitor beside him who seeks his own glory and purpose. This however does not matter to the rest of the pack. All they see is weakness and failure. 

An internal power struggle ensues and wolf turns on wolf. In some cases the Beta might succeed, he kills the Alpha and takes his throne. But he won only through deceit and in a time of deceit he will end with the same fate. But in most cases, as this, the wolves continue to turn on one another. In an eternal power struggle that ultimately leads to the destruction of the pack. Meanwhile the deer goes on being a deer and is the only real winner. Morale of the story is that the wolves can only be defeated from within. As in the case of our people, our racial enemies cannot compete with us when we are united through honor. Our enemy knows this and has for years. Can we ever not turn on each other? That will remain to be seen, but for now let me get back to the subject at hand.

I think or better yet hope you all understand the point I made above because it is very similar to the eternal power struggles within this cause and the deliberate actions by many. But anyway lets move on to our next example, the methods of COINTELPRO. Because you must recognise your enemy and his actions. 

Method 1: Infiltration: Agents and informers did not merely spy on political activists. Their main purpose was to discredit and disrupt. Their very presence served to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. The FBI and police exploited this fear to smear genuine activists as agents.


Sound familiar? Now see in this recent issue, speaking of the radio show and agitators. As I said these men we had no contact with. We/I don't seek them out on social media, we don't call/text harass them. We don't talk about them. In fact we actively seek to avoid them because we don't agree with their tactics, their attitudes or just generally don't like them. But they seek us out, stalk us, talk about us, etc. Are you starting to get it??? Now as I said not all of these people are intentionally working against us but being used by others. Here is an example:

Now I will never mention people or organizations by name as if I give them any validation for their actions then they know they are doing their job and it gives them the attention they so desperately seek.

But for prosperity purposes lets call subject/agent A Will Doper and subject/agent B Ben Dicklack.

Now lets take these two individuals but with their own separate purposes and tactics. More then likely oblivious to each others own involvement with, well whoever they are working with. Odds are in the employment/services of one of the two organizations I mentioned before, the SPLC or ADL. These are just the two biggest org's who work towards our failures, two of many. But we will stick with them for now. These two find a common cause and can use and manipulate each other for their own purposes, while they don't conflict. Which they will eventually, either they go their separate ways or they will turn on each other.

But for now they have solidarity on a common field. Lets start with subject A Will Doper. Now this individual for whatever purpose like I talked about above. He first cannot simply come out and slander people. Because then it will be very apparent to all that he just wants to start problems. So he has to make a name for himself. He is a physical coward and knows he cant earn a reputation through his prowess or manly hood. That he cant earn his place by gaining the respect of his fellow men through honor or loyalty like a brotherhood. No, he goes the route many cowardly men have gone. Through politics. They act as intellectuals, as that men should follow them because they know what's best. Men like this are articulate and intelligent and can easily manipulate the minds of unexperienced and uneducated people. This Doper will go from one political org to another. Doing his best to disrupt, discredit and destroy it in his process. His history has always ended in failure. Whether organizational wise, even in his personal life. His greed for whatever his overall purpose is overwhelming. But during his tenures with these orgs he will use them as platforms to cause dissension with his host org and others. Through his stature as an intellectual/political leader within it. Boasting "well I am the blah, blah of this". He will even put himself in harms way at times, it serves the purpose to legitimize himself to others. Who knows Mr. Doper here may believe he can be the grand poo bah to lead his people to victory. But by this alone he cannot achieve his goals, he must also tear others down to rise himself above them. I talked about it in another article. 

 Yertle the Turtle... By Rev Logsdon

But his political actions are one of failure as well, but earn respect from those that don't know its failures. Let me go off track a little and explain. For the past nearly 30 years men in our cause have tried to organize and protest against a corrupt system. Standing behind police barricades because they are so outnumbered. Giving speeches to communists who don't give a damn what you have to say, all for the sake of bad media publicity. But lets go a step further in the example. A certain neo Nazi organization here in the states uses the system to the T. They choose a city, usually that suffered from a racial issue and plan an event. They do so far in advance that way they can promote it an advertise for it. They make sure everyone knows about it even anti racists groups. The always liberal media gets a hold of it. They run articles on it stirring fear "neo-Nazis plan to march". Then they interview usually a member of the SPLC or like minded group. They portray them as the hero's fighting against the evil racists. So when every blind liberal White in the area reads the paper they see the good guy (SPLC) and the bad guy (White racists).

In most cases the paper will put the SPLC's contact so all these people say "oh my the Nazi's are coming to town? let me help these nice folks who are fighting against them". Last time I personally spoke to the leader of said neo Nazi org I told him I would love to see the financial spreadsheet of the SPLC every time you do a rally because I guarantee it is the main reason they are able to be so well funded! But bad media publicity, financial gain of anti's isn't the only negative about these actions. Any regular non movement White person who is fed up about our racial strife will look at the men out there and not want a damn thing to do with the pro White cause! The common rabble, not the speakers are usually the bottom barrel of our kin, with nothing better to do but join others in lashing out at the system.

Then the FBI will document the event, creating profiles on each attendee and use it to justify further surveillance and harassment. I can go on. But I speak from experience! I was one of those fools who believed I was making a difference and taking a stand. I gave more public speeches then most of these people ever will. I travelled all over the country, spending all my money doing so. It wasn't until I gave my last speech in Toledo that I looked out at the crowd of screaming anti's and asked myself "what are we accomplishing here?". Then I started seeing all the massive holes in the tactic. I never did it again and never will. If I speak again and I have and will but only to MY people and only to inspire THEM, not to agitate non whites and serve our enemies interests!!!

But back to Subject A. Him and others like him use this pointless method to legitimize  themselves. While there are those that really think as I did, that they are making a difference the reality is that it does not serve the pro White mission. Only when the community as a whole stands up with you will it work. As in Poland for example. When we do it we get what 40 to 50 people tops. They get thousands! But subject A does not care about "making a difference" he just wants to serve his purpose. Without the concern of the damage it may cause. He gains his little following of uneducated and unexperienced through his exploits of the above. Once he has their command as a puppet master he pits them against those he wants to tear down.

Now before I go into the poor fools who follow let me first jump to example B, Ben Dicklack. Now this person, being oblivious or apathetic to being used by example A will allow so to serve also his purpose. He is a more common breed in todays movement. He uses the internet, radio and Youtube to promote himself and at the same time to discredit and slander others. He legitimizes himself through campaigns and fundraisers. Sometime for the very same purpose of example A. With taking his own cut I am sure. Starting to see how this little circle jerk works?

He will provide a platform for his own agenda, example A's agenda or anyone who they can use to attack those they seek to undermine. He will get a cult following by seeming tough, hard nose, no nonsense, controversial attitude. He will make grandiose claims and constantly build up his own mystique. In many cases, beings he is not a "public" person as our example A because he may being trying to maintain a normal life outside his manipulations in the pro white cause. This means usually example B's actual purpose more then likely isn't for self grandiose entitlement but more simple. Financial, or hate and animosity. But he may take on a false persona, fake name. Let us say in example B's case he may use the name Melvin Marris. Either way just as damaging. Now he will rile up his cult following, he will get them to attack others via internet, radio, phone or text. He will convince them just as example A does that those they wish to tear down are the REAL racial enemy and that they are the salvation. Convincing them that those they attack are secretly working with "ZOG" or the enemy. Remember method 1?

Now both parties will try to remain hands off most of the time sending their blind followers in harms way. But in the rare circumstances they will befriend their enemies in order to try to break down from within. Turning brother against brother or as my example story dictates wolf against wolf.

These blind followers as oblivious to what they do are far from being guilt free in the greater scheme of things. These people are usually lost individuals. They like many who join the movement, never really fit in anywhere. Growing up in school they didn't fit in with the cool kids, the jocks, the nerds, etc. They were essentially unimportant. Then when they find the pro White movement they find it easily excepting. It, the pro White cause, has always been desperate for numbers. Especially in such bleak times. So it sacrifices quality, integrity, honor and loyalty. All for the sake of a facade of support. Usually when things get REAL these people tuck tail and run or they find some other cause to attach themselves to. Why do you think you see so many jump back and forth from pro White to anti White? There's your answer.

However these minions of agents will follow blindly because they feel a part of something, they feel friendship. But it never lasts. Because they don't realize example A and B are only using them to serve their agenda. That's why both parties cannot keep people in their life long. Whether it be from their peers, their minions, and even their significant others in their personal life. They themselves follow blindly seeking their agenda, lying, manipulating, stealing and hurting anything or anyone in their path never finding true victory because they themselves are being used. Like the Beta male they will destroy themselves to accomplish their goal. While their masters are the true winners.

So lets sum up here by once again letting method 1 speak for its self:

Method 1: Infiltration: Agents and informers did not merely spy on political activists. Their main purpose was to discredit and disrupt. Their very presence served to undermine trust and scare off potential supporters. The FBI and police exploited this fear to smear genuine activists as agents.

Whether they do it for money, personal gain, hate or animosity. There it is and we let them win when we engage with them. When we feed into them, it gives them and ONLY them the power. Because it creates chaos or to use a more common pro White term "DRAMA". We can clearly combat this, never end it but at least take their power away. But first let me finish up with the other COINTELPRO methods and the difference/similarities between them.

2. Psychological Warfare From the Outside: The FBI and police used a myriad of other "dirty tricks" to undermine progressive movements. They planted false media stories and published bogus leaflets and other publications in the name of targeted groups. They forged correspondence, sent anonymous letters, and made anonymous telephone calls. They spread misinformation about meetings and events, set up pseudo movement groups run by government agents, and manipulated or strong-armed parents, employers, landlords, school officials and others to cause trouble for activists.

I have personally had this done to me and The Creativity Movement. Two summers ago I awoke, got a cup of coffee and went over to check my phone. To my shock I had 19 voicemails. Well, being used to harassment I figured it was some anti, calling over and over. But no it was all separate threatening voicemails. I checked the miss calls and the majority of them all came from the same number. So I called it back. It was the St Clair county hospital in Port Huron. So I told the receptionist that I received multiple harassing numbers from their hospital and she forwarded me off to the administrator. The phone call at first was very angry and threatening. I stopped her and said "look lady I don't know what the HELL your talking about." she calmed down and told me that someone had made up a flyer with a picture of black people hanging from a tree with the underneath caption. "save the white race, kill all non whites now!" Beneath it said "contact Rev James Logsdon" with my cell and home address following.

This happened multiple times in different locations. I found out who and where it came from. One disgruntled  person and his mother were doing it. This person was upset with me as I refused his membership in TCM. Based on, well after this, accurate assumptions. They even put over a hundred in peoples mailboxes, which is a federal offense. I had to have a long talk with the St Clair county Sheriff    Even though I knew the persons name, I never revealed it them. Instead we just told him very politely to stop it or we would have no choice.

We had over a dozen situations like this over the years. One person actually put out flyers with a picture of a celebrity and her family on the back. You imagine me shaking my head after I had to talk to Brooke Shields and her attorney!!! In which thankfully they didn't sue because in this case it was an actual previous disgruntled  member. But these issues I don't believe were deliberate actions from the powers to be or anyone working with them. Just similar tactics of psychological cowardly warfare. Subconscious servitude.


Well, friends if you did your research with the links I provided above, you would know how much this is REAL and not just conspiracy. ENTIRE ORGANIZATIONS!!! Ill just let you think about that one.

The rest of that method is as self explanatory and up to this point I think you get it and have seen situations similar to this.

3. Harassment Through the Legal System: The FBI and police abused the legal system to harass dissidents and make them appear to be criminals. Officers of the law gave perjured testimony and presented fabricated evidence as a pretext for false arrests and wrongful imprisonment. They discriminatorily enforced tax laws and other government regulations and used conspicuous surveillance, "investigative" interviews, and grand jury subpoenas in an effort to intimidate activists and silence their supporters.

Well I know many of us have experienced this. The FBI for years used this as scare tactics to chase people off. It worked and saved them from applying the previous ones. But with the new age and much more people coming into the cause, budget cuts due to a failing political and financial institutions, they are stretched too thin to apply these to everyone they would like to. So instead they apply #1. They also make examples of leaders within this movement. The SPLC does it through lawsuits. Taking away the financial opportunities both property and money. Example, Metzger, Edwards. They even tried it against TCM founder PME Klassen that later trickled down to William Pierce. If you become to much of a threat and are not phased or damaged by the first two then we have seen they will eliminate you through the corrupt legal system. Prime example PME Rev Matt Hale. I have experienced enough of this to write a series of books on! But lets move on to the last.

 Method.4. Extralegal Force and Violence: The FBI and police threatened, instigated, and themselves conducted break-ins, vandalism, assaults, and beatings. The object was to frighten dissidents and disrupt their movements. In the case of radical Black and Puerto Rican activists (and later Native Americans), these attacksincluding political assassinationswere so extensive, vicious, and calculated that they can accurately be termed a form of official "terrorism."

Now here is the rub and the BIG difference between those COINTELPRO agents that work for the SPLC, ADL etc., and those who work for Government agencies. This is a much older tactic that was prevalent back between the 50's 60's and 70's, even into the 80's. Back then then the media was easier to control, manipulate and threaten into submission. There was no internet, bloggers or Youtube. They had agents kill in order to prove themselves to leaders of the orgs they were trying to infiltrate. You see an actual FBI or one working for them or other Government agency have the protection of the court. The SPLC, ADL and others can pay agents, provide them with intel, send others to back them and help them in their endeavors. However they have no control or manipulation over the court system. That's the feds jurisdiction and as much as they help each other out they wont risk their careers to serve their personal plans, unless they are the same.

So the COINTELPRO agents outside the government are not going to do much more then techno terrorize. They wont meet up when challenged as we have seen many times, they wont follow through on any of their threats or do A DAMN THING. It is only a facade that has power through our responses. Our anger and frustrations, the chaos I told you they seek!

As this last method is not in use, at least as far as we know, that's not to say it wont again. It will be used as a last ditch effort. As they probably don't want to or have the need right now. Down the road their may be men who enter organizations. They are gonna be tough men, mean men. Willing to drive halfway across the country to crack the skull of someone who the leaders want them to. Hell, it could even be one of the agents of the previous methods. Whatever they have to do to prove themselves within the ranks. And when the times is right they will instigate dissension within. Many times by using the previous methods.

Now how to combat this. Well lets first simplify it.

Step 1. Recognition.

You can see by someone's history, pattern and actions. Going out of their way to make themselves seem better through comparisons to those they want to tear down. Obsessive attitudes. Any normal man wont get too bent out of shape over another man they have never met for very little reason. Just based off the assumptions of things they are told or read online. Use common sense, not paranoia. If they act too serious over petty things usually there are hidden reasons or agendas. If they actively seek out your friends only to turn them against you, etc.

Step 2. Avoidance.

There platform is based upon your response. The banter is what creates the internal chaos they seek. Everyone fighting amongst themselves instead of against the real enemy. Remember the wolves? And the deer runs away. You must simply not engage them in ANY WAY! They will bait you, provoke you, lie on you and smear your name. They will say the nastiest things. Still do not engage. It is the upon the life of lies the coward reigns supreme. Social media, even when they prank call and text. This is not real life but the facade of it. Or at least it shouldn't be your life. It is the bait to anger you, frustrate you and distract you away from what you should be focussing on. The real enemy, your racial enemy!

Step 3. Record, observe and remember.

It will be the most difficult task and maybe not one for the thin skinned. You will see what they say about you, your friends and brothers. Keep a record of it for later if you wish, it may be used to expose those who seek to infiltrate within. Keep track of the players, remember and if they do flock away from their safety bubbles treat is such. Real men don't threaten they act. Remain silent until you see the white of their beady eyes, then black them. Show them if they venture out from their cowardly platform they will be held accountable for their actions!

Step 4. Stay focussed on positivity.

It is so easy to become distracted by their and others nonsense and drama. Just remember allot of it is intentional. Actions of the enemy. Make realistic plans and goals. Even if they fail, take the positives out of it and move on to the next. Make them simple at first. For instance bring one new person to a get together. Then two and so forth. The spiral of negativity and depression can lead you down a deep hole that is hard to get out of.

Step 5. Trust no one. But, a BIG but, give people a chance. Make people earn your trust and if you are an honest, reliable trustworthy person you will earn theirs. But once again, always be on guard. If you have a true brother/friend you know it. Don't fuck it up. The gook Sun Tzu said the best way to defend against your enemy is to make your position unsalable. So in simplistic terms and to make it easy don't give your enemy or potential enemy anything to use against you. Clean up your backyard, don't do or say anything stupid and don't give them ammo to use against you at a later date. Then you don't have to be paranoid and walk on eggshells, you stomp then in the ground as you walk head held high.

Step 6. Where there's smoke there's fire.

If you hear something from multiple people there may be some truth to it. As #1 of Creativity's "what a creator is not". A Creator is not gullible and does not easily accept any statement belief or assertion or assumption that to him is lacking in proof and/or is unreasonable in the light of his own experience. However do your homework and find out for yourself.

Step 7. Be prepared.

I always tell people an old statement I was told by an old man. Expect the best but be prepared for the worst. From every "method" they can throw at you expect it not to happen but be prepared when it does. Men threaten violence, take it as its source but never let your guard down.

Finally Step 8. Be yourself.
Have fun, realize how important this task is, how much is at stake, the dangers we and our people face. But don't get burnt out. Many of racialists, give up, get frustrated and simply not only quit the movement but life in general. Apathy is the more appropriate name for this generation. The swarms of news articles and negativity that we see everyday, bellow a pessimistic tone. It desensitizes us and our actions. It is important to take time for yourself, appreciate yourself, love yourself, for what you have and what you can have. We have a long road ahead and the real fight hasn't even begun. Lets not be to worn out to fight.

Now my brothers and sisters you do these basic things and you will find that the future will be much brighter and happier. It wont be easy but it will be worth it in the long run. These internal enemies that serve our true racial enemies will eventually turn on each other like the jackals and Beta males they are.

I have faith in you.
And together we can win this Racial Holy War! 

Rev James Logsdon
TCM and Black and Silver.
Jan 43AC (2016)

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