Friday, 15 January 2016

Go Back to Europe!

Not too long ago when a White person would question the Demographic Genocide taking place in North America, the Zionist Cultural Marxists would of course scream, racist! They would also use the  refrain... If you don't like it, GO BACK TO EUROPE! When was the last time that refrain was used by the Marxists? The encouragement of White People to G.B.T.E is out, it's now.. " The World will be a better place when the White People are gone"  So, it's no longer just a case of if you don't want to be a part of the new order you are welcome to leave, it has morphed rather quickly into we want you dead!
Demographic Genocide (Metapedia)           

Systematic White Genocide via Demographic displacement in Europe is occurring at a greater/more rapid scale than here in North America. The recent flood of invaders from Syria and N. Africa into Europe especially Germany, is a bold acceleration of that part of their White Genocide plan. If White People do not fight back now, most of Europe will be enveloped by the mud races. Europe is no longer a sanctuary for White People, they don't want a Land(s) for us to call our own therefore cannot tell us to "GO BACK TO EUROPE"  the message now is..... Just die.

" Our beliefs are strongly reinforced by an overwhelming mass of substantiated evidence. They are based on the eternal Laws of Nature; they are based on the lessons and experience of history; furthermore; they are based on logic, common sense and reality, not myth and fantasy. No other religion can honestly make this claim."  The Creativity Movement.

Lessons and experience from History. Europe is experiencing Demographic Genocide on a grand scale, the impact has been felt immediately. Murder/Rape/Thievery/ Terrorist attacks/Grooming gangs etc. New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany and other cities in Europe were introduced to an Arab rape "game" they call Taharush where a group of "Men" surround a Women during large events such as NYE celebrations then molest and rape them while the other "Men" stand guard on the perimeter acting as a wall in front of those who might try and help the victim. Is this "Cultural Enrichment"?
Egypt's sexual assault epidemic (Aljazeera 2013)      

History does not have to be 50 or more years in the past to learn from it.  Europe's recent history should be a dramatic warning for White people around the world, it is a preview of things to come. The days of "White flight" are coming to a quick end, those with the financial means will be able to survive in their lifetime by moving far away from the infested cities or be protected within their patrolled gated communities, those without the monetary means will be left behind to be swallowed up by the non White invaders.

Among those living in the gated communities are the ones who imposed/facilitated the Demographic displacement, these treacherous  hypocrites preach "multiculturalism/diversity" yet they themselves will have no interaction with the trash they have imported, their offspring will not be forced to attend dangerous and sub-standard schools polluted with non Whites. Gated communities and distance from the cities are not sustainable and only serve as short term solutions. Where will their children take "flight" to? The invaders will eventually make their way to where White people have fled, the gated communities will be easily over taken. The option of going back to Europe no longer exists, the Mother and Father Lands are at this time in greater peril than the colonies.

The time has come for White fight and White separation or it will be White extinction.

For Natures Finest
Brother Smith
Jan 43AC (2016)


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