Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Rev Matt Hale... The Media is Silent

Reverend Matt Hale has been in solitary confinement at Florence(SuperMax) prison in Florence, Colorado for over twelve years. He was found guilty of having solicited the murder of Chicago Judge Joan Lefkow in 2004. There was never any evidence presented at trial that Reverend Hale committed any crime, He is a political prisoner.

You the media, have received many press releases and do not seem to be interested in allowing the public any information on this horrible travesty. Our government and our FBI can and will lock away any pro-White activist using any means and method, any criminal action necessary to get it done.

Now, the warden at the prison wants to put Reverend Hale in general population where he can be killed. The warden told Hale that he knows he(Hale) doesn't belong there, doesn't know what to do.  The solution is to send Hale to Pekin, IL prison where the judge at trial suggested he be sent. 

 I have asked the media many times to read the trial transcript which will prove Hales innocence. Is there just one reporter that does care that an innocent man has suffered all these years for a crime he did not commit. There has been one reporter in the past(Larry Yellen) from Fox news in Chicago that tried to do an interview with Rev. Hale at Florence. He was refused by the prison. Apparently, the prison does allow some prisoners to do interviews, just not pro-White Rev. Hale. There's that word again, (pro-White).

The complete trial transcript can be read on the website, freematthale.net.
FREE MATT HALE.. Trial Transcripts and Exhibits
Take the time to read it and see what our FBI and our government can do to you. Your innocence means nothing to them. They have the power!

                     Contact: Evelyn Hutcheson




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