Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Twilight or Revival? .. By Rev Matt Hale

Is it the twilight of our Race?
And the victory of the base?
Or will our people rally now, today
And restore their rightful place?

Will a dawn break the mist
And the sun through the days persist?
Or will our people be swept away
No hands to clench a fist?

Is it the twilight of our Race
And the height of our disgrace?
Or will our people stand, courageously so
And together as one, embrace?

Will the waves meet a shore
That shall exist forevermore?
Or one whose past has come
Mere echo of forgotten love?

Will our descendants continue alive
From the coma will our people revive?
Only we can will, yea or nay
Whether our Race may still survive. 

Rev Matt Hale

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