Friday, 22 July 2016

Rev Matt Hale..(Appeal Case) Retrial Denied

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Supporters!

I regret to say that, once again, we have been denied justice by an "American" court of law; I just found out from my mother via email that my case for freedom before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has been denied.

What is remarkable about the decision is that the "court" did not see fit to even provide a reason for its decision, which is nearly unheard of in a case of this nature.  Rather, as the paid whores that they are of the Jewish Occupational Government, it was enough for them as far as they were concerned simply to issue a single sentence saying that the judgment of the lower court is affirmed. They did that, of course, because they cannot justify that decision on the facts or on the law.

There are some who would take issue with me calling judges "whores of the Jewish Occupational Government" but what else are they?  Again and again we have proven over the years that the facts and the law require at a minimum that I be allowed a hearing whereby I can prove my claims that I am being held in prison in violation of the Constitution of the United States but the simple fact of the matter is that the Constitution has been overthrown in this country, just as I say in The Racial Loyalist Manifesto. 


It is important to understand that this is no longer the country of our forefathers; rather, this is a country that is totally under the thumb of the Jews, whether directly through their rule or indirectly through the Jewish mentality that has been foisted upon it.  I cannot respect a decision that provides no lawful or factual basis for its issuance, but instead just says that "the lower court's judgment is affirmed."  I and we deserved a hell of a lot better than that.  If the "court" wasn't interested in dispensing justice, why did it bother ordering oral argument and appoint counsel in my case?  It would seem that the fix was in, for otherwise it would have provided some kind of rationale for its decision.  
Anyway, that is the story.  Needless to say, we are going to be filing a petition for review by the Supreme Court, for what it is worth. Furthermore, it is possible and indeed likely that I will be filing another case now that I am in a different circuit than the Tenth; since I am now in the Seventh Circuit with my move to Terre Haute, the Tenth Circuit's "judgment" is not binding on the courts here.  So, all is not lost, nor will we ever BE lost.  I am reminded by what the great World War II German Stuka pilot Hans Ulrich Rudel had to say, "Only he is lost who gives himself up for lost!"  I have lived with that adage in my heart and mind since I read his great book, Stuka Pilot, when I was 13 years old.

I am an innocent man and no smears upon my person or truncated judgments by rigged courts will ever change that fact.  I have never "solicited" harm in my life to anybody or anything.  My church and Creativity religion stand for the best of men and actions and things have never been otherwise.
I can only implore each one of you to take up the slack of my wrongful imprisonment and win over others to the love that we Racial Loyalists/Creators already have for our White people.  I am only one man and my pain will assuredly be gone one day.  Our race though, must live ever afterwards.

Yours Truly For the Salvation of our People,
Rev. Matt Hale
July 43AC (2016)

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