Sunday, 10 July 2016

Rev Matt Hale..Ending White Slavery / The Racial Loyalist Manifesto

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Supporters!

I just share some thoughts with you today to give you a better understanding of who I am and how I think. All my life I have felt that I have the capacity to change the world and I live by that sentiment on a daily basis.  When I was in kindergarten, I remember my teacher complaining to my mother, for example, that I absolutely insisted in printing my name in all capital letters.  Well, that was because I felt instinctively that my name DESERVED to be in all capital letters!

I am also keenly aware of my own limited time on this earth and try to maximize that time for the benefit of that which will live after me:  our great White Race.  As such, I try hard not to live "in" time.  Rather, I live OUTSIDE of time.  In other words, I do not live for today or even for tomorrow.  Rather, I live so that I can accomplish things for our people, things whose benefit will actually be felt much more keenly when I will have breathed no more.  As such, there have been times when I even forget that I am in prison; that is because all of my thoughts are concentrated on my being a man who does NOT live for the moment unlike the vast majority of humanity.  Rather, it is my task to do and to create things that will enable me and my works to live forever.  That is what matters to me, not chewing the cud of a mediocre social order that only lives for the moment and cares not a damn about the future.  It is my WORKS that matter, not my happiness; it is GREATNESS that matters, not this transitory life itself.

Two of those works are Ending White Slavery and The Racial Loyalist Manifesto.  I demanded absolute perfection from those works because I am resolved that anything I permanently create must be perfect and stand out from the herd of mediocrities who likewise (unfortunately) put pen to paper.  All my life I have actually abhored "fitting in" with other people and what the average person cares about today, I have tried hard all my life NOT to care about.  Anyway, such is who I am.  Though my parents disliked one another and eventually divorced when I was eight years old, they shared one trait at least in common:  they both thought that they were better than everybody else and generally with good reason!  Needless to say, I inherited that attribute.  Thus, the way I see it, if people think of me as just another pro-White leader, I have failed.  If they think my books are just two more pro-White books to be added among the many that already exist, I've failed.  If they keep my books in a mere "list" of things they also plan on reading, I've failed.  If people do not promote my books to others, I've failed.  If people do not think that my books stand above other books, I've failed.  As such, I place higher demands upon myself than most people.  The last thing I would want to do is write for money or even for pleasure.  Rather, I write for GREATNESS AND TO CHANGE THE WORLD, quite simply.  All of my work for our cause demands excellence and no one demands that excellence more than myself.

So, if you agree that Ending White Slavery and The Racial Loyalist Manifesto are indeed excellent, I ask that you put it into the hands of your family, your friends, and your neighbors without any further ado.  Order as many copies from......
THE RACIAL LOYALIST MANIFESTO.. By Matthew Male...AMAZON  today and likewise support my family in our struggle.  Donate the books to libraries, used bookstores, and everywhere else that books exist.  On the other hand, if you think that Ending White Slavery and The Racial Loyalist Manifesto are NOT excellent, please do not promote them in any way.  I believe, however, that those in favor of their excellence will rule the day. With that I close for now.  I have a third book to write, thus doing what I can for our people under my present circumstances.


Yours Truly for Our Folk!
Rev. Matt Hale


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