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Sermon From Solitary Dec 2016..By Rev Matt Hale

Straightening out the White Man's Thinking...
(Spoken word below.... By Rev James Mac)

My Fellow Creators, Brothers and Sisters. I am happy to resume my sermons from solitary at this juncture for two reasons. First, I am, of course, back in solitary confinement. Second, and more importantly, I have learned during the course of discovery in my lawsuit against the B.O.P. that my mail rights were NOT taken away from me previously because of my sermons but, for a different reason altogether. Of course, it would have been nice had somebody explained the reason to me at the time (January 40AC) but alas, nobody did and I was forced to assume that my sermons were the "culprit" for lack of any other explanation or theory that made sense to me. In any case, here I am and I'm glad to be here. My absence pained me, as you might imagine. That is because my religion--our religion--is my life and that is so because it contains everything that is of importance to me in this world: the love I have for my family, the love I have for our race, and the love that I have for the principle that our race and its works must survive in this world. That is a non-negotiable principle, meaning that I will not forsake it under any circumstances, and I trust that you as Creators will not forsake it either. Yes we mean for our race to live.

We do not consider that to be a bad sentiment to have. We are in fact proud of that sentiment and stand by it always. We are not bashful about stating that we love our White Race and that its future is more important than anything else. We would challenge anybody to explain to us, sensibly, why the future of our own White people should not matter to us. It cannot be done. OF COURSE the future of White people should matter to White people and it is to safeguard that future that our Creativity religion came into existence. While others may worry about saving supposed "souls," Creators are much more interested in saving our flesh and blood PEOPLE from the annihilation that currently awaits it unless things change.

It is on that note that I wish to talk at some length about the wonderful book that I had the opportunity to read recently entitled The Camp of the Saints, by Jean Raspail. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you read this book, and if you have read it before, you should read it again. I wish I had read it decades ago instead of only doing so once I was sent to "The Hole." It may well be the greatest novel written for the future of our kind ever and I'll even say that no Racial Loyalist's life can be deemed complete without him or her having read this powerful book! I have long believed that the QUALITY of the books we read matters far more than their QUANTITY and perhaps nowhere is that better evidenced than with The Camp of the Saints.

The Camp of the Saints is essentially the dramatization of the mind poison that is afflicting our White people today; in other words the book vividly describes how it is the White Man's MIND that is leading our White Race to disaster. In the book, France is facing the invasion of a million Hindus, a peaceful invasion which for that very reason strikes our people dumb with the compassion for which they are so notorious. Since the Hindus are "poor refugees," Christian compassion kicks in and our French brethren are left unable to defend their country. The result is that non-white invasion fleets from all over the world then proceed to invade the rest of the White world and our race is mongrelized into oblivion. Obviously then the story does not end happily but I consider that a good thing, not bad, because it is exactly the premonition of destruction that the reader needs to be confronted with if he is going to be lulled out of his complacency.

What is remarkable is that the book was written in 1973, the very same year as our Creativity religion was founded with the publication of Nature's Eternal Religion, and that a "peaceful" invasion of Europe is going on right now under very similar circumstances. It is as if Brother Raspail had written The Camp of the Saint's in order to show, in the form of fiction, how screwed up the thinking of the White Man had become, and then Ben Klassen proceeded to create a religion that would straighten it out! The Camp of the Saints reveals, with overwhelming clarity that it is the Christian religion that is leading our people to racial disaster, specifically the Christian ethic of compassion for the weak and the inferior, and unless we rid ourselves of that Christian compassion, we can forget about saving our White Race from destruction. The book is a tour de force and the drama leaps off the page so quickly that you can barely turn the pages fast enough. It is a literary masterpiece aside from its message.

It is for all of these reasons that I therefore urge all of you--Creator and especially non-Creator--to read The Camp of the Saints and Nature's Eternal Religion in conjunction with one another. Read about the problem and the potential disaster resulting from that problem, and then read the solution: our great Creativity Religion.

Even if you are not much of a reader of novels, you need to make an exception here, and even if you as Creator are already aware of the pernicious influence that the Christian religion has, and has had, on the drive of our White people to fight for and defend their own kind, you still need to read The Camp of the Saint's to motivate yourself to give forth the effort that is necessary to convert your racial brethren to Creativity and save them from destruction. It is not good enough, in other words, to have merely a rational understanding, or theoretical understanding, of what the problem is and its solution. Rather, all of us, now and then, need something to make our blood boil so that we can get out of the easy chair and fight for the future of our kind with all of the tenacity that that requires. The bottom line is that The Camp of the Saints is coming to a town near you, and the same outcome that happens in the book is going to happen in reality unless we achieve the victory of our Creativity religion that we seek. We have to straighten out the White Man's thinking before it is too late. Putting Nature's Eternal Religion and The Camp of the Saints into your friends' and families hands is a great idea.

Let me close this sermon by urging all of you to do the most basic thing as Creators of all: form your own church in your own area. Recall that this is what our Founder urged all of us to do in NER and there is simply no time like the present to put that instruction into effect. Our Church was and is meant to be a real flesh, blood, and building church just as much as the Christians', the Muslims', the Jews', or anybody else's. It is simply imperative that every Creator form his own church group in his own area and start having services. Obtain bulk copies of The Little White Book so that your congregation can read from it together. Have plenty of copies of NER and The White Man's Bible on hand for new members of your congregation. Choose the most talented among you to be your minister. We need our churches to take root all over the world and not just be on a computer Screen. Yes, the internet is important for us to communicate our doctrine but we need social interaction in the flesh as well. Wouldn't you like for people to drive down the street one day and see a CREATIVITY' church on the corner? That can certainly happen and it is up to us to MAKE it happen. The people are ripe for our message and in Europe especially, the old religion is dying a speedy death. There is no reason why we cannot fill that void without any further ado and give our people the spiritual tools they need to ensure their own future.

Rev Matt Hale
Dec 43AC (2016)



Matt’s Renewed Motion to Be Removed from Retaliatory Solitary Confinement Due to Changed Circumstances – December 19, 2016

Sermon from Solitary Narrated by...Rev James Mac


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