Monday, 12 December 2016

The Trump Train ...By Rev Matt Hale

and why we Should Take it to our own Destination.........................

Many of you have no doubt wondered by now where I stand on the rise of
Donald Trump, especially now that he has succeeded in becoming President of
the United States. It is a complicated issue, one that eludes a simple for or against answer. I am well aware of his Jewish connections. I am well aware that. his daughler is literally in bed with a Jew. I am also aware of his praise for the bandit State of Israel, his employment of thousands of non-whites, and his general lack of a Racial Loyalist worldview. All of that said, however, I have been rooting for his electoral victory all along and thought that that
would indeed occur when everybody else was saying that his bid for the
presidency was some kind of a joke (.luly 2015). I wanted Trump to win because
I knew that the issue is not the man so much as what he has come to represent in the rninds of those who would like to see the White Man dispossessed of everything that he has in this world: White resentment, White backlash, and White resurgence. It, is no! then vfrrether I like him personally that, is the issue as far as I am concerned, but rather the effect of attainment of the presidency has had, both on our enemies as well as upon our friends.  

That is a point which has been largely missed by his Racial Loyalist opponents, in my view. So, let me repeat: it is not the man himself that matters but what his victory means that matlers, which is that the ongoing dispossession of our White Race in this country is not going to have a free ride, that White people are waking up to the war that is being waged against their future in this country, and that the enemies of that future are going absolutely nuts at the prospect that we might just succeed at taking back our country. That is the significance of the rise of Donald Trump, not, whether he is going to actually do what he has promised to do.

( Indeed, he has already backed off many of his campaign promises, which is no surprise to me.) what matters is that White people have shown that the voting power of the various
assorted mud peoples and their White traitor backers is not, destined to automatically decide the outcomes of the elections in this country going forward, and that White people are finally, at long last', beginning to form a solid voting block of their own, for their own perceived best interestsr that can and will win instead of allowing themselves to be split right down the middle and canceled out by their own votes as had occurred for generations. In
other words, it is now the White vote that matters in this country -as the liberal dernocratic media has now grudgingly admitted--and that, is about. damn time. We can thus judge whether we should favor Donald Trump or not by the reaction that he evokes in our foes and let's face it: they hate him with a passion, at, least the rank and file do. The slogan 'Make America Greal Again!" is but a prelude lo the slogan of "Make America White Again!" as far as they are concerned and that. alarms the hell out of those White people who are
infected with the virus of self-hatred, not to mention the mud people who are bound and determined to sponge off the White Man for eternity.

We can only be pleased then at what has occurred, for not only has the morale of the
anti-White forees been severely damaged but the hope of our own adherents has been lifted by the victory of someone at, least perceived to be a White racist. Donald Trump is a
means to an end for us, not an end in himself, and that end is the resurrection of White racial feeling in this country. 

I have naturally kept, tabs on all of this as best. as I could from my various prison cells from the very inception of his campaign and it has always been my view that we should utilize the rise of Donald Trump for our own Racial Loyalist cause as much as possible. (Indeed, I thought about endorsing him for the presidency in July 2015 but, I did not want to risk the

idiotic prospect  that he might just, feel himself compelled to "disavow" my endorsement as he later subsequently did with others who espouse our Racial Loyalist cause.

Plus, since we Racial Loyalists oppose the Jewish Occupational Government altogether, it did not seem appropriate for me to endorse anybody for the ostensible leadership of that government.) Thus, as the hysteria grew in the liberal democratic media my hopes that. Trump would win only grew with that hysteria, for like the great Adolf Hitler, I tend to judge a man by the enemies who are arrayed against him. When they called him a "Nationalist,"

my ears perked up, when they called him a "Fascist," I had a broad smile on my face, and when they called him a 'racist," I said lo myself, "that's wonderful!", grabbed my popcorn (yes, I could buy popcorn at Supermax), and was thoroughly entertained by it, all. We can only hope that Trump is all of these things and much more, for despite his many flaws he opens doors for us.

Let, me explain. He has made supposed radical beliefs look a lot less radical and politically unacceptable. The controlled mass medias overwhelming bias in favor of Hillary Clinton winning the election has cost it all credibility in the eyes and ears of the masses. The so-called "left" went too far calling him a Nationalist, Fascist, and Racist because the Nationalists, Fascists and Racists have now won.

The next time somebody castigates us for caring about the future of the White Race in this country, all we need do is remind him or her that supposed racists just won The White House, didn't they, and so they had better shut up.

In sum, the Trump rise to power has taken our cause out of the so-called "fringe.We can call for all Mexicans to be deported from the country because Trump has called for all "illegal

immigrant" Mexicans to be deported. We can oppose the Islamification  of America because Trump said that we need a moratorium on the entry of Muslims into the country. Trump is hated because he is an assertive White man. Well, the assertive White man just won. The anti-White forces in this country will not get over that
defeat so easily and for our side it gives us a shot in the arm.

Trump might, not even be sincere about a single thing that he said or promised during his campaign, and I would caution people not to rule out the possibility that he may in fact be some kind of Trojan Horse. However, the fact remains that the man who said and promised parts of our own political and religious program won. That is what matters for our cause going forward.

Our White Race in America is not going to go quietly into the night. Whatever so-called "dog whistle" he was blowing was heard by us loud and clear and it turns out that many millions of our White Race were just, fine with a supposed racist and' anti-immigrant presidential candidate winning that highest office in the land. He kicked down the door of the political

establishment that had locked Racial Loyalists out of the halls of political power for generations, and now anybody can rush through, including us. A psychological rubicon has thus been crossed here that is of great importance to the future of our kind. Rightly or wrongly, the White masses saw him as "the White Man's candidate" and the White Man's candidate won! I said in The Racial Loyalist Manifesto that, we can win on an anti-illegal immigrant invasion platform and Trump just proved that that is so. I said in Ending

White Slavery that White people would tire of the anti-White guilt trip that has been heaped upon them for decades and that is happening right now before our very eyes. Now is the time then to get on his "train" and conduct, it to where we want it to go... 

Total White resurgence in this country.

This does not, mean that we will support his pro-Israel policy. Absolutely not. Nor does it. mean that we will support any other policy of his that is not, in the White Mans best interests whether in the short or long term.

Rather it simply means that we should push for our goals by using the controversy of his victory to our advantage. Demand, as a Trump supporter, that the wall go up. Demand, as a Trump supporter, that no more Muslims be allowed into the country. Demand, as a Trump supporter, that the Mexican invaders be loaded into cattle cars, and publicly volunteer for the job of rounding them up!  

Demand, as a Trump supporter, the elimination of all so called free trade agreements and the restoration of manufacturing jobs for White people. And Whenever his foes imply that he is a racist, smile and tell them that this is just the beginning! Use him the same way he used us to win the presidency.

We now in fact have the chance to make the Republican Party the party of White identity politics the same way as the Democratic Party for decades has been the party of non-white identity politics. We have the opportunity to use the Republican Party as a tool to put. our own Racial Loyalist Party in power, as I forecasted in The Racial Loyalist Manifesto, though I still maintain that that must be done at the local level. Make no mistake, my Brothers and Sisters: it matters almost as much what our foes have said about Trump as what he is. Plus what matters is that millions of White people voted for him because they thought that, he was a White racist. Now it is up to us to galvanize that support, for our truly Racial Loyalist cause.

You see, it is not the man that, matters here but the emotions and
feelings that he and his victory evoke. Trump won because he knew that the masses
yearn for authoritarianism and always have. He knew that the projection of strength will defeat the projection of mere "values" every time.

There is no doubt in my mind but. that he has thoroughly read and studied the
principles of Mein Kampf, The Crowd by Gustave LeBon, and that of other books
which explain how to win the masses to a particular cause and to attain political power. (Too bad our own adherents are so negligent about doing the same!) Trump is no fool and the real fools were those in the mainstream media who thought that he was. 


More than anything else, however, Trump won because he is the man whom the people wish they could be ( on the other hand are there really many people who would like to be Hillary Clinton? I doubt it,.)

They wish they could have his money. They wish they could be surrounded by beautiful women and dwell in luxury. They wish they could have the power to hire and fire people as they please. They wish they could fly around in their own private jumbo jet. They even wish they could grope women who are not their wives and get away with it! Thus they saw a vote for Trump as a vote for their own dreams and the more he was attacked by the press, the more they saw their dreams under attack. Hence why the media attacks on Trump backfired and a dejected Hillary couldn't even muster a word on election night for her own disappointed supporters. Political correctness had been forced down our throats for so long that the masses finally spit it up. Trump made sure that he was whatever the people wanted to see in him and he constantly adjusted his words and actions depending upon the reactions of the masses to them.

Despite all of his wealth, he appealed lo their instinctive desires and sentiments. Hillary, on the other hand, did none of these things. Trump was the right man for the right time. He gauged the political climate perfectly.
He won the crowd and it is the crowd that must be won. No two election cycles are exactly alike but. he has given us Racial Loyalists some lessons for the future.

One such lesson is that apologies during political campaigns never work. All they do is embolden ones foes and disillusion one's friends. 
( I could have told politicians that, for the past 25 years but none sought my council.)

Another lesson is that what you say matters in politics far less than how you say it. A third lesson is that the opinions of the masses  are subject to great and rapid change. They are by no means set in stone and can vary wildly from election to election. A fourth lesson is that image is all-powerful. 

There is a reason why Trump announced his candidacy
by descending an escalator (and why the documentary Triumph of the Will begins
with Adolf Hitler descending in an airplane): Trump wanted to project
himself as The Leader who has come to rescue the people, and he succeeded in that, much to the dismay of the political pundits who thought they knew better. There is a reason why Trump tried to say something controversial every day until his primary victory was secured: he knew that the masses equate notoriety with power and power with success. Politics is not a rational deliberative exercise. The masses do not vote for people based upon
calm, rational reflection. it is, rather, psychological warfare, a war for the subconscious collective mind of the masses, masses who yearn for the projection of strength and power more than anything else. The only hope that Hillary ever had was that the Democratic Party could get so many mud people to the polls by hook or by crook that all of Trumps advantages could be overcome by sheer dead weight; non-White identity politics was in fact her only chance. Trumps margin of victory should actually have been a lot
greater than it was he made a number of mistakes the last. couple months that
nearly cost him an election that would only be his to lose.

It is our task as Racial Loyalists then to utilize the victory of Trump
for the benefit of our own cause: the salvation of our White Race. The only
way we can do that though is by taking a seat aboard the Trump train and
directing ii to our own destination

 We have to co-op his victory and make it our own victory. Everything that, the political left decries in Trump we stand firm. That ''does not mean though that. we have illusions about the man. Let me close by taking this opportunity to urge all of you to obtain and
read the greatest book for our White Race that has ever been produced: The
White Man's Bible by the great Founder of our Church of the Creator, Ben Klassen.
Though for many years I was of the view that his Natures Eternal Religion is the greatest of all books, 

I have since changed that opinion in favor of The White Mans Bible. It is Ben Klassen at his best, and if the last, third of it in particular does not inspire you to join our Creativity
religious crusade and fight as a Creator for the future of your White Race, I fear that, nothing will. The power of what our Founder has to say in these pages is second to none, and I myself am only a follower of the great religion that he founded for us all, obtain your copy today. You'll be glad you did.

Then give away, sell or loan as many copies as possible to our racial brethren
everywhere. Our Founder said that once we put ten million copies into the hands of our people, the battle wilt be as good as won. I still believe that It, is up to all of us to attain the salvation of our kind"

Rev Matt Hale
Dec 43AC (2016)

Matthew F. Hale 15177-424
P.O. Box 33
Terre Haute, IN 47808

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