Monday, 20 February 2017

Imprisoned White Racial Loyalist Leader throws Support behind President Trump

At this time of great controversy involving the dynamic policies of the new Trump administration, Reverend Matt Hale, imprisoned minister, former leader of the pro-White Church of the Creator, and founder of the new Racial Loyalist Party, announced today his full support for President Donald Trump and called upon the entire White Racial Loyalist movement in America to support him likewise.

It will be recalled that Reverend Hale was convicted of politically motivated charges in 2004 of having solicited the murder of a federal judge during a pending trademark case involving his church and that he was subsequently sentenced in 2005 to a draconian term of 40 years imprisonment. However, there is no evidence whatever that any such solicitation occurred and he has maintained his innocence throughout his ordeal. Reverend Hale is, in fact, America's most glaringly innocent political prisoner and as such has received support from the entire '"white nationalist" movement, throughout the world in his effort to obtain his rightful freedom. Due to his refusal to break under the weight of his wrongful imprisonment or to in any way compromise his pro-White beliefs--as well as high regard for his universally acclaimed books Ending White Slavery and The Racial Loyalist Manifesto, he has become the guiding moral authority behind the entire movement for the White mans future  What he had to say from the Special Housing Unit ("The Hole") at, FCI-Terre Haute, Indiana today therefore carries great weight,:


"In August 2015, after Donald Trump's campaign for the presidency had barely begun, I predicted that he would indeed become the next president of the United Slates White Racist Leader Endorses Trump Immigration Plan
I am furthermore certainly happy with much of what we have seen from him thus far. We as Racial Loyalists can be happy about his new restrictions on (non-White) overseas immigration, the plan to build the wall on the (non-white) Mexican border, and his general populist/nationalist message which has drawn such ire from the foes of our White people's future.

We can furthermore be happy That we finally have an assertive, take charge White man in the White House after so many years of absence, one who is not, likely to be a puppet or stooge of others due to his naturally strong force of personality. we need to give the man a chance and we also need to realize that there is only so much that he can do-towards the fulfillment of an explicitly pro-White agenda, and so fast at that under the present system of government with which he and we are burdened. What matters is that things are better for our White Race with him as president than without him as president. I am therefore calling upon all who believe in our White Racial Loyalist cause to rally around President. Trump and to defend him from the attacks that are being made against him right now by the enemies of our White racial future. We are the ones Who in fact won this election and we need to stand by the man who made that possible." Reverend Hale also had this to say specifically about the new temporary travel ban that, President Trump has imposed on seven countries and Syrian "refugees"

"people need to understand that nobody has a right to enter our country and thus "rights" were violated here. Rather we have the right to exclude anybody we please for whatever reason we please, including on grounds of-- race, religion, ideology or whatever.  Furthermore there is no reason at all why, of all this vast space in this world, the Syrian so-called 'refugees' have to come here. After all, this is our country and nobody else's. Thus the present hysteria that is being demonstrated concerning President Trump's executive order is totally misguided. Our country should not be held hostage
to foreigners who allege a non existent 'right ' to come here."

For further comment, email Hale spokeswoman Evelyn Hutcheson .......


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