Monday, 13 February 2017

Sermon from Solitary: Securing Racial Benefit from Our Personal Sacrifice...By Rev Matt Hale

Brothers and Sisters!

As I continue my idiotic and ridiculous sojourn here in “The Hole” at FCI-Terre Haute as part of the latest frame-up job for something I did not do and to impede our lawsuit for the vindication of our Creativity religious rights, I am reminded by the fact that every horror that we may face in our individual lives in one respect is almost invariably an opportunity in another, and that it is our task to make the most out of that opportunity that we can if we do not wish to allow our personal suffering to be in vain. In other words, it is our job as Creators to make lemonade out of the lemons that are handed to us. That is what I’ve been doing for the past 14 years, as a matter of fact. Yes, I am imprisoned for no crime. Yes, my life suffered one of the most tragic misfortunes that a man can suffer when I was convicted of something I did not do, and indeed turned down, nearly 13 years ago now. Yes, one frame-up job was apparently not enough for the B.O.P. scoundrels and their lying prisoner buddy who set about trying to frame me some more when I arrived here at this lousy place. Yes, I am judged and mistreated by people who do not deserve to shine my shoes. Yes, I have suffered greatly due to their actions. Yes, I may suffer more in the future still because of them.

However, I know that the more I am mistreated, the more our cause for the salvation of our White Race itself benefits, for not only are more and more people made aware of my story by virtue of that mistreatment, but more and more men and women of courage step forward, resolved not to let me fight this battle alone and to indeed bring about the total victory over our enemies that we seek. Our religion, like others, grows due to the persecution that we face and endure. Men and women wake up to the truths of which we speak by virtue of the persecutions that are meted out to us for speaking them! People rally to us in ever greater numbers whey they see how badly we have been wronged! Love for me specifically only grows after I suffer blow after blow without flinching! Tyranny reveals itself with crystal clear clarity and men and women of strength of character do not fail to step forward to fight that tyranny!

Thus I am a firm believer that it is not what is done to us that matters so much in this world as what we do about it. Yes we can mope about, living solely within our own ego as we suffer the various injustices and persecutions that come our way for being Creators who stand up for the future of our people on this earth, or we can look at what has been done to us and seek to make the best out of that situation that we can. Yes we could let ourselves be absorbed by our own suffering-oblivious to how we could very well turn that suffering to our advantage—or we could instead realize and appreciate the fact that every seeming defeat in this world, that every step backward, is a step forward in another direction, and that our own cause is about imbuing the courage to stand up for our people in the masses of our kind more than anything else.

Thus there is a certain welcoming on my part when my captors of the Jewish Occupational Government deign to wrong me some more. There is the understanding that my fame and your faith in me only grows all the more! You look at my situation and you say to yourselves that if I can endure 14 years of imprisonment thus far for something I didn’t even do and still fight for the cause of our racial salvation from within these walls and doors of iron, steel, and concrete, you can fight for this cause with far fewer obstacles to overcome! Yes I hurt and you may hurt too as we together seek to save our race from the racial destruction that the Jews currently have in store for it. However, who ever said that we could prevail without pain? Pain is in fact the price of life —ask any woman who has borne children and she will agree with that statement— and the simple fact of the matter is that the life of our people as a whole requires that pain too.

If there are those who think that we can save the White Race without pain, they are only kidding themselves, and I have always known that our cause can only prevail if its adherents are willing to sacrifice everything to make it happen. There is a reason why we Creators conclude our rituals with the words, “To the fulfillment of these religious beliefs, we Creators forever pledge our lives, our sacred honor, and our religious zeal.” There is a reason why our Holy Flag is mainly red in color: because we have committed to this cause with our blood! We are not going to save our White Race merely by typing on a computer screen. We are not going to assure and secure the existence of our race for all time upon the face of this planet (our First Commandment) without the staking of ourselves to that effort! If anybody looks at my situation as a justification for his remaining on the sidelines in our struggle, he is not only revealing himself to be a personal weakling but is doing exactly what the enemies of our people want him to do. They want him to keep his mouth shut. They want him to value his own skin more than the future of his kind. They want him to be a mouse instead of a man while our race itself is led like sheep to slaughter. The absolute worst thing in my regard then as far as I’m concerned is that people may refrain from doing their part to wake up and save their White Race by saying to themselves and others, “well look at what happened to Matt Hale,” for all that attitude would do is encourage more frame- up jobs of our fighters, our heroic fighters, in the future, and move our White Race ever closer to an early grave.

Please don’t let that happen. Do not consign your daughters and grand­daughters to the sexual predations of the mud races. Do not let your White Race be exterminated. Do not fail to do your duty as a Creator with all of the courage that that demands. Your children are counting upon you, whether you realize it or not, and so are your ancestors who gave you life! Make me proud if you honor my name, and if you truly believe in Creativity you know that your race comes first—not yourself—first, last, and always! There is not one word in our Holy Books about deciding in favor of your individual best interests over the best interests of your White Race. Rather, our Fourth Commandment could not be more clear: “The guiding principle of all your actions shall be: what is best for the White Race?”

Thus it is the case that, that which is best for your White Race is what must dictate your actions, not whatever fear you may feel about entering the fray for its future. Fears are meant to be conquered, not surrendered to. Our whole religion is built on the idea that the race matters more than the individual and not the other way around, and thus if you want to live up to what it teaches, you must start with your own life. An individual can take on the worst privations imaginable if he knows that his people will ultimately be the better off for it, that his pain may have proved a gain for those whom he loves. Left alone with his own fate though is by far a worser lot.

Thus I end this sermon the same way it began: that it is our task as Creators to make the best out of every situation that we can, that we make the best out of every situation that comes our way, and that we do so to the benefit of our White Race which our religion places first within our hearts and minds as the Creators that we are. You and I as individuals will surely die one day and thus our personal misfortunes will one day die likewise. Our race though has the capacity to live on long after we are gone and will live on provided that we had the courage to stand up for it when it needed it most.

Believing in our Faith is simply not enough; we must also give proof to its truth within our own lives. We Creators have declared that our White Race is more important than anything else in this world; the best proof that we can give of that then is our devotion to its survival regardless of whatever fate befalls us personally in the effort. We all come and go in this world but our race must live. There is nobody else who is going to do your job but you. So get out there and win the hearts and minds of your people everywhere, and make sure that no matter what happens with me, there is a smile on my face.

Rev Matt Hale
Jan 44AC (2017)

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