Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Atheism vs. Creativity - A Comparison......By Ben Klasssen

A. Common Grounds.

Both Atheism and Creativity deplore and denounce any and all supernatural beliefs, claims and superstitions. We do not believe in gods, devils, spooks, spirits, heaven or hell. We denounce all such hocus-pocus as being invented by men, largely for the purpose of controlling their minds and worldly affairs and extracting the utmost financial gain from them.

B. Major Differences.

Whereas Atheism is a negative approach to a positive evil, unfortunately it lacks a positive creed and program of its own to replace the superstitions it seeks to destroy. The Atheist movements are mostly small, some take on some weird hang-ups of their own, and by and large, have done little to either help destroy Christianity or any of the other religions based on fear, superstition and gullibility. As a result they have accomplished little that is constructive. The Jewish influence is heavy.

Creativity, on the other hand, has a comprehensive creed and program that embraces the whole spectrum of living: Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. We seek to build a Whiter and Brighter World for the future progeny of the White Race, all of which is encompassed In our Three Basic Books, Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible and Salubrious Living, supplemented further by our most re- cent additions. Expanding Creativity and Building a Whiter and Brighter World. We have the "gegengift" that Hitler suggested was necessary to do the job and we are determined to do it. We are certain that we are the.... Wave of the Future.
Christianity is Mass Insanity built on a foundation of superstition, gullibility and ignorance fortified by an intensive campaign of mind manipulation.

Without a successful Creativity movement the White Race is dead. Our every thought and action must be - Will it help promote CREATIVITY?

The White Race will either inhabit Planet Earth in totality, or it will not survive at all. There will be no in between in our future.

For the White Race Creativity is the most meaningful and beneficial idea in its entire history.

The Ultimate Horror is the Mongrelization of the White Race.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator


Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 34 
April 13AC (1986)

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