Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Letter to Magistrate Judge Boyd Boland.......Rev Matt Hale

Dear Friends and Supporters:   I just received a call from Matt!  He seriously needs your help now!  The U.S. District Court in Denver, Colorado is considering dismissing Matt's civil suit.  Matt asks that each of you send the following letter to:
Magistrate Judge Boyd Boland
U.S. District Court
901 19th Street
Room A 105
Denver, Colorado 80294-3589 
The Letter........
I  am asking that you make this letter a part of the record of   Hale v. Berkebile 14-cv-1233.  Please do not dismiss this civil suit. I am one of many supporters of Matthew Hale and know he is an innocent man that deserves his freedom. Thank you!
I am asking for donations to his Legal Fund, whatever you can give, be it $5.00, $10.00 or $100.00. It can be a check or cash to me: 
   Evelyn Hutcheson
   200 Carlson Ave. 25 H
  Washington, IL. 61571
I would never ask for your help if I could do it alone and I love all of you for caring about Matt. He is INNOCENT and that is what is so heart breaking!  Thank You!!


Dear Friends and Supporters,
Matt is concerned that I may have been unclear in my June 2nd email to you asking for your help. The court in Denver is considering dismissing his case for freedom, not his civil lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Thus he needs all of you to write, once again, Magistrate Judge Boyd Boland
                                                                                       U.S.District Court
901 19th Street  Room  A105 Denver, CO. 80294-3589
Here is the text of the letter you should send:
*Please make this letter part of the record of Hale v. Berkebile, case N. 14-cv-1233*
Dear Judge Boland,
It is my understanding that you are considering the dismissal of Matthew Hales case for his rightful freedom and without even reading the wonderful brief that he filed supporting his release at that. Please read his brief and give him the justice that he deserves. I am one of the many supporters of Matthew Hale and know  that he is an innocent man who deserves his freedom.  Thank You.
(Be sure to sign your name and provide your address).
Matt says that it is okay to add to the content of this letter so long as you keep it polite and civil. We thank you for all your help!! 
 Ms. H


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