Sunday, 22 June 2014

Hale's Mother Announces Availability for the Talk Show Circuit in the Cause to Free Her Son

 Evelyn Hutcheson, the mother of America's most well-known political prisoner, Reverend Matt Hale, announced today that she is now available for the television and radio talk show circuit in the cause of bringing attention to the wrongful imprisonment of her son.

Reverend Hale is the former leader of the pro-White and anti-Jewish Church of the Creator.  Until his arrest in 2003, he was America's most well-known and effective public advocate for that cause, appearing numerous times on television shows such as The Today Show and Good Morning America and being featured in magazines such as GQ, SPIN, and others.  However, it was his very effectiveness as the most popular and articulate spokesman for the pro-White and anti-Jewish cause that made him a target for the (Jewish) federal government that sought to bring him down.
Accordingly, even though he was a 1998 graduate of Southern Illinois University School of Law and had renounced all illegal conduct, he was convicted all the same in 2004 on politically-motivated charges of having solicited the murder of Chicago federal judge Joan Lefkow, during a pending trademark case, even though there is no evidence that any such solicitation occurred.  Imprisoned at the infamous "Supermax" prison in Florence, Colorado since 2005 simply because he holds religious beliefs that the federal government disdains, he recently filed another petition for his release, this time in Denver's federal district court.  The case is Hale v. Berkebile, No. 14-cv-1233

Throughout her son's long ordeal, Ms. Hutcheson has been unwavering in her support.  Though 75 years of age and not in the best of health, she wants to speak out about the outrageous injustice that her son has faced in the supposed "greatest country on earth."

From her home in Washington, Illinois, Ms. Hutcheson had this to say today:

"My son is innocent and that is all that matters to me.  Never did he ask or tell anybody to kill anybody and yet he has spent the past eleven years in prison and is scheduled to spend 24 more.  I hope that somebody, somewhere in the news media will have the guts to put me on the air where I can set the record straight.  People wonder where feelings against the government come from.  Well, as a mother of someone who was targeted for destruction simply because of the beliefs he holds, I sure can tell you!"

Contact:  Evelyn Hutcheson,
 Contact Ms. Hutcheson at the email address above or call her at (309) 699-0785 to set up your interview.

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