Sunday, 9 November 2014

Direct Victimization

One of the most important priorities of The Creativity Movement is to "Straighten out the White mans thinking". The priority of trying to wake up our race is not unique to Creativity and is the main goal and purpose of most White Racially Loyal organizations. Creativity does not only want to awaken those still asleep to the ongoing genocide of our race but offers solutions in our holy book Natures Eternal Religion.

After all these years of trying to warn the masses of sleeping White people to the dangers of non-White immigration, race mixing, "diversity", multiculturalism, non-White charity and letting an alien culture have control of our Governments, Banking, Education, Justice and Media, the majority of our race remains asleep. With all the different White Racial Loyalist organizations doing their part to help wake up our race one would hope that we will eventually get through to the brain washed masses, but it has not happened to this point.

There has been a rise of  Nationalism in Europe over the past few years, this is in my opinion because they are being directly affected by the problems that the Non-White invaders bring, violence/rape and murder of our people, increased welfare rolls, lower wages, displacing the native population, anti-White affirmative action programs, lowered educational standards and so on. White North Americans are being affected by the same on going genocide of our race it just hasn't reached the levels being experienced in Europe, YET!

Direct Victimization seems to be the only way the majority of our people will be awakened. Hopefully most will just lose a job because they are White or have their wages kept low via the flood of cheap labour imported into the country or have to move out of the neighbourhoods they grew up in to escape the forced multiculturalism. Unfortunately a lot of White people are going to continue be jolted awake by the murder or rape of a loved one or attacked in cowardly fashion by a mob of sub-humans. There is no choice but to wake up after being a victim of these racially charged crimes, the truth is beaten into them. Its a shame that it has to come to that point for most people, it's like not understanding the pain derived from fire until you stick your hand in it.

Creativity Movement members will never stop trying to straiten out the White mans thinking, doing so is a directive from our holy books, waking up our race remains the most important aspect of the White Racialist movement as a whole and we must reach as many of our folk as we can. We must not get discouraged as it is evident that most people will need to get burned by the fire before they are forced awake from their slumber.

Brother Smith
Creativity Movement Toronto
Nov 41AC (2014)