Saturday, 29 November 2014

The White Mans Bible/ Epanding Creativity.... Support TCM

                                           THE WHITE MANS BIBLE

WHITE MAN'S BIBLE - by Ben Klassen, 1981 This is the sequel to Nature's Eternal Religion, and spells out in detail the Racial Religion of Creativity - and the program of building a sound mind in a sound body, in a sound society, in a sound environment. Contains information on the Creativity plan for "Salubrious Living", environmental protection, Articles for defense of the White Race, and much more.                                                                                  
EXPANDING CREATIVITY - by Ben Klassen, 1985 Creativity is an idea whose time has come, and in its dynamic book - which is a collection of Ben Klassen's editorials from the first 12 issues of Racial Loyalty newspaper. Topics covered include Atheism, Christianity, White Racial Teamwork, the teachings of Adolf Hitler, Lessons from Egypt, our modern Racial Crisis, and much more! An invaluable collection of insightful articles.
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