Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Open letter to FBOP.. Gary Yarbrough.... By Susan Yarbrough

The same prison holding Rev Matt Hale captive,  ADX Florence Super Max also holds former Order member Gary Yarbrough captive. Mr. Yarbrough has already served his sentence and is still being held at ADX Florence. His wife Susan Yarbrough has written this open letter to the Federal Bureau Of Prisons.............    


Dear Bureau of Prisons,
What is it going to be? You going to release Gary on Friday or Monday or will all the dirty laundry have to be aired. You know very well that you have done him wrong, and this letter just covers a small part of it.  Not one single infraction in over 8 years…wow, and you hold this man in High Security…after having him in ADX over the mandatory stay. Let’s continue….
You also know that you have made him suffer health wise. You have denied him proper medical care for many, many years. Why do you hate him so. Both of us have shown you that we can disappear. Gary cut off all contact with everybody, except for me, his family, and his childhood friends. You have painted him to be the violent man he is not. Gary just wants to come home and live the last years of his life in peace and quiet. What do you have to fear? His RA basically has him crippled and he is 59-years-old. He has been behind your walls since he was 28-years-old. But it is more than this that we have proof of.
I am sure that you have monitored our conversations-both phone and internet. You know what he has. Really? Do you want all that to be aired? I doubt it. Just let him come home and let bygones be bygones….that is all he wants. I am sure you are monitoring this blog to see everything I post. Gary does have an attorney, and I will raise the money to pay him… let’s just skip this and let him come home.
You know you violated his constitutional rights by vacating his 2014 date over posts made on the internet that he didn’t make. He can’t even be held responsible for what I do. You did not even give him due process, which is highly illegal. I WILL get him home…you can count on that. Now you will soon violate his rights again by holding him passed his mandatory release date, if he is not home by Monday. If he is not home, we will fight and everything will come out…EVERYTHING. Many, many people and the media are waiting for it all to be released. If he comes home, none of of this will be aired and then there will be no nasty appeals, which he will win. I have already been advised that there is much here for an attorney to work with :) So just let him come home. Let me worry about his health. It is a promise that you will not hear a peep out of either one of us once he is released… what you say BOP? Do you want a humiliating battle with more federal attorneys or do you just want to let a man go who has done more than enough time.
Susan Yarbrough


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