Monday, 26 January 2015

French Government Guilty of Rank Hypocrisy......By Rev Matt Hale

In the wake of the recent murders of the employees of the French newspaper "Charlie Hebdo," Reverend Matt Hale, America's foremost political prisoner and former leader of the pro-White and anti-Jewish Church of the Creator, today commented on the hypocrisy of the French government which claims to protect freedom of speech on the one hand but which criminalizes the so-called "hate speech" of White Frenchmen on the other.


Speaking from his prison cell at the infamous "Supermax" prison in Florence, Colorado, here is what Reverend Hale had to say today:


" The murders at the French satirical newspaper are horrible and there are no two ways about that. However, the idea that France is a bastion of free speech is a sick joke when you consider the fact that White racist speech is against the law and our White brethren there are routinely arrested for speaking out about the non-white invasion of their country. So, when the French government, with crocodile tears in its eyes, loudly proclaims that it will stand up for the freedom of speech of its citizens against those non-white invaders who would try to silence that speech with terrorism, it is guilty of rank hypocrisy and it had better look in the mirror at itself
The sad and simple fact of the matter is that actual Frenchmen—the White people of France—have less right to speak their minds than the mongrel Muslims that the traitor politicians have allowed into the country. That needs to change and change immediately if the lousy French government is to have any credibility at all in the midst of this ongoing controversy. Frenchmen must be allowed to openly call for the departation of all non-whites from France. Only then will anybody be able to honestly say that France believes in freedom of speech.
The French Nazi Party must furthermore be legalized and any and all restrictions on so-called 'hate speech' must be thrown out. When that happens, we will finally be able to say that France truly believes in freedom of speech."
Rev Matt Hale
Jan 42AC (2015)

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