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Rejecting Royalty - Blood and Loyalty.... By Sister Emily

Alexis de Tocqueville, the French historian who visited
America in 1831, said that the one problem he saw with our extraordinary new country was the ever increasing black population. He made the analogy that our English, who fled Royal rule, had left and fled something they had not only an allegiance to, but also a blood tie to. Blood relation creates loyalty. And yet, even with this deep sense of loyalty, the English rebelled when they felt they were being mistreated. So these black people we were bringing here in droves, who did not share our culture, did not share our blood, and felt no sence of loyalty to us-how much greater and more violent might their rebellion against their white rulers be?

Lets move forward a couple hundred years and couple the above problem with a new problem: The fact that white people have been encouraged to abandon their people. Encouraged to embrace the idea of there being "no such thing as whiteness." Encouraged to embrace diversity above their own racial family tree. White people are supposed to not only forget about their people, but rebuke them as if they were the root of all evil. We hear it constantly. Henry Ford created the assembly line automobile craze-the cause of so much of the greenhouse gases. There is truth to this complaint, but lets examine further: If blacks could create an automobile, goodness, wouldn't they have done it?! Were they so much more moral and noble than Mr. Ford? I think not.

In America, we hear every November about how white people are responsible for slaughtering Indians and spreading Small Pox, to which the poor defenseless Native Americans had no immunity. Now, Americans are allowing busloads of Illegal Mexicans into the USA with a peculiar strain of TB. We just allowed the first West African to slip through the radar into our country, exposing over 100 people potentially to this deadly disease (including school children). No one says it is horrible of the Mexicans or the West African to expose us to these horrible diseases. On the contrary. They say that anyone who does not want them to come here and receive free medical care is "racist."

And yet lets look closely at the actions of white people. What ethnicity are most of the doctors and nurses who are willing to put themselves in such danger and go to countries like Liberia to try and save the lives of the Africans with deadly Ebola? They are white-many of them British. What ethnicity are the majority of the environmental activists who actually care about those greenhouse gases that I mentioned before? They are overwhelmingly white. Animal rights activists? Overwhelmingly white. What are African Americans primarily interested in? Themselves. I don't see millionaire rap "musicians" going to Africa in droves to help save the lives of their kin. They are an acutely selfish people, which brings me to my point:

The American melting pot is a myth. Tocqueville's concern was not only valid-it is coming to pass. You cannot have equality and justice with dishonorable people who share no common interest with you. They don't care about you, and they never will.

The Founding Fathers and early pioneers erroneously thought that the blacks who labored in the fields would be incapable of ever starting a movement to destroy our nation. They didn't foresee the help they would receive, however, from the Jews in displacing us-which has been primarily achieved through the influence of the mass media.

The success of the media on our children to convince them that they are "bad" and need to push against all of their natural instincts and embrace "diversity" was something our Founding Fathers could not have foreseen. We didn't have anything even closely resembling today's mass media then.

"Diversity," of course, means no such thing, for to have true diversity, white people would be able to have "white pride" as much as blacks are able to embrace "black pride." The "Diversity" the American media invented includes everything-except for one thing-white people.

White people are not to have any concern for their own people, and are supposed to put the interests of all other people first at all times. Are the Blacks and Latinos admonished for despising whites? Absolutely not. Their anger toward all of the "injustices" done to them by whites is validated. But try to say that you are tired of cities being destroyed by Black and Hispanic gangs and criminals, and you are a "racist." That is not equality, it is genocide.

Everything but "white" is alright. Obviously there is an agenda, and it isn't equality and diversity-it is displacement. They want all of the things the white man gave this world-medicine, agriculture, transportation, even television and radio-and they want the white man to blend into obscurity and say that whiteness never really existed in the first place.

On their own, the Hispanics and Blacks could not achieve
any type of greatness, as is evident in their 'natural habitats' - I.E, their own nations. Compare Kenya to France. Compare Ecuador to Italy. And even in a smaller sense, when you

displace a white ruling class-whether it is in South Africa or the City of Detroit-and blacks take over their own leadership-you have chaos, crime, disease, and death. Let’s not forget the disaster that is Haiti-the first slaves to overthrow their white rulers. Why didn't they achieve greatness on their own? They aren't capable. Why is rape in South Africa an epidemic? The British aren't there to hold them back from self-destruction.

But convince a superpower like America or England to become either complacent (as in Tocqueville's day), or worse, suicidal (as in our day), and we may see our great people go the way of the dinosaur-but unlike the dinosaur, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

Sister Emily
Dec 41AC (2014)

                  Originally published in IMPERIUM # 14
               The Creativity Movement online magazine

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