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Man Who Heckled Anti-Racists With "WHITE POWER" Shot Three Times By Calgary Cop...By Paul Fromm

I have held off commenting on the disturbing shooting last Saturday in Calgary in the hopes that more information may come to light.
Briefly, the facts seem to be that a lone man, now identified as Morgan Thompson, a flea market vendor, noticed a rally by Anti-racist Action Calgary outside city hall. This is part of the annual March 21 International Day for the Elimination of Racism (actually, of White people). The event attracted about 15 people. Mr. Thompson reportedly yelled "White Power" at the group and may have sworn and then walked away.

At that point,  Calgary police in a van, a seven year veteran and three auxiliaries, chased after Mr. Thompson, caught up to him and blocked him with their vehicle. He ran down an alley, pursued by the unnamed cop and the three auxiliaries farther back. The officer took out his baton. Apparently, Mr. Thompson produced a 14" metal pipe but some reports say it was a bicycle seat. The cop drew his pistol and pumped three shots into Mr. Thompson. He remains in critical condition in hospital.

All sorts of questions:

1. Why was this even a police matter? 
There was no violence involved. Mr. Thompson had heckled the anti-racists and was walking away. They were making a public statement. He had exercised his right to say he disagreed. Why did a vanload of cops and would-be cops chase after him? Increasingly we have seen police act as political police. A few weeks ago, a Sooke, BC Mountie informed a woman who had sent out an e-mail critical of a local school for flying the Red Chinese flag that a file had been opened on her and "hate charges" were possible if she made any threats. [She hadn't.] More recently Peel Regional Police's "diversity unit" was investigating whether a flyer criticizing genocide through immigration was a "hate crime." So, why did the police not just let Thompson just walk away?
2. Was the nameless officer in uniform? This is crucial. Calgary "anti-racists" -- and let's be clear, "anti-racism" is a code word for anti-White -- have a history of violence. Some years ago, they attacked a White Pride march and threw soup cans at the marchers, and a Calgary Sun reporter was beaten senseless. If the cop was not in uniform, Mr. Thompson might well  have thought he was being pursued by violent anti-racists and quite reasonably have run away.
3. What happened in the ally is even more mysterious? A trained officer drew his baton but could not subdue a man with, take your pick, a shorter metal pipe or a bicycle seat? Then, why not use his mace or a taser or call for back-up? Where were  the three wannabe cops? Why was it necessary to pump three bullets into Mr. Thompson?
Police have drifted away from their role as enforcers of law and order and become simply an arm of the political power which is stridently anti-racist(anti-White). As a dissident heckling the anti-racists, was Mr. Thompson seen as evil, setting the cops into full Rambo attack mode?
Initially, the media adopted its usual role of soap opera, rather than provider of news, CTV labelled Thompson a "White Supremacist/" The sole basis for this smear was his having shouted "White Power." The slogan doesn't imply domination or supremacy over others. Would "Gay Pride" or "Indian Pride" or "Black Pride" or "Black Power" imply domination? No, all these slogans simply assert empowerment for  their people. More recently, headlines have softened to "alleged White Supremacist" (Calgary Sun, March 23, 2015)
4. The mystery deepens. Friends who have known Mr. Thompson for years in the flea market business describe him as apolitical. The Calgary Herald (March 25, 2015) quotes Cathy " Olszewski [who]  expressed shock at the words that witnesses have said Thompson uttered before the encounter with police. 'Everybody that I’ve talked to at the market, even the customers are (surprised),' she said.' He never caused an argument at the market, ever. There’s a strict rule, if you show any type of violence, or anger, or racial slurs, you lose your table.'
Racial slurs are completely out of character for Thompson, said Olszewski, noting he has close friends who are not white.' We have homosexuals, we have transvestites, and he’s never, ever made a comment to anybody,' she said."
Now strictly speaking, with all due respect to Miss Olszewski, "White Power" is not a racial slur. It is an expression of White pride. Interestingly, Mr. Thompson is not known in White nationalist circles in Calgary.
5. And finally, there are the anti-racists (anti-Whites) whose tiny gathering was in early reports described as a "peace rally."

CBC News,( March 21, 2015) reported:  "Jason Devine, an organizer of Anti-Racist Action Calgary's 8th annual rally, said the man [Mr. Thompson] looked agitated and angry. 'Racism is a form of violence and people who are racist tend to be very angry and tend to carry out acts of violence,' 
CBC might have better served its listeners had they pointed out that the delusional Mr. Devine has run for the Communist Party on several occasions. So, "racism" or pride in and preference for your own kind, is "a form of violence" according to anti-White Mr. Devine. The only violence that Saturday afternoon was perpetrated by a Calgary policeman in an alley.
The Calgary Herald (March 25, 2015) added: " Meanwhile, Saima Jamal snapped a photo of Thompson immediately after she said he pumped his fist and 'screamed' white power near the anti-racism rally on Saturday .'It was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen,' she said. Jamal, who frequently attends and organizes protests in Calgary, said she didn’t recognize the man as part of the regular [White Pride] group that has attended the annual anti-racism rally in previous years. Saturday’s protest was organized by Jason Devine."
So, shouting "White Power" is " the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen." One is tempted to say that this chick doesn't get out much. However, the chunky Miss Jamal is a bit of a hell raiser on her own. Last year, she organized a pro-Gaza rally that turned into a violent brawl. The CBC (November 14, 2014) reported: " A Calgary activist says she wants answers after the YMCA rescinded an award. Saima Jamal was notified several weeks ago that she had won one of the Calgary YMCA's Peace Medals, which honour people who work to advance peace in their communities and the world. Jamal, who formerly worked at the University of Calgary's Consortium for Peace Studies, organized several pro-Palestinian rallies in downtown Calgary this summer — one of which turned violent after several pro-Israeli supporters showed up at the demonstration.
She says she is shocked at the decision and wants to know why the YMCA reversed its decision. 'That displays complete lack of respect for my work,' she said. 'I feel, to tell you the truth, lost. How can someone do this to me, an institution as respectable as the Y?' Jamal says she feels bullied and discriminated against by the YMCA. However, a representative from the Calgary Jewish Federation says they approached the YMCA with their concerns about Jamal when they found out it wanted to give her the award."
Isn't "diversity" fun?
Paul Fromm
March 2015


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