Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Tenth Circuit Orders Additional Briefing and Oral Argument in Rev Hale Case!

In a move that is certainly encouraging to Reverend Matt Hale and his supporters around the world, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, Colorado has ordered that additional briefs be filed, that oral argument be held, and that counsel be appointed for him from the Federal Public Defender's office in his pending case for freedom before that Court, things that are almost never done in section 2241 habeas corpus cases. 
The case is Hale v. Oliver, 14-1294, and the order was issued on Febuary 20th, what would have been the 97th birthday of Ben Klassen, the Founder of the Church of the Creator. Reverend Hale is the former leader of that pro-White and anti-Jewish church and was the most effective advocate for the White racist cause in America in general until his arrest on politically-motivated charges on January 8, 2003, having appeared on numerous talk shows and given numerous public speeches around the country that are still viewed on the internet to this day.

It will be recalled that Reverend Hale was convicted in Chicago in 2004 on charges of having solicited a government informant to murder federal district court judge Joan Lefkow during a pending trademark lawsuit involving his church.
However, there is no evidence that any such solicitation occurred and supporters of Reverend Hale have now posted the entire transcript of his trial at.............
http://freematthale.net/trial-transcripts-and-exhibits/ so that the public can see for itself that he is the victim of a horrible miscarriage of justice. Not only did Hale turn down the government informant who solicited him and thus should be praised for his refusal to commit a crime instead of being imprisoned for forty years, but he is a political prisoner of a federal government that is itself in hideous violation of the law.

From his cell at the infamous "Supermax" prison in Florence, Colorado where he has been forced to live as an innocent man with terrorists, gangbangers, and other "worst of the worst" for the past ten years, Reverend Hale had this to say today about the Tenth Circuit's order:

"It is certainly a step in the right direction because if the Court did not think that my case had at least some merit, it would not have bothered ordering additional briefing and oral argument. I have always known that the wrong that has been done to me, my family, and my church demands justice and I hope that some of that justice may finally now be on the way."
Rev Matt Hale
March 42AC (2015)

For a copy of the Court's order,

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