Sunday, 22 March 2015

White Racial Loyalist chased down and shot by Calgary Cops

On Saturday March 21st 2015 the Anti-White cultural Marxist organization ARA held a "peace" rally in observance of the UN's International day for the elimination of racism. In the past White Racial Loyalists in Canada and around the world have held marches on the same day commemorating White pride day. There were no White pride marches in Canada this year but the Anti-White ARA membership not knowing if there would be one held showed up ready to shout down and stifle freedom of expression, if their past history of aggression is taken into account this would be done with violence.

A lone White Racial Loyalist decided to voice his opinion about the Anti-Whites show of force on
the streets of Calgary, he was chased down, cornered and shot like a dog in street by members of the Calgary Police force. Was this man out of line yelling "White Power" at the Anti-Whites? Perhaps, but did he deserve to be shot over it, NO! It was reported that the victim of the police assault walked away after voicing his opinion to the Anti-Whites. The police for some reason followed the victim even though he had committed no crime. He was in an ally when a police van pulled up, four officers exited the van, it was reported that the victim picked things off the ground and threw at police and then garnered a metal pipe. He was then shot and is listed in critical condition.

While some of the reported actions of the victim appear to have been ill advised the shooting of this young man would seem to be unwarranted. The victim was unarmed, there were 4 police officers on scene. In all of the recent well publicized Police shootings of unarmed Black men the victims in those cases actually physically attacked the Police officers before being gunned down, protests erupted, officers were investigated for wrong doing. As this young man is White and a Racial Loyalist he will not receive the same level of sympathy from the public as the Black thugs do. There will be no marches, no demand for inquiry, no cries of White lives matter! I hope I am wrong and the general public will look beyond this mans politics as they did for the shot Black Gang members and demand the police be held accountable.... I wont hold my breath.

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